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cp21012019_Petite taille
<center><a href='!/v/cryptoyzzy/mv2buw9m'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Salut à tous,
mon @cleanplanet du 21/01 dans un grand parc.

On inaugure le nouveau logo cleanplanet, je le trouve assez sympa, il est moins voyant que le précédent mais  il renvoi une image plus naturelle, et vous vous en pensez quoi?

Il vous donne pas envie de nettoyer la planète?

A vous de jouer.

Bon clean.

<hr><a href='!/v/cryptoyzzy/mv2buw9m'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a>
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· @craigcryptoking ·
Wax Moth Larvae!
Hey everyone, bee-keeping really is incredible, we had our best week ever in terms of swarms captured and rescued a record 4 big swarms for the week what a blessing. Sadly like everything in life there are down sides too. Losing swarms due to pests like these horrid wax moths and their larvae!

This recently happened, I was in the process of cleaning these frames after the bees moved out, within two days we captured another swarm, what a blessing.

Generally strong swarms control pests like these, the weaker swarms fall victim and move out. We had a massive swarm move into an old hive infested with these and within a day literally cleaned the whole hive out extracted all the pests and seem to be thriving.

Tonight we shall be rescuing bees on the second floor of an apartment in a couch, that promises to be amazing I shall be blogging that soonest.

Have an incredible week.

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SUMMER FLOWERS: Purple Flowers #259
<p><center><strong><em> Purple Flowers</em></strong></center></p>
<center><a href=""target="_blank"><img src="" alt="DSC_3511"/></a><br><sup>Click the image to view full-size.</sup></center>
<p><center><strong><em>My friends, I hope you also admire the summer plants, so I'm happy to show you these photos</em></strong></center></p>
<p><center><sup><em>Sincerely, @girlbeauty</em></sup></center></p>
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· @mustavi · (edited)
Colour Challenge: Monday Red
Today is Monday and the colour is Red so uploading two flowers of Red colour.

This is my today's entry for color challenge.

The above picture most probably the leaves looks like flowers of the three! It is beautiful, isn't it!?

#### Thanks Everyone, Take Care!!!
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Having Fun at the park
Hello my friends. I wanted to share my photo. I will be glad for your support!


From my instagram page vanesabrend and facebook Vanessa

Taken with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 Camera Specs

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Thank you for reading my post !
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Flower of the day #1
Hii steemians how's all u . I hope u all doing some great with enjoy.
Today I m going to share a pic Jasmine flower in my rented home garden .
I hope u all like and support me.
Keep loving me.



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I Made A Youtube Channel! Teaching People To Thrive Living "Off The Grid"
I have been making it for the past month while steemit has been shitting it's pants. So far so good! Check this out. 


# I've been hammering reddit to drive traffic and it seems to be working well. 


# Here are some of my best uploads so far. 


# If you want to follow my channel make sure to visit youtube. 


# Come spring time we are building an offgrid community learning center for teaching people hands-on how to live in harmony with nature and thrive living offgrid. I think it's a good use of my time considering the way things are right now. BUT, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

# Subscribe to my channel here:

Thanks for reading, if anyone ever sees this...
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A birch fungus, or chaga.
![IMG_20190120_202845.jpg](![IMG_20190120_202904.jpg](, or birch fungus (kyar, tsyr, tinder oblique), – a long-term parasitic fungus of the tinder family. Mainly found on the trunks of adult birches, rarely-on alder, Rowan, aspen. For medicinal purposes, only chaga collected from birch trees is used, which is why it is called birch fungus.
Chaga reproduces by spores sprouting on the affected areas of the crust. It is noted that old trees are more susceptible to infection by fungi, as over time the tree decreases the ability to form a wound core, preventing the penetration of spores into the wood.
An important role is also played by growing conditions; thus, trees growing in the mountains are less likely to be affected by fungi-tinder, because the wood they have more dense.
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Say Something About The Nature
![image]( ![image]( ![image](
Assalamualaikum Orahmatullahi Obarakatuh,
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# Follow me @myeasin
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Beautiful Forest
Hello my friends. I wanted to share my photo. I will be glad for your support!


Taken with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 Camera Specs

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Thank you for reading my post ! @nicolerose
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· @aleks433 · (edited)
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

This is the National Park "Plitvice Lakes" - a forest reserve. Unfortunately, I did not have my photos of this beauty that sinks into the soul. I was in Plitvice Lakes a long time ago. The feature of the park is 16 lakes connected by waterfalls, there are hiking trails everywhere. Restless singing of birds, clear water and incredible beauty of nature. I advise you to see this if you come to Croatia
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· @alexaventuria · (edited)
Lexicon of spirit animals: eagle

<H3>Mode of life:</H3>

Eagles belong to the bird of prey species and can be found on all continents, except South America, depending on the species. Most well-known eagle species are the bold eagle (left image below) and the golden eagle (right image below), both of which virtually don't have any natural enemies apart from Humans. Eagles impress with a strong hooked beak, massive talons, fethered legs  and wingspan of up to 2,5 meters. They populate the world's most massive mountain ranges, whereby they construct their nests high up on rocks or treetops. Since mountains are considered to be the home of gods, many cultures honor the eagle as the "King of birds" owing to its majestic appearance and extraordinary eyesight (4-8 times as good as the Human eye). Eagles live monogamously: a pair stays in its territory for an entire year while it uses one eyrie (=eagle nest) for breeding. Female eagles usually hatch 2-3 eggs within an incubation period of roughly two months. The hatched eaglet stays in the eyrie up to six months. During the first weeks the female eagle rears the offspring, while the male eagle provides food for the family. Later, on male and female eagle switch roles. After fledging, the eaglet stays one more year in the parents' territory to learn some basic skills. Only once the eaglets leave home, the parents incubate anew.


