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· @daveabstract ·
My IntroduceYourself Post
<p><strong>Hi, my name is Dave, i'm from Venezuela &amp; this is my @IntroduceYourself post on this incredible web!</strong></p>
<p><em>I love photography, music, art and make money from Internet</em></p>
<p><em>I study </em>&nbsp;Business Administration and i love it!</p>
<p><em>I enjoy share my thoughts with all my friends from Twitter</em></p>
<p><em>So if youu wanna follow me, you're welcome.</em></p>
<p><em>Here's some pic's i take with my iPhone 6 :)</em></p>
<p><a href=""><em></em></a></p>
<p><a href=""><em></em></a></p>
<p><a href=""><em></em></a></p>
<p><a href=""><em></em></a></p>
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<p><img src=""/></p>
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· @gatuvos ·
Hola mundo Steemit!!! Primer Post de Cocinero en Formación
<center> Soy Gustavo Roa, conocido como **_Gatuvos_** en otras comunidades digitales y espero que también en **Steemit**.  

A lo largo de mi vida me he dedicado a ejercer mi carrera como Contador Público bajo la modalidad de freelance en Venezuela.

![Gustavo Flambeando 1.JPG](

Hace poco tiempo inicie mis estudios de cocina en una academia de la zona para convertirme en cocinero profesional, oficio que siempre me ha gustado y por fín empiezo incursionar en el.

![Gustavo Filipina 2.jpg](
Compartir con todo aquel que se dedique a este bello arte de la Cocina y también con todo aquel que **_solo le guste comer_** (jajaja)…  todas mis experiencias y evolución en la academia de cocina me ayudará a afianzar y practicar lo aprendido en la academia.

Cada post que realice con los ingredientes, técnicas, preparación y montaje. La compartiré con todos Uds. hasta lograr ser un cocinero profesional o llegar a lo mas cercano posible. 

![Gustavo Filipina 1.jpg](

Aquellos que ya estén dentro de este bello mundo de la cocina espero con ansias todas sus criticas y recomendaciones y a **_los comelones_**, espero que aprendan bastante de este Bello Arte. 

_Nos vemos en mi próximo post..._
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· @powidoki ·
Introducing myself
Hello guys, I decided to introduce myself!


I am 25 years old (where time has gone?!)

Many would say I am a poet… But for me is just the need and love to words J Beside that I also love photography, I am obsessed with old vintage lenses. I like to shoot dreamy, change reality into something more magical. I believe it also helps me to find beauty around even if it is not in plain sight.

Probably I’ll try to write some poetry in English and put it here on my blog, but not sure how it would sound in foreign language yet. ![EC812B0C-55F3-47CF-899C-393BC3A78697.jpeg](

I am also a moonchild (zodiacal cancer) and I don’t believe horoscopes 100% - but I definitely feel connection between me and the Moon!

Not sure what to say, I think these are most interesting parts of me that deserve to be written as introduce.


Oh, and basics facts – I am from Poland but currently live in UK, I know only 2 languages, I love reading especially dystopias.
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· @focusonmore ·
#introduceyourself @focusonmore
Hello Steemians!

My name is Jernej and my greatest passion is Photography. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind. I want my viewers to relate to my photographs through recognition of and familiarity with the situations and the emotions.


I come to Steemit to have some fun, meet some interesting people and of course share my photos with you.

I will have a mission to post at least one photo everyday. I hope you will like them and give me some feedbacks as I always want to improve my photography skills. You can expect photos from various categories, from landscape, monochrome, still life, portraits,...

Please feel free to follow me on my journey.

Jernej @focusonmore
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· @henryhenry ·
# My humble introduction to steemit community




Hello friends, finally I've decided to conquer my fears about my steemit journey, first of all let me start with my name. My name is ***Henry***, I am a family man from Nigeria, I've known Steemit for more than a year now and have also registered since November 2017 but due to my busy schedules with my office work, i was unable to start enjoying this amazing community,


I am Accountant, currently working with a private sector here in Nigeria, Nigeria is filled with business minded folks which has become like a hubby to average Nigerians. My friend @maxdevalue introduced me to Steemit last two years but I think I owe him an apology for not have done anything till now. He told me how lovely this community and how the community is out to help our world in retrieving back the lost globe due to selfishness, centralisation, injustice and lack of love.


My main reason in joining this wonderful community of Steemit is to live a free and original life in a global community where friendship is all that matters, I think that our world needs more of something like Steemit; therefore I'm here to make friends who can help me live my dreamed life. The time for freedom is NOW!

I am also interested in #STEEM  COIN, I've loved to become a crypto trader but lacked environment to start with, but thanks to Stemmit inc. for this wonderful opportunity given to many of us.

