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Conduct a murder and still get released from law|| Thaddam || Movie review by rehan12

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Conduct a murder and still get released from law|| Thaddam || Movie review
## <center>_Hello Steem friends_</center>
When it comes to movies I do really like the thriller genre. As you do not know when there will be a twist  waiting for you in whole period of the movie. This kind of movies should make you think even when you have finished the movie watching. 

I do like to explore the taste of my movies and as a result I searched for that taste of thrill in various countries movies. The most advanced and unanticipated thrilling movies are still created by the Koreans from my point of view. As after watching some of them I realized I was missing a lot of things in this genre.

###### _I have wasted enough time in watching TV series, movies, anime now time to make them worth it. I probably will share my reviews/thoughts about those movies and if it goes well then I will continue to do so in my upcoming posts as well._
![THADDAM (1).jpg](

"Thadam" it is a south Indian movie which was probably considered as one of the most anticipated thriller movie of the year. The story is about two identical twin brothers Ezhil & Kavin. Their father was an advocate. While as their mother & father died their life were going according to the way they wanted. One have a perfect life (Job/gf/money) as a Civil engineer and the other is just a crook. They get caught in a murder case which one of them committed but the police is not aware which of the brother was responsible for the murder. Thus the story goes on. 

Before going any further spoiler ahead be advised. The police gathers every possible proof of the murderer but when it comes to the close the case the evidence seems like to not come in affect. One example, there was a hair strand found in the murder scene which was of one of the brothers but yet it was not effective to unveil the murderer. I was not aware that even DNA proofs are invalid when it comes to identical twin brothers as it is not distinguishable to tell which is whose. 

I was too much consumed in the movie as it was difficult to say which brother committed the  crime as the whole scenario was pointing towards the crooked brother Kavin but whatever the case is without proper evidence the law can not punish a single innocent that is what the law refers to, punish 100 sinners but not a single innocent. The blood bond is something that can not split in whatever the situation may be. At the end of the movie it was cleared who committed the murder and why and it was also unveiled the other brother was helping him in getting rescued from the law. 

The murder was the civil engineer brother Ezhil whose gf was |raped| and murdered. For taking the revenge of his  gf he committed that murder. On the other hand Kavin was interested in law from his very early age and got to explore laws  which he used to save his brother Ezhil from the death sentence. 

##### Overall if I have to say my words on this movie, I would only say if you like thriller movies this will be perfect for your time to watch.  
> This kind of real incident happened in various countries like Malaysia, Satish & Sabrish Identical twins arrested for Drug trafficking, police were not able to identify the real culprit so both brothers were released. 

Imdb : [Rating 8.2](
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root_title"Conduct a murder and still get released from law|| Thaddam || Movie review "
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