<H3>Spiritually light aspect:</H3>

Eagles bring freedom, clarity and progression. By connecting with the eagle we increase our ability to look at situations from heightened vantage points of perspective with some healthy detachment. This enables us to not get embroiled in duality thinking, the root of judgment, thus endowing us with the competence to not only keep a level head in precarious predicaments and not becoming immersed in them in the first place, respectively, but to also pour oil on others' troubled waters. Just like the eagle's sharp eyesight, speed and power inevitably causes prey dire straits, detached astuteness allows us to act as swift as an arrow with an uneering instinct for maximum individual and collective benefit; being the majestic king of birds, wanting the best for all is a top priority. On top of that, the eagle  introduces us into our inner treasure trove of means helping us to develop, maintain and secure our confidence in the most potent and natural way. The eagle teaches us how to literally spread our own august wings to explore the limitless potential beyond our formerly set boundaries, hence gifting us with the ability to pave ourselves the way into ultimate freedom.


<H3>Spiritually dark aspects:</H3>

Having no natural enemies thanks to a power and speed that is unmatched in the aerial realm, eagles potentially suffer from aloofness and extreme thirst for power, both of which entail a sense of greed and false pride. In such state we prefer a maverick mindset that makes us feel weak and hurt in our lofty confidence when there is no way but to cooperate in order to succeed. Such penchant naturally insinuates voracity for the spotlight which if not cast onto us complicates appreciation of others' merits, making for interpersonal shortcomings. Ultimately, respecting each other unconditionally is the way to collective blossoming.

Much Love and Light,

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· @itsfall173 ·
Behind The Fence #011
### Nature is wonderful and is everywhere


This daily photo is dedicated to the small parts of nature that we do not walk through because they are trapped **Behind The Fences**


🌍 Location: Escairon, Galicia (Spain)
📸 Camera: Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro


### Thanks for reading ;)

### Greetings from Spain @itsfall173

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A Bridge Of Gratitude
<center><img src=''></center><br />

On the same river

That connects men and mountain

And reflects the world


#nature #bulgaria #powerhousecreatives #share2steem<br />

<center><img src='' /></center><br />

You can now gain crypto assets by linking your Instagram and other social networks to Steem

<center>![Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_float.png](</center>


<center><sup>Posted from <a href=''>Instagram</a> via <a href=''>Share2Steem</a></sup></center>

<center><a href=''><img src=''>

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Winter forest
One of my favourite passtimes, when I am not in my workshop, is to walk in the nearby forest.
It is equally pleasent and nice at wintertime as in summertime. Cold and damp but still very beautiful.
It was below zero centigrade when we started and the trees and ground was covered in white, but as the hours went by it became warmer (as in just above freezing) and most of the frost disappeared.
The fairly thick layer of ice on the lake remained though. We went out on the small jetty (or whatever such a construction is called when it is not for ships but only for swimming) and we could see that someone had been ice swimming, because the ice was broken around the steps. A few of our friends do this, but I have yet to take that step. I probably wont. I like to do it when there is a sauna close by, so I can get warm quickly. This lake is in the middle of the forest and if you want to get warm you will have to make a fire. 
I think what people usually do, is take the bike out there, then "swim" and bike home. It is app. 5 km. from our house so most people will have a little less to go, since we live almost in the opposite part of the town. At least thats what we do in the summer time, either run or bike out there and home. 
Unfortunately I forgot to get images of the "jetty" and the broken ice, so you will just have to take my word for it, but anyways , we didnt go in. We just admired the somewhat foggy , but beatiful view of the frozen lake and wait for summer before we go swimming. 

<img src="">

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, [check out my introduction post here](

If you like what you see, feel free to upvote, [follow]( and resteem
or you can check out my accounts on these sites: 



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Full Blood Moon Eclipse
· @eglep ·
Colorchallenge - monday Red - just a miniature
Red apples

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· @newwork ·
Very nice and beautiful nature my smartphone photography

Source by:@newwork
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Lumut Pada Dinding Tembok.
Lumut adalah jenis tumbuhan yang suka tumbuh pada tempat yang bersuhu lembah, suhu lembab sangat dibutuhkan oleh tumbuhan yang satu ini.

Apabila lumut tumbuh yang terlalu banyak terkena sinar matahari maka pertumbuhannya akan terhambat dan kemudian mati.


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· @martist · (edited)
Colorful butterfly- my work of art
This is my first painting on steem- Colorful butterfly.
This one is quite big- 80x90cm, it was on order. I painted acrylic on canvas and as you can see, I love to use a lot of colors in my paintings :)

Work in progress




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