***Thanks for being there for me***.
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· @yeferson2019 ·
Observing the growth of a chicken in a transparent egg.
Estaba navegando en Facebook me encontré una publicacion muy llamativa del crecimiento de un pollo en un huevo transparente , lo cual me llevo a verlo y decidi crear un contenido sobre esto , aqui veras como podemos observar el crecimiento de un pollo desde un huevo transparente echo en casa , bueno aqui le estare dejando el video para que observen esta grandiosa evolucion del embrion del pollo dentro del huevo , sacada del canal de Yusaku Watanabe[Aqui]( 
Esto me llevo a concluir una cosa que nosotros tambien somos un huevo , que tenemos que romper el cascaron para poder sobre llevar la vida que hay afuera , no quedarse intimidado , ser fuerte , valiente , optimista , tenemos que romper todas las barreras que nos pone la vida para haci llegar a hacer lo que deseamos ser! muchos se quedan simplemente esperando las cosas como si hubiese a llegar solas no! uno tiene que buscar lo que quiere y luchar por eso , espero que con esto les haya dado a entender algo se que no es mucho pero es algo solo quiero darles  a conocer de que se trata la vida.
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· @xjayyj · (edited)
Want to introduce everyone!!! TO!!!! Give him your support!
My new born son, Jeremiah Dashawn Degraffenreid II![50407318_386438742133876_612307129176424448_n.jpg](

He has amniotic fluid in his lungs so he isn't yet able to breathe on his own

he went from 100 to 50, now 35% of O2 support. So he's doing pretty well!

 was born on 1/20/2019 at 3:11PM weighing in at 8lbs 6oz 22 inches long

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· @ordnael · (edited)
Hello from the other side
Hello! This is me talking to you, that in fact, is me. #Aliens #WeAreOne
I would like to announce the beggining of my gaming channel!
I'll be uploading a variety of games, stay tunned ;)

<3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3
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· @vixpics · (edited)
😀This is my #introduceyourself post 😀
Hi & thanks for checking out my @steemit platform.
I take pics almost every day of anything & everything & would ♥️to share them with my fellow “steemers”
All pics are mine taken on my phone.
Sit back, have a cuppa ☕️ or a Spritz (see pic below) & feel free to comment , upvote, whatever takes your fancy!
Many thanks 😀


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· @daimilys ·
¡Hola a todos! / Hi everyone's!
Mi nombre es Daimylis, pero puedes decirme Dai, soy diseñadora gráfica de profesión y gamer de afición. Mi espalda dice que tengo 90 años pero mi ID dice que tengo 25. Soy amante del arte, de los colores y de la belleza que se ve más allá de lo superficial.
Subiré mi portafolio para compartirlo con todos ustedes y que me digan sus opiniones. Además tengo un hobbie que no puedo evitar; la escritura. Por lo que quizás suba algo de poesia.


## Let's start with this!
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· @srovall ·
Hello my name is  Jorge. They will know me as srovall.  I'll post about things you might not know about the Marvel universe, both comics and movies![](
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· @mukarrabin ·
Low-calorie traybakes
Low-calorie traybakes

There aren't many dishes that are as easy as these traybakes. Whether it's fish, meat or vegetables there's an option for everyone.


This lovely roast chicken traybake is so generous that you’d be hard-pressed to notice it’s low-cal. The chorizo flavours the dish beautifully – a properly filling week-night dinner.

Each serving provides 505 kcal, 47g protein, 27g carbohydrates (of which 15g sugars), 21g fat (of which 5.5g saturates), 11g fibre and 1g salt.

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· @irany ·
Suerte o Convicción
Anteponer palabras con tono de logros afirmativos como por ejemplo, obtendré, lograre,   llegare, ganare, superare,  y así  sucesivamente  antes de el contenido de cada objetivo en particular nos ayudara y abrirá la mente al camino del éxito.

A veces se puede tomar como escepticismo pero   hazlo y deja que tu subconsciente trabaje para ti , léelo  a diario  y poco  a poco veras  como el entorno va cambiando  hacia esos logros sin  que te des cuenta  , parece mágico pero todo nace de tu propia convicción.
No  le temas   a  nada,  los problemas  no son  sino situaciones  no estructuradas  dentro de los parámetros  lógicos  que cada uno tenemos de nuestra vida  y de  lo que creemos que es correcto ,  pero  son  necesarios y cada uno nos enseña  que veces  hay  que pensar   mas que  sentir,   que  hay que actuar  en vez  de esperar   y que  cada quien piensa  distinto a uno   ,  todos  actúan  de manera  distinta  cada quien actúa  como cree que es correcto, solamente  aprendiendo  a ser objetivo  es como uno  entiende  y empieza  a ver los  problemas desde  afuera  y a no estar  dentro de ese torbellino  de  dificultades,  solo así  se logra ver  lo mal estructurado que esta  tal  o cual situación .  Todas  son  iguales, las afectivas,  las económicas,  las  laborales etc . No seamos  nosotros mismos  quienes construyamos  las  malas estructuras  anteponiendo-nos a los  hechos.

