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Check Out Amazing Posts on Project.Hope Community [Season 31] by frederickbangs

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Check Out Amazing Posts on Project.Hope Community [Season 31]
Hello and welcome one to a new season of my top 3 project hope post. I will appreciate if you subscribe to project hope

A day chosen in every week will be dedicated to post review on our amazing community.

Today I will be reviewing three wonderful posts from project.hope community.

### [The inmortality. Philosophy or fact or fiction.](https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@lanzjoseg/the-inmortality-philosophy-or-fact-or-fiction) - written by @lanzjoseg


>Currently, or rather always, a man in his human nature is destructive in everything he does, if I am generalizing but it is so man and I repeat by nature is corrupt, torturer and murderer organizer of wars and genocide.

With the happenings around, it is clear that the human mind is filled with wicked intentions and cruel capabilities and attaining the height of immortality might just be the desire of a lot of people. Written by @tfame38656.


### [The importance of organisational culture](https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@awah/the-importance-of-organisational-culture)- @awah

![7b4bio5hobgskW8qdPdvSqcwwJTvbiCMpGmRey1Rtd8H5qfFo8zXPVKaquLsmEdDPPWAPzGgPx13HTiVNFf4wYDAj2wvcLJh3bZkqfkuhYVPYdFLXiZQiGCLK5Ariz6bhdVG3C8wW4bLsH5RVPVqaqXX5Gsx (1).jpeg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmekKsbC7j23otRfRab1NDnQwJvGaxzK7o7MHSZRuw1aNf/7b4bio5hobgskW8qdPdvSqcwwJTvbiCMpGmRey1Rtd8H5qfFo8zXPVKaquLsmEdDPPWAPzGgPx13HTiVNFf4wYDAj2wvcLJh3bZkqfkuhYVPYdFLXiZQiGCLK5Ariz6bhdVG3C8wW4bLsH5RVPVqaqXX5Gsx%20(1).jpeg)

>There is not right culture although I am sure we could all pick some common culture traits we prefer. The best thing is to discuss openly and engage staff opinion and strive to make the culture in your organisation the culture that the people in your organisation want.

Different people with different ideas coming together to make something work out is the major reason for building a team.


### [Let's talk about investments](https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@josevas217/let-s-talk-about-investments) written by @josevas217


>So, if you believe in the project, in the people behind it, you will know that even if the price drops, they will continue to work to add value and thus make the price of the token rise.

A great mistake made while trying to invest is failure to gain knowledge about the project before making any investment, it is a thing to believe in the project and it is another thing to just invest in a project because your friends are doing the same.

Thanks for reading this post. You can also join the @project.hope community if you like what we do.

Stay safe friends.
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