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To say that public consciousness is not in the by anatol

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To say that public consciousness is not in the
To say that public consciousness is not in the public brain, social consciousness can not be generated by the social brain. But at the same time it is still quite sufficient in front of the image of the fig. If we talk about forms of social consciousness, we can distinguish a mythological religious philosophical scientific Well, and many other forms of social the form of public consciousness, the everyday thoughtform is still sometimes singled out, and here it is possible to drink the ordinary level of social psychology when there is sometimes there are ideologies here at all in fact here. What you need to keep in mind generally who can always open 1 textbook read there one typology open another quarter other type see these terms will be used in different meanings now now in general in fact about the typology depends on it had to be thousands signs the author to take the textbook and accordingly if it is obvious Well the volume was allowed by the date where he trains some principles but basically everything says what he says about the same thing in all cases we have neighboring or neighboring and in the school we will talk now aburam communicate so ordinary level of public consciousness is formed spontaneously spontaneously in the process of everyday practice that he includes himself includes those ideas about the world on which people are established are peculiar to all people who are formed without special some sort of special there is no unifying beginning as
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