 La vida  es una continua venta  solo los  audaces triunfan  no los tímidos,  para  ganar  hay  que apostar  al éxito   pero no al  azar  si no  negociando.  Dios dijo  ayúdate que  yo te ayudare,  que contenido tan grande tiene esto cuando  uno  aprende a manejarlo.
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· @travelgasm ·
My 10 Year Challenge!
<center> <h1>LEFT: 15 / RIGHT: 25 </h1> </center> 

<center>![Untitled design (2).png]( </center>

I don't usually like these sort of viral challenges but this one made me laugh! I hate seeing photos of myself from years ago!  But I do enjoy seeing how much i've changed! 

<center>What do you think?? hahaha!</center>
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· @kaziaryan ·
My first post on steemit
Hello steemit friends..... Hope you are feeling good today have a great day and may God always bless you all with joy and happiness.
i am new to the Steemit platform.My name is @kaziaryan.i am 18 years old.i reading class xii.
i am so friendly.i live in Faridpur,dhaka,bangladesh.
i am muslim.
i also using
i am new to steemit,so please help me to grow up.
Thank you.
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· @irany ·
La vida es el café diario.
Los trabajos , el dinero, la posición social etc, son solo tazas, que le dan forma y soporte a la vida ,el tipo de taza que tengamos no define ni cambia realmente la calidad de vida que llevamos.
La mayoría de las veces por concentrarnos en la taza, dejamos de disfrutar el café

Disfrutemos de la Vida, Disfrutemos de la lectura, Disfrutemos de Steemit.

Life is the daily coffee.
The jobs, the money, the social position, etc., are just the cups, the form and the support to life, the type of cup that does not define or really change the quality of life that we carry.
Most of the time to concentrate on the cup, we stop enjoying coffee

Let's enjoy life, Let's enjoy reading, Let´s enjoy Steemit
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· @neonihilist ·
Greetings humans of Steemit! 👽 👽
I am an intergalactic alien voyaging towards your planet, while on this really slow trip ( I am traveling at 0.2c), I stumbled upon the thing that you called Voyager Golden Record. This thing contains a lot of things about you and I am really looking forward to meeting your great civilization!!!

![images (1).jpeg](

Well, I really wish that were true..
But as you might have guess, I'm a nerd, loves science and, quite unfortunately, as human as you are. I hope that I can share with you the elegancy and beauty of science and the discoveries that it had given us. Thank you and feel free to comment, resteem and upvote! Or 👽

If you want to know more about the Golden record, here's the link
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· @miewdrawings ·
I am a 19 year old Lithuanian student. About this platform I learned from a good friend. So I decided to try it too. I know that this journey will not be easy, but I am ready to putt some work.
Now some more informacion about me. As I said, I am a Lithuanian student and for 2 years i'm going to study at technical school where I learn everything about graphic design. From the very beginning, I dreamed of choosing a profession related to art, because I have a good time when i'm creating something. But I never thought I'd chose a digital art major. So the same friend introduced me to digital art and I loved it, I a medially knew that I wanted to associate my future life as a carrier with it. And this school helps my dreams to come true in a very easy way because lessons are not hard when you like the subject with many fine art and painting lessons, composition, advertising, economics, computer graphics lessons really are quite but easy and interesting. So in this school year we are learning Photoshop and CorellDraw. Every day we do a lot of interesting and different work.
In this platform, I share the work I do at school and in free time with both CorellDraw and Photoshop, painting, drawings an composition works.
Talking about posting I will try to post every day depending on the difficulty of work, because I am just a student I’m not trying to surprise with ideal works, but maybe you can learn together with me, here on this platform. I just want to share my learning journey and improve and maybe you will tag along with me , that would be awesome! By the way I really like photography too so I might post some photos too :)

Now after talking so much, I will finally show you some of my work! Enjoy and nice to meet you! 
!![kazkas.jpg]([elnias.jpg](![gele akvarele.jpg](![grugys.jpg](![gele akvarele.jpg](![gele.jpg](![cool.jpeg](!![klownas.jpg]([ruduo.jpg](![portretas.jpg](![akys.jpg](
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· @top-ebook ·
Top e-book (introduceyourself)
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· @sindiyfyc · (edited)
" Creative & Recycle "
Because of attend the Annual Dinner with theme 1950's.
just have an ideal to make my dinner dress more creative of 1950's.
I choose my daughter dress which not wearing already and in plain dark Orange looks more oldest, then a belt & a pair of shoes that been kept freeze in cardboard quite long time already.
Then I buy one meter of dot printed cloth in orange color , it's cost only RM3.70 .
All done in 2hours time .




And also a pair of  earring who handmade by my classmates~Josephine .

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