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Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA by honest-reviews

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Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
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Finally a quality beer!

It’s a wonderful time drinking quality craft beers with friends on a perfect day by the water.
Eating good food, having fun and loving life.
Everything and everywhere has its positives and negatives. Focus on the positive and you will experience it!
This is a super classic well known IPA and one I like a lot. I’m not a big IPA guy but the SIERRA NEVADA TORPEDO is a very good beer u can get almost anywhere.
It’s a nice bottle, it has good flavor and it is brewed in Chico, California, where I lived for a while!
I also like that it’s 7.2% alcohol because the 3-5% of most beers really is just non-influential.

All in all its a great beer u can count on and get almost anywhere in the States! If u like IPA you will like this.

It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy!
# Cheers!

*More Honest Reviews coming soon!*

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