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· @abduhawab ·
Macrophotography: Jumping Spider
For those who are quite familiar with macro photography. They are no longer strange with the focus of macro, it alone defines as an extreme close-up photography upon the very small subjects where its size is enlarged to get the detailed appearance. It can be done with a mobile phone using a macro device or other cameras using the macro lens. It comes to bring up in high definition to be greater than the original size. Thank to macro device that helps us know a lot of tiny creatures appearance. Getting in touch with small subjects may show us a sensational look that we never imagine about their existence in nature. It is kind of reason why we love searching the small insects around our neighborhood or even we go to unknown places to capture their beauty.    

>Bagi mereka yang cukup akrab dengan fotografi makro. Mereka tidak lagi asing dengan fokus makro, macro sendiri didefinisikan sebagai fotografi close-up yang ekstrim pada subjek yang sangat kecil di mana ukurannya diperbesar untuk mendapatkan tampilan rin
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📷Photocircle Friday quest: Macro photography.: Coffee husks and skins... - By: @javigodfrey📷
<p><center><strong>"Coffee husks and skins"</strong> </center></p>
 <ol>Photo by: @javigodfrey</ol>

<p><center>Category: Macro photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Settings: ISO-800 1/2000 seg f/7,1 17 mm.</center></p>
<p><center>Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i.</center></p>
<p><center>Lens: Sigma DC 17-50 mm.</center></p>
<p><center>Location: Colonia Tovar, Estado Aragua, Venezuela.</center></p>
<p><center>This is my entry in this contest, initiated by @photocircle...</center></p>
<p><center>Monday quest : Nature & People photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Tuesday quest: Animal & Magical Hour photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Wednesday quest: Vehicle & Architecture photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Thursday quest: City view & Street photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Friday quest: Macro photography.</center></p>
<p><center>Follow: @photocircle.</center></p>
· @goodway ·
Hoarfrost, December 2018 | Raureif, Dezember 2018
<center>![Raureif Fr.14 Dez.2018 bearb. 925.jpg]( </center>

![Upvote - Resteem - Follow 2.gif](
*All content and images by @goodway unless otherwise noted.*
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· @saifuddin73 ·
Animal Helm
<center><sup>_Original Photo By : @saifuddin73_</sup></center>


📷Taken by | @saifuddin73
------------ | -------------
Camera | Vivo 7+1716
Lensa     | Macro
Iso.         | 132
Date.      | 8/12/2018
Location | panggoi, muara dua, lhokseumawe, aceh, Indonesia

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· @eyeofthemind · (edited)
Orange you Glad I didn't Say Banana?
# Give Thanks

How can I express my gratitude for this life I live now? The journey it's been. 
The pain
The hurt
The suffering in times of old and new
But yet I live
I breathe
I see smiles upon strangers faces. 
I too smile and experience joy and blessings
How can I ever truly express my gratitude for life?

But what I do is give thanks
Give thanks for each breath I take
Each day I wake
Each moment I live I am grateful for. 
I've bled
I've cried
And yet, I give thanks
Thank you
To this universe
God, nature
All the things that needed  to be in order for me to be in this moment, right now. I am thankful
Life is pain
But it is also beauty
So thank you
Thank you 
I love you
For ever and ever. 
Thanks are to you



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· @mweich ·
A cute couple of jumping spiders last night! (8 photos)

First up is the female spider! 

Click any image to see it much larger! It seems is limiting image size to something ridiculously small to save costs and or anger photographers. 

Whatever, click through to Imgur and see the pics in their full glory!
Perched on a pot holder/rest.




And her boyfriend that was hanging out in the trim around the window:




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· @marfa ·
Colors of life...
<p><img src="" width="980" height="551"/></p>
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· @coreyb ·
Our noses.......cats that is.......they come in all colors and sizes. Some are flatter across the top and others have more of an arch. Usually, a schnoz like mine is flatter because I am a male kitty.

My sense of smell is about 14 times keener than a human's sense of smell. We have twice as many receptors in the olfactory epithelium, the cells that are sensitive to smells. We have about 200 million odor sensitive cells in comparison to you humans who only have about 5 million. We also have a scent organ in the roof of our mouths which is called the vomeronasal or Jacobson's organ. When we wrinkle our muzzle and lower our chin, our tongue will hang out just a bit. This opens the passageway to the scent organ.

My sense of smell will guide me to my prey and help me to tell if food is edible or toxic. I can tell where you've been and can find my way home if I get lost.

My sense of smell is what triggers my need to eat a
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· @digitalis ·
Insects Macro #01214
   Model                   NIKON D7100
   Shutter Speed           1/250 s
   F-Number                f/11
   ISO                     ISO 100
   Metering Mode           Spot
   Lens Model              60 mm f/2.8



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· @sallybeth23 · (edited)
Beautiful Green Spider
# Hi Steemit Family! 💚

This beautiful green spider let me take a few close ups before scurrying away.



# Don’t you just love nature! 💚

 <img src=""/></a>



# Namaste 🦋
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· @eii ·
MyDailyColor - 14.12.2018
Here is a photo I want to share with you. 


