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France's "Yellow Vest" Revolution Grows Worldwide
From France, to Amsterdam, to the United States, yellow vest protests are spreading worldwide. Despite mainstream media covering the truth about the revolution being about a tyrannical government, the word is spreading like wildfire as France takes the lead by example. Even French police now premeditate standing against their rulers that be. Due to lack of gear, training, pay, and man power, French police are urging one another to only respond to emergency life threatening situations. This is in response to many police and citizens alike getting inquired, as well as tax cuts for civil defense to come they are already aware of. It's impossible to control the masses already, a civil defense tax cut just makes it worse. People are getting hurt already. Less civil defense funding could mean more injuries, or even casualties.

Countries around the world are taking to the streets as the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. This will lead to many clashes. When the police switch sides, the military comes in. The
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<div class="text-center"><img src="" /></div><div class="text-justify"><p>Saludos comunidad de Steemit. A continuación los artículos del día que recibieron apoyo por parte del <strong>PROYECTO ENTROPÍA</strong> y que participan por la <b>mención especial</b> que se realizará el <strong>domingo 23 de diciembre del 2018 a las 8:00 pm (hora de Venezuela)</strong>, en la cual el autor del artículo seleccionado recibirá como recompensa la cantidad de 1 STEEM transferida  a su cuenta, por lo que instamos a la comunidad a estar atenta a las publicaciones diarias que el PROYECTO ENTROPÍA realiza.</p><p>Las pautas para recibir apoyo del PROYECTO ENTROPÍA se encuentran en el siguiente <a href="">enlace</a>.</p><p>Sin más preámbulos, presentamos los artículos del día:</p></div><
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Softbank's mobile business plunges after $24 billion IPO
Softbank's blockbuster IPO has flopped in its market debut. 

Source: CNN  ->
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Meme the News: 12/18/18

You wanted salty memes?  I have your salty memes!  Your'e gonna love them.  They will make you feel awesome.  Your life was incomplete before you had these in your life!

## HRC outta the country + timing

## It is odd

## Why leave?

## Lol

## Financial bounty hunters

## In case you missed some crime spree

## I think this is the guy in charge fo the vatican bank
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Healing is Voltage
# Atomic Healing
### How repressed emotions influence our health through observations in quantum physics, psychology, and spirituality.

As chronic illness, physical and psychological, effect the lives of an increasing many, it seems imperative that we understand effective methods of healing. Medicine is an very complicated field, particularly psychological medicine, and like most mainstream fields at this time, it is overcrowded with half-baked solutions that tend to do more harm than good.

It doesn’t take a doctor to notice the patterns of ineffective medical practices or the dangers of bad incentives in the pharmaceutical industry. It merely takes the common experience of having to go to a doctor, being overcharged, and often being unsatisfied with the service and overall results of the medical industry. Due to the bureaucratic processes of medicine, the United States is years if not decades behind in equipment, internal medicine, and research.

While in some c
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Recent paper on robot revolution: Automation is good for growth and bad for equality ... real wages fall in the short run and eventually rise but “eventually” can easily take generations
  #news #share2steem 

<br /><br />

</center>External Link :<center>![](

**Should we fear the robot revolution? (The correct answer is yes)**

Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics may be leading to a new industrial revolution. This paper presents a model with the minimum necessary…



</center><br />

<center><img src='' /></center><br />

<center><a href=''><img src=''>

<center><img src='' /></center><br />

<center><sup>Posted from <a href=''>Twitter</a> via <a href='
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The Nightmare After Christmas
It was the day after Christmas, and all through the town, there was laughing and cheering and carrying about. On the rooftop he hid, not making a sound. He sharpened his ax in the back of his mind. "They're all naughty not nice" he thought, with an evil smile. Christmas now meaningless, and actions vile. Give me this, and give me that. Santa's hunting little brats. I'll wield my ax, and they will fear it. I'll remind them of the Christmas spirit. Naughty, naughty; arm long list. Naughty, naughty; Santa's pissed. No more good little girls and boys, Santa's taking all the toys. I'm bringing you a red December, maybe then you'll remember.

Forgotten meanings, gained desires. Santa's mad and he's on fire. Ashes of mistletoe. Every step, melting snow. I'll find you any where you go. Everything, Santa knows. Nothing's safe from here on out. They'll be crying and screaming and running about. This time you'll remember, and then you'll see. Until then I'm burning down Christmas trees. Down the chimney I come with forc
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【Rust每日新闻】 2018-12-19
### Rust Quiz解读: Quiz 19

[Read More](


### 「官方」收集NLL示例代码



[Read More](


### nymic: 一个可以打印类型名字的库




### 「访谈」Josh Triplett访谈


Josh Triplett是一个开源软件贡活跃献者,他最近正和另外一个匿名资助者,准备向非盈利性开源组织Conservancy捐赠9万美元,用于继续推动开源软件的发展。这是对他的采访。



[Read More](https://sfc
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The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2 [JPN] Ps3 Iso
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What Are Ethereum Whales Doing to the Price?
<center><a href='!/v/larksongbird/7a9voktw'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Ethereum whales have been making interesting moves this year, ICOs are a mixed bag of fiscal responsibility, and addresses increase big time. 



COINBASE - GET $10 Free Bitcoin for signing up!

