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Gekkeikan Sake by honest-reviews

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Gekkeikan Sake
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This is likely a sale anyone who likes sake has tried or at least seen. It seems to be in every alcohol section of any decent grocery store in the USA.

I am a big fan of sake, I like it more than wine generally. Especially as lots of wine has glyphosphate in it now.
I like that it is good cold and hot. So on a cold rainy night I can warm it up and sip it like tea, or on a hot afternoon I can drink it chilled.
I like that the flavor is not too complicated, and it’s not dry like lots of wines. Very smooth and slightly sweet.
This sake is nothing special - it’s actually one of the cheapest generally available in the States. For the cost I would say it’s quite good!
# Cheers!

*More Honest Reviews coming soon!*
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