This is my entry for #MyDailyColor initiated by @eii
#FridayYellow 📷
#SundayBlack or

<center><b>[The Rules of MyDailyColor Challenge](</b></center>

<center><b>Everyone can participate in this Challenge!</b></center>

<center><b>[MyNegativePhotography](</b> is another nice and fun Challenge 
you may be interested in.</center>
<i>After a HF20 we have an Expensive Resource Credits. Every comment takes a lot of Resource Credits. I will try, but I probably will not be able to answer every comment. My friends, for that excuse me.</i>
[Mine JSEcoin for free on their light website](
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· @brianhphotos ·
Focus Stacked Macro #127 - Winter Jasmine
*Click/tap the image to see more detail*

* Image taken with the Olympus E-M5II and 25mm Mitakon lens
* Stacked with Zerene Stacker
* Edited with Capture One

Here's another shot 

and here's my camera set up for these shots


Thanks for taking a look at my photography
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· @yetaras ·
Macrophotography. Frozen apple leaf
### On the brink of autumn and winter. The last leaf on a tree that survived the snowfall in November.
![lystok moroz iney.jpg](

Category | macrophotography
------------ | -------------
Settings |  iso-400, 1/125
Camera | Olympus PEN E-PL7
Lens | manual lens Helios 44-2
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· @afroray ·
COLORCHALLENGE - Thrusday green - Boule d'étamines
<center><h2>*Boule d'étamines*</h2></center></h2></center> <center><h2>*******</h2></center>
<center>Bonjour @kalemandra et à tous les participants de ce challenge hebdomadaire,cette semaine je participe au #Colorchallenge en français. Je vous poste ma quatrième photo de la semaine. J'espère que vous l'apprécierez, bonne semaine à tous.



<center><h6>A très bientôt.</h6></center>

[Mon blog photo]( et [un peu de moi](</h2>
![Siganture Steemit.jpg](
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· @deltasteem ·
Macrophotography the spider.


<p><div class="text-center">Today I only took one images the macrophotography of  the spider a green grass.

The colors on their body parts look very attractive, resembles the color of plant leaves,,

Then the picture below I edit it and I give the picture color black and white.</div>


<p><div class="text-center">All these images are the result of smartphone macrophotography one lens for all works @Deltasteem.<hr><hr></div>

<p><div class="text-center"><h4>Thank you for visiting my macrophotography page.</h4><hr><hr></div>

<p><div class="text-center">Camera smartphone
xiomi note 4 + Lensa Macro 45mm nikon L810 modified for smartphones.

Shooting speed
1/20sec. f/2.0 3.57mm
ISO Settings 200
Using the Snapseed application.

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· @kostybrat ·
[![IMG_20180720_105821_HDR-4.jpg](]( )
<sup> *Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!*</sup>

Location : Vitebsk
Made with: Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Exposure Time - 1/220sec
F Number - F2.2
Max Aperture - F1
ISO Speed ratings - ISO 100
Focal Length - 3.81mm



#####  <sub> **Sponsored ( Powered by [dclick]( )** </sub>
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· @olechkarud ·
📷 December sketches
Good day to all who looked at my blog!

I love winter very much, and not because I was born in winter, but this is actually a very beautiful time .... Hoarfrost, freezing gives a fabulous view to everything around! True, it is a pity that our rain washed away all this winter fairy tale .... I hope that all the same winter will be snowy and beautiful ......

![IMG_4833 (3).JPG](

In color, of course, many photos are completely different .... but in BW there is a zest, which makes it possible to think out, to invent something of your own! Frozen puddles love to consider)

![IMG_3941 (3).JPG](

And this is our first snowy days of December ..... it was very beautiful))) and now it's like November is back) everything is gray ....

![IMG_4531 (3).JPG](

And in the snow, as if in a white dress, eve
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· @kabil ·
beautiful flowers and beautiful paintings behind them
#### Good night my best friend, how are you guys tonight, are you all okay, hopefully all of you are in good health, yes, my friends and my friends who are in steemian esteem
>>**Recently I got some of the same pictures, I got them from a house that was painted on the wall and also put on this beautiful rubber flower
So I see it really like it, because the flower looks really cool and very beautiful when I look at it**

***So in the end I made the decision to take some of the pictures***
***I think I will buy this flower as soon as possible and I will also put it in my house***
**Because this flower looks very beautiful and cool, even though it's just a rubber flower
I have also edited this image by adding effects and also color, I really like this flower even though it is just a paper flower or rubber flower**



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· @ridwant ·
Mini snails in macro lenses
#### Hi Everyone... 
People who like a nature and photography hobbies will always try to get any object to be enjoyed and published to everyone.


I have this fondness, though not is a lot that I know about an object. Today I got one small size slug, but I don't even know much about the nature and behavior of this animal.




This is a land snail that I found was moving under the plant. I tried to take some photos for my artikel. I am apologize because there is not much I can tell about this animal.

#### <center>Thanks For Visiting and support from your all.  </center>[<center>![logo steemit @ridwant.jpg](</center>](
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· @metallist ·
colorchallenge Morning dew on green leaves
Hello Friends Morning Dew like crystal beads decorate the green petals .


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