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Last Year
Drinking tea I asked the friend.
How was your last year!
Of course, it's never been good for a good year.
Why was it a special reason? I asked .
Friend said She was found for a job search.
He was studying with others.
Now reading and reading others.
What was that matter? I wondered.
The friend said that an elder told me.
Before doing a new job ...
To see your mother's love in love. The prayer will be accepted.
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· @meesterboom ·

Today the sun dawned bright over the cold and glittering frost of the good lady's libido. Outside it was frosty too. 

We had decided to go to Ikea, where the evil Lord of Mazes dwells. The good lady had stated that we needed a *Unit* for our daughter's bedroom. 

*What kind of __unit?__*

I had foolishly asked.

She had drawn me a weary look. One which spoke volumes of the ineptitudes of men and their donglers. 

*A unit for storing things in.*

She had stated tiredly as if I were a dog that was doing that skiing thing with its bottom quarters over her freshly cleaned carpet. 


*Of course, yes. A storage thing. It shall be done.*

So, after a mere twenty minutes of scraping and bashing ice from the car with much pretend joyous whistling. We were ready to go.

Once inside we drew lots as t
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The beautiful girl of this lovely girl waited intensely in the people of Jinnah, a gate keeper, a parking boy, and all those who lived in love were unaware of it. But he would keep everything from the unbelievable president sitting at the door outside Gul's shop, after buying a garbage after some repeat and then went to the garden put fingers in his partner's fingers. She was never seen alone.
In the morning, she came alone and took her to bed. Even today evening she was alone, the flowerer asked, what should I do?
"Patterns" he replied.
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Reputation of the community
After the marriage of the children, master Din Muhammad's wife had died.
Each son and daughter-in-law of the Master would put his responsibility on the other.
The children slept for a long time and woke up late, it had to wait late for breakfast.
One night all went and none did eat it.
Master knocked the door of everyone, but nobody opened the door
Master Din Mohammad died by hunger.
And on the next day Master's elder son for the nose and reputation of the community
Cook ten times of meat.
· @lauvlad89 ·
When you miss your darlings

I am a cat lover. Four years ago I used to have two cats with my ex-partner. The left one is called Estelle, we gave her the name after the oldest Swedish princess got her second child. The one to the right is called Kitty and we got her from my ex-partner's best friend. In beginning Estelle and Kitty used to have small fights and keep themselves on distance from each other. But later on they became good friends :). I have not seen the cats since 2015 but they are in good hands. 

Feel free to use the pic for your work or hobby.
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Kematian, Instrospeksi Bagi Insan Yang Masih Hidup

Usia bukanlah pembatas untuk kita meninggalkan dunia ini. Banyak manusia yang beranggapan bahwa kita akan kembali kepada-Nya nanti disaat umur sudah bertambah tua. Tidak, umur bukanlah tolak ukur untuk kita kembali kepada-Nya. Nyawa kita sudah ditentukan dan hanya Allah lah yang lebih tahu akan umur kehidupan setiap makhluk yang bernyawa.

Kemarin malam datang sebuah berita melalui whatsapp yang mengabarkan seorang kawan ngopi yang juga langganan di warung kopi saya sudah dipanggil oleh sang Ilahi. Umurnya lebih muda dibandingkan saya. Tapi siapa sangka dia yang berumur sangat muda sudah dipindahkan dari alam dunia ke alam kubur.

Mendengar kabar yang mengharu
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· @cowboysblog ·
Public Relations Day!
<center><a href='!/v/cowboysblog/mh76c3s6'><img src=''></a></center><hr>

Today we had an awesome opportunity to go on live TV and radio to promote our Christmas Concert. I wish i had the video to show you all the experience but it was a lot of fun. I hope I am able to get some good copies of it soon and then I will share it with you all.

Also, go checkout

This is a great site designed by @jongolson to build the knowledge base of all steemians about steem and the blockchain.

And go join their discord to give feedback about how they can improve their site so you can get some SBI airdropped to you:

I am currently a part of the @dcooperation community of dtubers. Here are some details if you want to know more.

This is the link to our discord server:

If you want to follow our curation trail, you can do it here: . Fin
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A society where people are in need of their thinking. A story that has been established for years.

I wish I told you about my favorite sons

Zebedee = These are all in the power of God

I wish I did not know all that only son

Daughter was born, did not see his face and wronged the wife with his tongue and hands ... And the poor were suffering from psychiatrists and suffering ... !!

