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The suicidal thoughts 

The suicidal thoughts, written by Oyinkro Christian Owoupele (Krislife).
When you hear the word suicide what comes to your mind?  
I am sure you will think that it is jumping from a high rise building down. Well,  If that is your your definition,  then you are correct. But what really is suicide. First, Suicide originates from the mind. It is not a one day decision. People who have committed suicide in the past did that for one reason or the other. It could be depression running through their minds day and night,  it could be because they just killed someone owning to anger and not want to kill themselves also. Suicide is a step by step process.  Suicide is a disease. If someone is hit by suicidal thoughts and it keeps reoccurring it can be super dangerous. 
I have read on news paper, watched on TV how wealthy men children commit suicide. Successful peo
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Orange Stone Canadá.
<p>Source: <a href="!">Photocromatico</a></p>
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<center><a href='!/v/sebcam/qbmauzk8'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Possibly the longest cuppa you've ever seen! SebCam Special Edition vlog; a full hour long episode! We take a look at the BeFree Water Bottle and use this to make some Tea, heated on a wood camp fire stove, called the the FireBox. The only stove that goes in your pocket and never runs outta fuel! 

My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is #SebCam. 

<hr><a href='!/v/sebcam/qbmauzk8'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a>
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Zortrax M300 Plus - Large volume FDM Wi-FI 3D printer
# Zortrax M300 Plus
Large volume FDM Wi-FI 3D printer

## Screenshots
<center><img alt="SmartSelect_20181210-055635_YouTube.mp4" src=""/></center>

## Hunter's comment
Today I would like to introduce a 3d printer capable of Wi-fi and Ethernet communication with a high capacity of 300 × 300 × 300 mm. This is "__Zortrax M300 Plus__".

- big models in one go with large workspace
- connect printer in any sort of configuration to fit your convenience, Wi-fi, ethernet and USB

## Link

## Contributors
Hunter: @feelsogood

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Jeffery entertaining his little sister Alice. #brotherandsister
<p class="instagram-image"><a href="" class="instagram-link"><img src="" width="640" height="648" alt="Jeffery entertaining his little sister Alice. #brotherandsister" class="instagram-img" /><br/></a></p>
<p class='instagram-caption'>Jeffery entertaining his little sister Alice. #brotherandsister</p> <br /><center><hr/><em>Posted from my blog: </em><hr/></center>   
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whats going on?

I do not feel anywhere as good as in my family home. I have here my place where I can catch a deep breath. this is my asylum. I feel safe and happy here, and also I feel that I can literally move mountains! Picture taken in a hurry - excuse me, but you know me well enough that you know that it's typical for me. I make a million things at once and it just doesn't work...;) I came here for a longer  than the usual weekend and I have to visit my relatives, enjoy my family, check mountains and forests off (definitely). Meanwhile I took care of the account on Instagram (check it out!) And ... attention, attention ... I started to project a few models of wooden jewelry! All this process takes time (unfortunately) but I can not wait to show you my first pieces :)
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Es aceptado el divorcio en Cristo Jesús ?

Este es el análisis del tema.
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The power in your influence
##### Someone somewhere is looking up to you so as to emulate your life style, so be a positive alteration in everything you do. 


###### What if I tell you that some people around you are watching you, one or two. Are you living a life that will influence them in a good or bad?

