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· @muhammadrizki96 ·
Steeve: Bisa Setting Upvote Pada Postingan
Hello sahabat steemian semuanya! Bagaimana dengan kabar Anda hari ini ? Semoga Anda selalu dalam keadaan sehat. Sudahkan sahabat steemian menuliskan artikel melalui, jika belum anda bisa segera melakukannya. Hari ini saya kembali membuat postingan melalui Hari ini saya juga memberitahukan kepada anda semuanya yang bahwa pada @steeveapp dapat mengatur berapa persen yang ingin anda berikan pada postingan. 


Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada @steeveapp dan juga @void.

Mungkin hanya itu saja yang dapat saya bagikan kepada anda semuanya. Semoga bermanfaat!

<center>Best Regards @muhammadrizki96</center>

<center>View this post on [Steeve](, an AI-powered Steem interface</center>
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· @art-s ·
Let’s Get Steem Listed on
Hello my friends

On the previous occasion, Steam won the Netcoin  competition at an estimated cost of about $ 30,000, this opportunity comes again to challenge our commitment and our confidence in the community in order to help Steem get a place in Niffler  <a href="">niffler</a><hr>

What is Neffler  

Niffler<a href="">niffler</a><hr>  is a free encryption community that helps educate people like you interested in crap and encryption trading. Niffler <a href="">niffler</a><hr>  does this by eliminating the risks of using real capital and giving you $ 100,000 of play money that can be traded along with real real exchange. Once you become good, you can earn real money by teaching and directing others!

Simply there is no safer and easier way to learn!

Niffler <a href="htt
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· @anggreklestari · (edited)
[Life Quotes] Tak Akan Pernah Ada yang Sia-Sia
<center>[Bersabarlah dan jangan pernah menyerah](</center>

Akhir tahun sebentar lagi tiba, dan awal tahun menjemput kita. Mungkin dari kita sibuk mengingat ingat kegagalan ada pula yang menyesalinya. 

Padahal, daripada menyesali, sebaiknya ambil pelajaran dari hal yang tak berjalan baik tersebut. 

Dari kegagalan kita harus belajar bahwa tidak akan ada yang pernah sia-sia. Proses akan membuat kita bangkit lebih kuat dari sebelumnya.

Tak akan pernah ada yang sia-sia, selama kita mau berusaha mengambil hikmah, mau terus belajar, dan terus memperbaiki diri.

Pemilik Alam Semesta punya hadiah bagi orang orang  yang tidak pernah menyerah, meski diberikannya selalu tidak terduga. DIA tidak ingin kita lekas menyerah. DIA ingin kita menjadi "Pemimpin Bumi" yang mampu bertanggung jawab secara bijaksana.

Semoga di tahun yang baru nantinya kita semua bisa bijaksana menerima. Menerima termasuk diri kita dengan apa adanya, dan tidak b
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· @kay-leclerc ·
Changing Blockchain Perceptions is Vital for Steem
Yesterday I mentioned that we need a mindset adjustment to help Steem grow and thrive. The very root of the problem ALL blockchains face is public perception. This is true with any new advance in technology but especially true with blockchain tech. This public perception, this mindset of non-blackchain users needs to change as well.
<center>Courtesy of [Pixabay](
Every day I talk to people outside of the blockchain - what I call "the other side". And I consume copious amounts of main stream (non blockchain specific) news. I also hit news outlets and streams and other places that deal primarily with blockchain tech. 

If you mention "blockchain" most people on the other side immediately think crypto. And then immediately think "crypto/blockchain - a way to hide ill gotten money". They think of crypto and the blockchain as some sort of nefarious scheme. When I try to e
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· @andestra ·
What to Expect in 2019: BTC, BAT, and Steem

There are only a few weeks of 2018 left, and considering how bearish and crypto-unfriendly this year was, a lot of investors will likely be pleased to see it gone. Many believe that 2019 will be the year that will correct BTC prices and bring forth the period of great recovery.