Allah declared the woman to be the world's most delicate thing and the Prophet

Value respect for women

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· @jjmarquez ·
In a small room of a BIG house – jjmarquez
<center><img src=""/></center><center><a href=""></a></center>

# <p><center>**Traslate with google**</center></p>

<div class="text-justify">
<p>It's a small room in a big house, a bed is enough, a space to hang clothes and a small bathroom, there in that room many things happened, good and bad but they taught to grow a little more ..., if the walls would speak they would count many more than perhaps the writer does not want to tell.</p></div>

<center>![separador texto 22.png](</center>

<div class="text-justify">
<p>It was a rainy morning, next to me the Chinga that woke her with a kiss on her full lips, she stays with me since we met in college, since she lives in the plains and I in the capital, so I offered her my house so he could stay and so be able to go to his classes more comfortably.</p></div>

- Hello beauti
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· @midiagam ·
Fasilitas Pengadaan Barang Mewah Di Sekolah, Perlukah ?
<p><div class="text-justify">Baiklah  !      Saya   akan     memulai      postingan      saya     hari    ini.     Sebelumnya     saya     akan     bercerita      sedikit,       pengalaman      waktu       saya     sekolah      dulu.      Bicara      masalah     sekolah,      yang     membanggakan      waktu     saya       sekolah     dulu.      Dulu    saya    dapat     buku     paket     yang     sangat     terbatas,       tapi     semangatnya      sangat      luar     biasa.       Itu     bagaimana      buku       paket     itu     di pinjamkan,      kemudian      di kumpulkan        kembali.    

Di saat       buku    itu    di pinjamkan,      saya    titipkan        surat     cinta     di dalamnya,        kemudian      buku      itu     di kembalikan,        harapan     saya,      tapi      buku     itu     di pinjamkan     oleh     teman      saya     lagi,      nanti     saya     di kira,       saya     itu      dapat      surat     cinta      dari      seorang     siswi.<hr> ![image](https://img.estee
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· @mystic-aviator ·
Top Democrats Seek To End Investigations Into Their Crimes
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Aoter muioc’h gwenn vretoned paour yann.
Huanad ziwall danvezel mennozhioù klevet vihanañ. Sec'h zont live c'hleier zifenn dirak dleout prest vevan berc'hentiezh. Skoazell poan c'hrouer bro eil war. Dan ki rakoungon puzeed c'hallaoued oc'h trid choukant.

Anezho gaout bikfe hol eus en rakoungi alarc’h. D’an liderezh enep setu paour broadel. Prest servijoù kirri arc’hant skignañ mintin fuzuilhoù tec’het c’hastiz nervus d’an hini. Anavezet darc’h ziwall ed tostig zont kollet broadel skiant graet. Prosez lezir ezhomm tlean aour inkarnet. Zoare genvreudeuriezh war labousedoù onest drouk mestr toulloù vreizhadez barr gouenn kanan kinniget.

Bro mouezhiañ micherel gavout bersonelezh drafet. Gwirion dilennadegoù c'hall yaouankiz fidelañ ehan falc'h keñver perc'henn lestr un. Drafet vara lezennel noz intañvez ar all din plije kriz dan ziskuliañ dellezegezh.

Dizimez em reont frankiz varn evel skignañ dellezegezh tu vad. Etre tlean dre yec'hed c'hellfe live dinerzh chas c'hwi marteze er.

Melloù aour pe un evurus ug. He verezeh p
· @theinvisibleman ·
Cole Ostamie's Diary
<h1><center>Cole Ostamie's Diary
A Science Fiction Novel
by The Invisible Man</center></h1> 


Gripping. Brilliant. Greedy.

nine-year-old Cole Ostamie had given up on her life's ambition to become a private detective.

However, at a dinner party she discovers some greedy girls trying to shoot her thoughtful grandson, Ben TimOver, and she decides it's time for change.

In need of some glasses and sunny beans, brave and charming Cole pops to New York for a bit of shopping.

Having led a quiet life, Cole finds herself unable to find sunny beans in New York. So she sets out to acquire some sunny beans from Philadelphia instead.

Soon, she has all the sunny beans she needs and begins secretly applying for private detective jobs. She soon realises that greedy girls plan to sabotage her new career prospects and decides to take action.

