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#roadtosteemfest4 (Final Page) - Back From Steemfest4 And The Aftermath. by surpassinggoogle

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#roadtosteemfest4 (Final Page) - Back From Steemfest4 And The Aftermath.
<p>This post will cover 'me' (post-steemfest) as i participate in the last topic of the '#roadtosteemfest contest-series' hosted by @anomadsoul and @blocktrades titled: '<a href="">Back From Steemfest.</a>'</p>
<p><img src="" width="640" height="800"/></p>
<blockquote>the only official picture found of me.</blockquote>
<p>Against all hurdles, i was able to get to Thailand. A steemian gifted me the ticket to the Steemfest4 event and of this i am grateful. I arrived in Thailand on an almost zero budget. On the day of the flight, i nearly missed the flight. Fortunately, the flight's departure was delayed and i ended up in Thailand.</p>
<p>I missed the first day of the Steemfest event. Altogether, i missed 3.5-days of 'the 5-days that made up Steemfest4'.&nbsp;</p>
<blockquote>Steemfest4 was a very special event. It was filled with steemians and steemians are special!</blockquote>
<p>Altogether, i had some 8.5-days (of the 10-days that i spent in Thailand), to think of Steemfest4, the state of steem, steemians, the state of the world and surpassing google.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Meeting fellow steemians is amazing. Seeing them rendezvous is amazing. Steemians together is powerful. Steemians around a round-table is very powerful. Steemians in party, is 'the party and after-party combined'.</p>
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<p>I love each steemian. 'Steemians' is the power of steem and at Steemfest4, this fact became all the more established.</p>
<p>'We are doing something really, right here on steem; in the times that pass, we are doing something' and when you finally meet a steemian in person, you will know these things. It is not at all a coincidence that we have all found steem; it is for something and that 'something' is grand.</p>
<h3>I Gave A Talk At Steemfest4</h3>
<blockquote>The opportunity to deliver that talk constitute 'breakthrough' for me!</blockquote>
<h3>I did my breakthrough party in this 1-hour recording:</h3>
<h3>And after steem, here are my thoughts still:</h3>
<p>With the advent of 'communities' and SMT, steem is in a good place, i am in a better place, we are in better places. Each one can now by 'owner' and many owners, steem can succeed whether bulls or bears because 'humans (steemians)' are involved.</p>
<p>I love steem and my journey on steem is titled<em> 'surpassinggoogle with steem'</em> and i am about that.&nbsp;</p>
<p>As for 'steem and mainstreamity' that is possibler now. Since MIRA, even top witnesses can run their servers on 50-USD a month. There will RC-pools and the ability to delegate or rent RC etc, sign-ups can become instant and independent of Steemit INC.</p>
<p>Dream-builders no longer need entire DAPPs to effect their noble dreams for they can start a community and where essential, add an SMT in.</p>
<p>Many things are as difficult as 1, 2, 3 especially in these times, courtesy of steem and steemians. This is good news even for the world at large.</p>
<p>Once we begin to shine,the world begins to and follow us to shine too. They sign-up on steem to shine too.</p>
<h3>See my 2020 plans for steem growth:</h3>
<p><strong>Again, i love each steemian, i am grateful to each steemian and by means of this short post, i am expressing my gratitude to each one who finds this post.&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>I was only able to converse with a few steemians throughout Steemfest4 and to these ones i am especially grateful. I can't recall the spelling of each username today, that for now i will leave you with this small list: <strong>@roelandp @lukestokes @fitinfun @slobberchops @jaki01 @detlev @arcange @starkerz @lizanomadsoul, @blocktrades @for91days @gamer00 @travelgirl @goblinknackers @littlenewthings @dylanhobalart @wandereronwheels @livinguktaiwan @theycallmedan @travelgirl @joythewanderer @firepower @waybeyondpadthai @vikonomics @wanderein @vandeberg @stoodkev @sjennon @steemitmamas @rycharde @revisesociology @misslasvegas @louis88 @justinw @jeffjagoe @jack8831 @derangedvisions @faitherz33 @crimsonclad @celestal @cjsdns @anyx @anomadsoul @aggroed @andywong31 @anthonyadavisii @karinxxl @khimgoh @joannewong @bitrocker2020 @roadscape @blocktrades @elizacheng @eturnerx etc.</strong></p>
<p><em>Your boy Terry</em></p>
<p>To gain further insight into the stories and histories constituting 'surpassinggoogle', <a href=""><strong>kindly read this publication</strong></a>. It is a 70-min read!</p>
<p>You can also vote the <strong>'steemgigs'</strong> witness <a href=";approve=1">here.</a></p>
<p>Finally, please subscribe to <a href=""><strong>UloggersTV on YouTube</strong></a>.</p>
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@littlenewthings · (edited)
It's good to know that you were blessed with a ticket and able to be there and back safely.

Steem on! Now we have the tools on our hands, the next is to get out there (outside steemit-verse) and _fish_ in more planktons, minnows, dolphins, okras and whales 😏

(the right way)
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