###### You should always know that the way you live your life influence those around you, either by the way you talk, the way you interact, the way you relate with them. The truth is, you can't talk anyhow because you want to influence others, a lot of life's have been ruined just because of negative influence surrounding them. It's not necessarily for people to be educated, rich or popular before they can influence others, so far that you have people around you, any body can influenced.![vault-847460__480.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimag
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World Weather (Europe)

# Europe
- Amsterdam Rain
Temp. : 6.65 ℃
Wind  : 8.7 ㎧
Humidity : 75 %
Air Pressure : 1012 hPa
Cloud : 20 %

- Athens Rain
Temp. : 3.62 ℃
Wind  : 4.6 ㎧
Humidity : 100 %
Air Pressure : 1016 hPa
Cloud : 90 %

- Barcelona Clear
Temp. : 10.48 ℃
Wind  : 3.6 ㎧
Humidity : 76 %
Air Pressure : 1026 hPa
Cloud : 0 %

- Berlin Clouds
Temp. : 7 ℃
Wind  : 10.3 ㎧
Humidity : 75 %
Air Pressure : 998 hPa
Cloud : 75 %

- Brussels Rain
Temp. : 6.14 ℃
Wind  : 6.2 ㎧
Humidity : 75 %
Air Pressure : 1016 hPa
Cloud : 75 %

- Budapest Clear
Temp. : 3 ℃
Wind  : 1.5 ㎧
Humidity : 93 %
Air Pressure : 1005 hPa
Cloud : 0 %

- Copenhagen
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Walrus swams among wild ducks!
<center><a href='!/v/olga.maslievich/eb8qvvlj'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

There are lovers of swimming in the winter. We call them walrus. They get pleasure swimming in cold water 2 to 3 degrees!
I bathed several times and the sensations are amazing after that. But I do not like to swim when the cold is below 16 degrees in the yard! What is your experience? Do you think this practice is the same usful for everyone?
One such guy came when there were lots of wild ducks on the lake! And he entered the lake and swam among them. Ducks are alarmed and begin to talk  each other :) I think they said: anxiety, float a strange big beast, be careful!

<hr><a href='!/v/olga.maslievich/eb8qvvlj'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a>
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The feeding of our dogs
I want to tell you the story of how dry dog ​​food actually harms our dog friends, one day I decided to review the ingredients of the food I bought my dogs and I noticed that none of the ingredients in the package appeared , it was really nutritious for them, being descendants of the wolves, it would be right for their food to be highly protein, avoiding certain carbohydrate sources (for example corn, and ironically they use it a lot in dry dog ​​food) and sources of Protein used are poor and not very nutritious. Innocently we as owners trust that the industry offers us the best for our little ones, they make us believe that a fat dog means that it is well nourished and the truth is that the opposite is true, in fact they suffer more diseases of the heart and liver, besides of not possessing energy to run and play.


Currently my three dogs eat homemade food (without condim
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My Actifit Report Card: December 9 2018
Hello Everyone, 
I trust you all had a relaxing Sunday. I didn't have any activities in the morning hours. I stayed indoors and attended to some tidying up and other minor chores.
I took time to catch up with all my favourite you tubers.
I did notice that there are fewer videos being put out as the crypto prices have been crashing. There is some sort of melancholy going around.
That does not slow me down or distract me. I know all will be well. Anyhow I was out and about in the afternoon walking around the neighbourhood.
The sun was out but not too hot, just warm and pleasant. I walked towards the highway at the back of my house just like last Sunday.
I did take some photos and while there I ran into some of my neighbors who were out on a stroll too.
<br><img src=""><br><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center
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Eh things don't work out.

Well the information I was provided was false and after 2 attempts to the benefits sent to me so I could compare what I would be gaining and losing with no reply I have to turn down the position. Its kinda disappointing to see something like this happen because I was lied to about the pay then they tried to offer me a pay cut then the seeing what benefits they offered with no reply to that. I am not just going to decline the offer for employment. Its hard to go with a company that 2 times have changed what they were saying and secondly would not provide me information to work with them. Its hard enough to wanted to leave a job when you worked there for over a year its worse when the new company doesn't seem to stay the same when you talk to different people. I gave them over 24 hours to reply with the information but I have gotten nothing back. 

BUT I have good news after searching through old hard drives I fou
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Saying no is a skill

I used to have some trouble with that. But now I shake every "no" out of my sleeve like that.

