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SCALPEX EXCHANGE: The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that rivals all DEX and CEX in terms of speed, fees and automated strategies deployed inside the Scalpex platform by frankydoodle

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SCALPEX EXCHANGE: The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that rivals all DEX and CEX in terms of speed, fees and automated strategies deployed inside the Scalpex platform

Good morning to everyone here on the crypto space and all of us here as a crypto enthusiast, investor or a trader. This is your Mr. Decentralized again that will talk about another exciting project made by our different blockchain developers. 
It seems it is not familiar anymore to you the term DEFI. As it is the one that is booming now in the crypto space. What I would like to introduce you is only a one-of-its kind in the market. It is SCALPEX.


# The SCALPEX exchange

This is the main heart of the Scalpex ecosystem. This is where the trades will come and whatever your wallet that is about to use, you can connect it here for fast trading and even margin trading. Let me tell you the different features and competitive advantages of the SCALPEX exchange. 


A. Automated Strategies


--> When we say that Scalpex is featuring and doing the automated strategies, it means that unlike other centralized exchanges or other decentralized exchanges wherein you are the one that is manually giving the buy and sell orders and matching it either with a liquidity pool or the buyers and sellers side to match with your order, in this powerful setup of SCALPEX exchange gives you the option to setup a bot that has your pre-defined trading setups as if you are the one trading. With the Scalpex bot, even you are working, sleeping or with your family for a vacation, the bot does the trading for you. 

B. Linear contracts


--> Because the Scalpex is a derivatives exchange as well, they do have linear futures contracts. When we say linear contracts, these are trading tools wherein the payoff of the futures is always moving in a linear one and does have an expected amount of result when that certain future is met. You can expect also the particular and exact profit and loss of a certain asset as you trade it.

C. LOW fees


---> Do you know why  Scalpex has the lowest commission fees in the market? Because of the SXE token or the Scalpex's utility token which I will talk about it later. This exchange is competitive in the sense that whoever holds the SXE token will be able to get discounts on fees as well as enjoy the lowest trading fees. Both are complementary with each other giving you the most savings for other trading opportunities in the market. 

D. Fast trading matches


--->  The Scalpex team made this exchange the best for traders that needs each second a trading opportunity. That is what they focused on. With high-speed transactions and server infrastructures and decentralization, the Scalpex team will ensure you of 100% uptime for your trading transactions. The aggregation of the trading pairs will be assured. 

E. Security


---> All right guys, when it comes to the security of your funds, Scalpex deploys the multi-signature cold wallets in the system. What does that mean for us? It means that in order for someone to get a transaction or withdrawal of a large amount from then Scalpex exchange's treasury, a group of people from the DAO or validators need to multi-sig it. These people are most likely the one who are holding the large bags of SXE tokens and won't give a chance for someone that is unscrupulous one to mess with these people's funds. Aside from that, the manual withdrawal processing ensures that only the rightful owner of the account can withdraw the funds to their respective wallet addresses. 

F. Quick-response User Interface


I do attest to that the Scalpex exchange has a fast response time. Whenever I click something on their website, it quickly loads up and the service of the uptime is so amazing. It loads quickly and no lags on the browser. With a quite on-the-second needed for this trading opportunity, I could say that Scalpex walks the talks. 

G. Leverage options 


I know that many of you here knows leverage. It is using other people's money to make money. That is true! And Scalpex gives you the chance to have even a margin trading leverage of up to x3,x10 even up to x100! But also, be careful because leverage trading can be so much profitable if the market favors you. But if it goes against you, you could be having a risk of liquidation. So always do your own research and backtesting! If you are confident with your bot setup with Scalpex, you could try the lower leverage first.

By the way, here is a snapshot of the Scalpex exchange:



# The SXE token as Scalpex's utility token and its native token

All right, let us do proceed with the use-cases of the SXE token.

1. Early access to the preview-version of Scalpex exchange--> Yes you hear that right. The more you are early with an exchange and supporting them, the more you are able to get early access to it. 

2. Trading commission discounts--> This is what I am referring to at awhile ago when you hold SXE tokens, you are also having discounts just by being a holder of SXE tokens.


--> This is what we call as team buyback. The purpose of this is to have the Scalpex tokens to rise in price. The process for this is that 50% of  all trading fee commissions will be used to buy the floating SXE tokens and will be burned until the half of the initial SXE tokens will be the only ones remain in the circulating supply in the market. It is called 'burning' operation of tokens as well. 


50 million will be the total amount supply of the SXE token fixed. Then the distribution will be like this.








Summary: I could say that SCALPEX team and this exchange is one of a kind when it comes to the response time of the exchange, the sleek and simple to use platform makes it cool for traders to execute with the millisecond latency. Aside from that, you could use bots with trading styles of its own! No more emotion trading in the market as well. 

If you wanted to know more about SCALPEX, you may visit their website and other social media accounts here:

Website: https://scalpex.com/

Scalpex token: https://token.scalpex.com/

White paper: https://scalpex.com/assets/documents/scalpex_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/scalpex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScalpexExchange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scalpexen/

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