But what does that mean for digital currencies? Which ones are a good investment right now? This is something that we will, hopefully, be able to answer right now. Here are the top 3 coins that everyone should keep an eye on in 2019.

# Bitcoin (BTC)
Of course, we have to start with Bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has lost a lot in 2018, and its losses are unparalleled by any other coin. In fact, in terms of market cap, Bitcoin has lost as much as the rest of the crypto market put together.

Many believe that its rapid growth, which started in late 2017 and has brought it to its 
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· @robmojo ·
[DTube] My very first video with Beautiful Musical Water Fountain
<center><a href='!/v/robmojo/ur8kxhu6'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Ho! Ho! Ho! This a season to be jolly! Whats'up DTubers?

I proud to present you my very first DTube Video! It took me a lot of courage to record this video, ok! This video means a lot to me because I finally managed to conquer my fear of doing my own video! This video was part of my initiative to promote Steemit and be part of the awesome DTube community!

In this video, I am at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru Borneo, Malaysia. You can see a beautiful musical water fountain with Christmas songs! It felt like it was already Christmas! People are crowding this place, taking photos and spending time with their loved ones! Me too! 

The audio was quite bad because the songs were too loud. I can barely even hear myself! Do pardon my English because it's not my first language.

Now, I am all geared up to post more videos! I dedicate this first video to my SteemXP and Te
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· @karishmasingh711 ·
Lets Promote Partiko!!!!!😉😉😉

Hello everyone🖐!!!!!!
Today I'm going to discuss my all experiences and knowledge about Partiko. As a beginner i dont know much about it but whatever i know, i want to share it and promote partiko.


**Partiko is a fast and beautiful** application on steemit. It is creating a very long blockchain on steemit with its day by day increasing users. It is very easy to use and just give a beautiful experience of steemit.
Its every day updating features, easiness of use, and many other things make it popular among Steemians. Partiko has not stopped here, its a ever updating app and ever growing blockchain on steemit. Soon it will create a great history of blockchain with its millions of users.


**Recent Updated Fea
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· @flamingirl ·
[EN, ES] 📢 Announcement: STEEMIT MEETUP #7 IN BARCELONA - December 15, 2018 🔥 Save the date! 🔥
My Dear Steemians friends,
#### I have a really HOT information for you today!!!
#### The Flamingirl's STEEMIT MEETING TOUR:
&#10173; [Our tremendous STEEMIT MEETING #6 in Barcelona!](
&#10173; [ Exclusive report of the 5th MEETING STEEMIT IN BARCELONA  !!!](
&#10173; [Exclusive report of the 4th MEETING STEEMIT IN BARCELONA  !!!](
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· @steem-love ·
Puma fc;klup bola kaki yang terabaikan,akibat kurang perhatian dari pemerintah setempat.
***hai semuanya***

PUMA FC adalah salah satu klup bola kaki yang ada di desa saya,klup ini berdiri pada tahun 2011 yang di motor oleh seluruh para pemuda yang ada di desa mancang;geudong.klup ini bisa dikatakan sukses pada tahun 2011 sampai tahun 2016.kini klup ini sudah terabaikan akibat kurangnya suntikan anggaran dari pemerintah setempat.padahal puma fc sudah banyak membawa juara untuk desa bahkan untuk kecamatan juga sudah 3 kali membawa juara.

Saya sangat kecewa dengan sikap pemerintah setempat yang tidak memberi.perhatian khusus untuk klup dan para pemain yang sangat profesional ini.klup ini dulu cukup banyak para pengemarnya,karena klup ini bisa membawa juara kecamatan beberapa kali.
Sekarang para mantan pemain puma fc klup sudah pecah sehingga mereka tidak bisa berkumpul kembali.ini semua dikarenakan kurangnya perhatian khusus dari pemerintah;kita sangat berharap untuk kedepannya pemerintah bisa menjadi pembangkit atau pembina khusus untuk para pemain bola pr
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· @stephenkendal · (edited)
This is a big shout-out to the Steem and DigiByte Communities. I give you #theDigiByteBus..!!
<h2>#Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte - Introducing you to #theDigiByteBus</h2>

![PromoDigiByte promotional slides DigiByte Bus.jpg](

<h2>Shout-out to the #Steem and #DigiByte Communities</h2>

This is a shout-out to the #Steem and #DigiByte Communities.