Today I could buy something secondhand from someone. So I had made an appointment to see if everything was in order first. Whether proper maintenance had been carried out and whether everything was still working.

Even before I tested, the owner said that the price passed by him would be without a storage case. That is extra to pay. That did not feel great.

And when I went to test once, the feeling of doubt came over me.

So I said right away, sorry, but I doubt and when in doubt I do nothing. So the purchase does not go through.

A little disappointed he tried to talk to my feelings but I did not listen to that anymore.

When I say "No", it is as solid as concrete for me.

I am happy about that now. It can be clear to everyone.


Fellow Steemians, have the best day!
<a href="">![@s3r
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Unearthing new gems w/ Inkmaster: Angels host @ryanashley!
<p>Good day, Steemit! It’s a chilly evening in Minnesota. I’m going through the usual holiday stress. Maybe a little more the usual this year. Most of my 2018 has been trying to catch up on work left in the wake of <a href="">Dark Pinup</a>, the photography book I did with <a href="">Working Class Publishing</a>. I’m so proud of it turned out, and the support it’s gotten from the pinup and tattoo community, but it did disrupt my entire calendar. The last 8 months, I’ve been trying to finish clients that’ve been waiting since before the release of <a href="">Dark Pinup</a> at Viva Las Vegas in April. I’m just now getting there.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Some shoots have had earlier deadlines than others. It’s a constant juggling act to finish projects that are going to print, or have some other
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Travelling with Ambronite
I traveled with Ambronite today and it has been really nice experience! 


I had 3 shakes (breakfast 8 am home, lunch 2 pm at Malaga airport and evening snack shake at 9 pm Stockholm airport) + 2 bananas and handful of nuts during the day and I don't feel hungry at all.


 Plus I avoided super expensive airport food, so this was awesome way to travel and keep hunger away.


So the experience was 6/5 stars as it was super easy to make shakes on the go! 

 I expected that I my body would complain or protest as I normally eat it only  for breakfast and not as main source for calories, but nothing like that happened. 

If you are 
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Prestige Master Level 1000!
<center><a href='!/v/tuckerjtruman/qqcpfiic'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Check Out My Other Social Media Platforms:

Shoutout To My Dtube Fam: @princesskimberly, @phoenixwinter, @nathanmars, @toddjsmith1979, and @kawaiicrush

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Hello dear Steemian Friends!

I come back with a Christmas themed blog, just in time of December. While I’m working hard to make sure I get a nice Christmas break soon, I decided to have a little taste of it early on…. You know, to spruce up my motivation a bit. 
So, I went to the nearby Christmas Market. To be precise Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham. To absorb some Christmas cheer and scout out the contents, looking at all the special and random things you can’t find in your usual big chain stores. I was also really hungry and craving mulled wine. 

![DSC_0267 (2).jpg](



So her
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processing paddy fields into cornfields (gardens)
<center><a href='!/v/aneukmuda1/5js3bdab'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Hey farm friends, wherever you are, hopefully you are always healthy, here I want to discuss to all friends, about using paddy fields that are no longer used or use for corn land.

<hr><a href='!/v/aneukmuda1/5js3bdab'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a>
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## <center> Hola amigos de steemit en esta oportunidad voy a explicar el paso a paso de ¡cómo sacar la Tarjeta de Movilidad Fronteriza (TMF)?, actualizar tus datos, o si la tienes vencida. </center>

 <center> ![]( </center>

 <center> [Fuente]( </center>

 <center> A través de la [PÁGINA MIGRACIÓN COLOMBIA]( </center>


### Mi propósito 

Es que el conocimiento sea difundido entre los que no saben hacer este proceso tan fácil, sin embargo no tengo conocimiento hasta cuándo se puede sacar la TMF solo saquenla lo más pronto posible o actualiza tus datos.


### ¿Quien puede sacar la TMF?

Ciudadanos Venezolanos, que vivan en Venezuela.

 <center>  ![](  </cent
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