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· @upvotenev ·
What blockchain based games do you play ?

I tested a few Blockchain based games. But I haven't played most of them for a good length of time. The only blockchain based game I ever played longer than a week is EOS Knights.


#####  <sub> **Sponsored ( Powered by [dclick]( )** </sub>
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<sup>Steem Blockchain Based Dice Game</sup>
<br><center>![logo](<br><br>This posting was written via <br>[dclick](https
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Time for Something new! Esports News!
### Today is a mash-up of my two favourite subjects! Esports News and a little taste of some brand new bleeding edge Tech! Let's jump in!


# TopGolf Locations add eSports Lounge


<center>*Image credit to Topgolf!*</center>

Forging a new partnership and blazing across new greens. Driving ahead with a new partnership, TopGolf connects with TCL across the eSports medium.

The high-end driving range is going to add another story to their buildings and it will cater to eSports! The lounge will be fitted with all kinds of equipment to ensure that all players with all skill levels have a place to play daily and compete. The announcement from Topgolf came hand in hand with the reveal of a partnership with Super League Gaming which has a massive focus on gaming inclusion and represents amateur gaming leagues!

In other words, this place won't only be for the pros. It is for everyone!
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"Sometimes We Sprint, Sometimes We Crawl" feat. KrisAnne Hall 12/18/18
On tonight’s show we have KrisAnne Hall adding some levity and wisdom to our lives.  The questions I have lined up will be great, i guarantee it! In the second half of the show we have an update on the Michael Flynn sentencing, a little more from outer space, and of course your calls! 

Watch the full episode:

Become my boss:
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· @coinmarketcal2 ·
Auxilium (AUX) 20 December 2018 Q&A Video
![auxilium_normal (5).png](
Auxilium (AUX)
20 December 2018
Q&A Video
All posted questions about Auxilium Global and/or Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency will be answered.
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<div class="text-justify">

<center>**Creating awareness, a small POST for the Community, let us be the Example and the leaders of Our Future**</center>

**Blockchain** Represents the opportunity to grow and be the owners of our time and work where we can make a profit by publishing what we are passionate about and most importantly, forming a new family within the community.

I am **28 years old** and I live in Venezuela and as everyone knows our economic situation is difficult and many Venezuelans have achieved their economic freedom thanks to **Blockchain**, they have helped their families, they have managed to start their small business, they have bought food, they have changed their lives .

I invite you to continue working in **Blockchain**, I know that it is not easy to advance at the speed we want and that some opportunities we want to have immediate results, but when we hurry or do not have patience, we can reach the point of giving up and stop fighting and believing in this.

But you must believe in 
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Resumed my Patreon Account
Just trying to raise some funds to maintain my over 7.5 years contribution to the activism movement in regards with defending my country Syria and my people.


Check it out, thoughts and contribution are very much appreciated: 
**[Arabi Souri on Patreon](**

Had higher hopes in Steemit, especially it was promising when it started, not the case since they changed their voting system and doubled with the drop in the cryptocurrencies prices.

**Follow @ArabiSouri 
on Twitter: [Arabi Souri](  
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Donations are highly appreciated, just click on the Donate button via PayPal or Credit Card: **[Donate](**

#Syria #Iran #Russia #Wahhabism #Zionism #alQaeda #FSA #Nusra #ISIS #Terrorism #Saudi #Qatar #Israel #Net #Neutrality #Mainstream #MSM #Control 

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· @theouterlight ·
AI portraits now indistinguishable from reality
NVIDIA researchers have published a new paper on easily customising the style of realistic faces created by a generative adversarial network (GAN).

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· @amnlive ·
Russia claims Syrian militants relocating to Africa to create chaos
<center></center> <br/><div class="b-article__lead">

Some militant groups, after their defeat in Syria and Iraq, have been relocating to Africa, where they create large enclaves of the Daesh terrorist group, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, Alexander Venediktov, the Russian Security Council secretary's assistant, told Sputnik.

<div class="b-article__text">
<p class="marker-quote1">"Let's take the problem of terrorism, which today is acute for African countries. After the defeat in Syria and Iraq, some militants have been on their way to the Sahel and further southward. As a result, bandit enclaves under the banners of ISIS [Daesh], al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, which has pledged allegiance to IS [Daesh] militants, are emerging on the vast territories," Venediktov said.</p>

Daesh* is an international terror organization that is actively disseminating ideas of radical Islam across the world. The group seized huge territ
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· @amnlive ·
Heavy clashes continue in Deir Ezzor as Daesh refuses to give up last Euphrates pocket
<center></center> <br/>BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 A.M.) - The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) is not quite done in the eastern part of the Euphrates River Valley region, despite losing a significant portion of territory to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over the last two weeks.

In an effort to take advantage of the rough weather conditions, the Islamic State launched a big counter-attack in eastern Hajin on Monday.

The terrorist group was able to retake several areas from the Syrian Democratic Forces east of Hajin before making their push to reenter the town.

While the Islamic State claims they are entrenched inside of eastern Hajin, the Syrian Democratic Forces deny the terrorist group possesses any portion of the town.

With a limited U.S. air presence over Hajin due to the weather, the Syrian Democratic Forces have been forced to rely on their ground troops to beat back the terrorist combatants.

&nbsp; <br />
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