It's been a busy weekend..!!

For the past few weeks, I have been working on an exciting new Project with an Advertising Agency specialising in Mobile Advertising and I am pleased to say that I should have some exciting news for you all before Thursday on the Project.

In the meantime, I give you #theDigiByteBus.

<h2>#Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project</h2>

Once again a massive thank you to everyone in the #Steem Community who have supported the new and existing #Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project.

Thanks again for reading.



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· @topfivefamily ·
Post votados por @topfivefamily reporte [10/12/2018]
<center>Post votados por @topfivefamily reporte [10/12/2018]</center>


@topfivefamily apoyando el Proyecto Personal de Curación, [#TopFive los cinco y otros más]( de @lanzjoseg

hemos votado por el topfive.

<div class="text-justify"> Visitare las publicaciones del #TopFive y otros Autor/a.
Para ayudar a más usuarios, y poder crecer. </div>


Autor/a	 | 	Publicación
------------	 | 	------------
@felixmillan	|[Puente de Carlos (Karlův most)-Praga República Checa](
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· @shortsegments ·
This travel agency lets you pay for your flights, hotel, car or entire trip package with 40 different cryptocurrency!

The company goal is to help travelers from around the world fill their passports with the stamps you get when you enter or leave a country. This concept of passport stamps is where the company gets it’s name “More Stamps”. The company headquarters is in Hungary, but it operates internationally via the internet.  More Stamps specializes in special vacation packages and customized itineraries, international and domestic flights, hotel accommodation, and transportation services. More Stamps Global allows its customers to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more at a variety of locations around the world.

More Stamps Global encourages its clients to use cryptocurrencies for all online bookings and payments. More Stamps Global claims to be the first worldwide online travel agency to accept 40+ individual cryptocurrencies as payment for trav
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· @qira · (edited)
Beautiful memories with the oracle-d in Banda Aceh, and news about agfa
Hello stemia, all this time we have guests who are very respectful to Aceh, but I am not there, but I think it is a memory for the people of Aceh, they help us a lot.
they are special guests from @oracle-d. They are @anarcotech, CTO and @starkerz, CEO and teach about the blockchain system. And recently they started helping football players through @agfacademy that was very good news. See their youtube channel below
<center>[Channel youtube @oracle-d](</center>
The AGFA Andre Gray Soccer Training Academy built on Steem Blockchain is the first football platform that aims to help players who don't have the facilities of soccer fans from disadvantaged backgrounds to get rewarded for doing simple soccer exercises using project and training websites post on blockchain steem. Andre Gray is an English soccer player who uses the blockchain system to help talented people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds by doing si
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· @bboyady ·
We are going full force for final 2 weeks funding for BONDFIRE charity programme
<center><img src="" alt="2N61tyyncFaFVtpM8rCsJzDgecVMtkz4jpzBsszXjhqan9uxG5E38eYrNnBnR9BVu9GLNfYum6J4fGJgNuo43EZaLJmYRvP2P6zxEo59WruXc8kDMvh3xsKzprUC9SGRgYjxfi8ZPaSA.png" /><br/></center>

Christmas is approaching and we are  just 15 sleeps from now on. I believe everyone is very excited for this. @angeljames and his musician team are dedicated to bring smiles to some underprivileged children in their local community.

They come out with an idea to make Christmas song and put it into album and all the profit from the album will go for the funding to get stuff and giving surprise to all the children and make their Chritsmas memorable.

You can read their post about how all this idea came by clicking this link

<a href="
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· @veenang ·
Dtube Vlog on How to eat Cookie using your face only
<center><a href='!/v/veenang/c7xv5mqv'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

This is a pretty funny video during the Steemxp Chritsmas Gathering at Kokol Hills. 

