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Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters Cabernet Sauvignon by honest-reviews

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Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters Cabernet Sauvignon
<sup>*@honest-reviews is a panel of individuals who believe in a better world! While we do not usually buy things at stores, we recognize that most people do. We encourage consumers to choose the goods they support wisely! Not only do you want a high quality product, but you also use your money power to "vote with your dollar", and endorse companies that either help the Earth and humanity or take away from it. We submit these reviews from our panelists in hopes of encouraging people to put some thought and consideration into the goods and services you choose to use and support.*</sup>

This is absolutely top notch!


This is without a doubt the best wine that I have had in years.

The label and presentation are nice and the bottle is much cooler than your standard wine bottle.
Though itโ€™s the flavor where this wine really shines!

I love whiskey and you can taste the whiskey barrels in the flavor. Yet it still has all the great flavors of a top quality Cabernet!

I would highly recommend this whine to anyone who likes Cabernet or whiskey.

As always please ideally upcycle this bottle or recycle it at bare minimum.

# Cheers! 

*More Honest Reviews coming soon!*
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