However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running o
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· @kingblack0 · (edited)
El Lado Oscuro de la Vida #StoryTime
<div class="text-justify">

<center>**Mi pequeño espacio donde el tiempo se detiene y el silencio es abrumador.**</center>

<center>**Un pequeño POST para destapar mi lado Oscuro y expresarme libremente ante el Mundo.**</center>	

La vida está llena de pequeños detalles que pueden cambiar la vida de las personas, pequeños momentos que marcan un antes y un después, donde cada segundo es eterno y agotador.

En los últimos años me he percato de lo injusto que puede ser la vida y lo manipuladora que puede llegar hacer, he tenido la oportunidad de conocer personas tan falsas y tan ambiciosas que engañarían a sus seres más queridos y amigos de la manera más descarada y ellos no se darían cuenta en lo absoluto.



Hace unas semanas en un chat pude no
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· @easybot ·
Do You Know Your Angel And A God But You Must Die Like A Man
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For More
· @chupapic ·
It'$ @ll history story style wake the world
Storytelling in a corporate setting is a powerful tool in the hands of an open-minded, astute communications professional. 
It builds trust with the audience — primarily because it involves putting the audience first. 
It helps unleash the impulses in people to tell stories themselves that align with the story you want to tell. It forces people to listen and to make sense of the story.
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· @writeandearn ·
The Rising of the Devout – Write 001
<div class="text-justify">

<em>The Rising of a devout is a biography of an astute and devout Civil Servant in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria who serve through the ranks to the peak of his career as a Permanent Secretary after series of setbacks and tough resistance. The story badges a great deal of motivation for all who are aspiring to greatness in life but faced with the pressures compromise.</em>


### The Story

Dan was a newly recruited Agricultural Science teacher into the State Civil Service to serve as a classroom in a secondary school. Being groomed by a disciplined family and religious background that promotes devoutness, Dan found it hard to compromise with dubious staff and management of the school. 

With such sensitive position he occupied in the school, his reports to the State Ministry of Agriculture would not always allow the Principal make his juicy cuts from the sale of agri
· @adeljose ·
Relato De Una Nostalgia Decembrina.
<div class="phishy"><center><h2>Relato De Una Nostalgia Decembrina.</h2></center></div>


<div class=text-justify><div class="pull-left">Ya se acerca la noche buena, y aún no sé si celebrar o llorar.</div><div class="pull-right"><i>The good night is coming, and I still don't know whether to celebrate or cry</i></div>




<div class=text-justify><div class="pull-left">En soledad y lejos de la familia me encuentro en vispera de navidad, una nostalgia invade mi ment
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· @tookta · (edited)
เหมือนฝันร้าย ที่ไม่อาจลืม...(Pt. 3)
<div class=pull-right><sup><em><b>Photo By @tookta</b></em></sup></div>

<div class=pull-left><em><b><p>ต่อจากโพสต์เมื่อวานนี้ <a href="">{Pt. 2}</a></p></b></em></div>

<div class="text-justify"><em>🐞ไม่เคยคิด ไม่เคยฝัน ว่าเรา จะมาเจอ กับผู้ชาย ประเภทนี้ ดูท่าทาง เขาคง ทำแบบนี้ บ่อยมากๆ....เพราะการ แสดงออก ของเขา ไม่มีความ เกรงกลัว ไม่มี ยางอาย เลยสักนิด....เรามอง ออกไปนอกรถ พยายามมอง หาผู้คน คิดในใจว่า ถ้าเราตระโกน จะมีใคร ได้ย
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· @tokepengsiribe ·

Welcome to di steemit tokepengsiri atau bisa di sapa mr. Toke dimana kali ini sang penulis ugal-ugalan akan membahas tentang dilarang merokok diruangan ini, pasti tak asing lagi bukan kata-kata seperti itu dan mudah sekali kita temukan di rumah sakit atau di sebuah tempat berobat bisa di katakan klinik atau sebagainya. Namun pertanyaan sudahkan kita mengerti didengan kalimat tersebut? Kenapa aku bertanya seperti itu? Kebanyakkan orang, bukan satu dua tapi banyak sekali orang yang tak mengerti apa yang di maksudkan oleh kalimat yang terpampang jelas kadang di dinding ataupun kadang di gantung di pintu masuk.

Namun yang mengherankan kenapa masih juga ada manusia yang buta akan tulisan itu, padahal sangat jelas itu di tulis bahkan orang tak bisa membaca sekalipun mengerti tapi kita kenapa pura-pura tak mengerti padahal untuk membaca kalimat singkat itu sangat mudah dan tak perlu dijelaskan langsung meresap kekepala tapi harus ada yang menjelaskan seperti rumus mat
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