One of the games that was arrange is this. 

In 5 minutes, who can eat the most cookies without using thier hands and only using our face. 

Damn funny games and the boy participated with fun and good spot. 

Check it out!!!

<hr><a href='!/v/veenang/c7xv5mqv'> ▶️ DTube</a><br /><a href=''> ▶️ IPFS</a>
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· @lanzjoseg · (edited)
TopTres, los Tres usuarios de steemfamilyhi: Dinámica diaria 10-12-2018
# ***<center>TopTres, los Tres usuarios de steemfamilyhi: Dinámica diaria 10-12-2018</center>***




<div class="text-justify">Una de las principales razones que son tres es porque también podemos usar nuestros votos en otros que también lo merecen y que no necesariamente están en la lista o forman parte de #steemfamilyhi.
Yo seguiré haciendo mi labor de promocionar a los #TopTres los cinco usuarios de steemfamilyhi: Dinámica diaria Cuenten con eso de mi parte. </div>




![Lanz línea 200px.jpg](


<div class="text-ju
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· @biosaray ·
apakah ada batasan umur untuk bergabung dengan agfa dan tolong ajari saya bagaimana cara upload vidio hasil latihan saya
Halo stemians semua hari ini saya akan meminta bantuan kepada kalian bagaimana cara mengupload vidio hasil latihan saya saya sudah mencobanya dengar belajar di youtube tetapi ketika saya coba post di @dtube masih gak bisa dan hal ini lah yang sangat saya sesalkan karena ceo @starkerz sudah meminta saya.

Apakah ada batasan umur untuk bergabung dengan club agfacademy saya akan menjelaskan untuk membuat akun Steem, Anda harus memiliki umur di atas 12 tahu . Jika Anda berada di antara Anda, Anda harus memilih 12 tahun dan memiliki izin dari orang tua atau wali Anda.

Kamu bisa meminta untuk mendaftarkan akun anda melalui kakak atau abang anda untuk dapat mengakses akun, dan menggunakan untuk memposting video yang dilindungi yang termasuk anak-anak mereka sendiri. Namun, mereka harus menyimpan kunci itu sendiri, dan tidak mengizinkan siapa pun di bawah usia 12 tahun untuk mengakses aku
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· @robmojo ·
Preparing my first ever DTube video
<center><img src=''></center><br />

I'm quite shy when it comes to posting my own video online. I mean, I am comfortable doing public speeches but somehow, doing online video will be the out of the box and a new thing for me before 2018 comes to an end. It's never to late to learn new things right? 

I am currently preparing the tools required to do this video. If you have your experience, please share it with me, ok? I really appreciate it!😘 #share2steem #steemxp #dtube #promo-steem #teammalaysia<br />

<center><img src='' /></center><br />

<center><a href=''><img src=''>
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· @delowar4181 ·
History and about the Arab Arabia?
Ibn Hisham said,
"InshaAllah, I will start with this narration of Ishmael, son of Prophet Abraham. After this, the people of Ishmael who were born of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and those who were the sons of their forefathers, will gradually describe them. Thus, from Ishmael's Salah to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), we will discuss all the stories and stories about them. But I would not record the details of the sons of Ishmael who are not of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), limited in the book's brief and only limited by the words of Srirat Biyak.
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· @robmojo ·
Taking the Leap of Faith
**The Beginning**

Making a choice and taking chances has always been the hardest part of our life. We won't know what lies ahead of us! We won't know what may become of us today in the future. But, I am quite certain if one stick with the past will make one stagnant and if one only daydream the future will always be a dreamer.

>"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ~ Mother Theresa

*This quote stands with me until today. It has eventually brought me to take the leap of faith. A leap towards Steam, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.*

**How it started**

My journey in Steamit has just begun. I consider myself a child learning to walk. I have been in this wondrous adventure for the past 2 months now. I am quite skeptical when it comes to new things. Probably that is the reason why I cannot absorb everything about Steam or Blockchain immediately.

[Image Source](
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