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Thinking About the Food Waste Issue

<h4>//Waste is Everywhere//</h4>
Waste is an issue that has always been a matter of discussion in society. We produce much of it, we spend resources to shift it out of sight and the whole thing is an exercise of amplifying our own waste. It’s sometimes hard to realise just how much waste is caused by ourselves. I am conscious about my daily waste including plastic usage but how often do we think about food waste? While I have made an effort to always finish what I have as a meal, it’s no secret that food is wasted every day. The United States realise billions in food waste alone and it’s a crazy to think just how much is going down the gutter across the globe.

<h4>//The Wider Waste Problem and Solution//</h4>
In a world where there are people starving, research is now pointing to a surplus in food procurement that is leading to waste. I agree that something needs to be done about food waste in general, but simple suggestions aimed at reducing portion sizes and changing behaviour towards food waste makes me think a little harder about the issue at hand. Yes, wasting food is a waste of money and the calories that have been thrown out should have found its way to those in need. I would say it isn’t all about consumers wasting in the kitchen. Food waste in the restaurant industry is considerably high and it is normally smaller businesses that will donate their surplus. Emerging apps that connect users and businesses to sell off edible items at the end of the day are a positive direction. <a href="">This company</a> is doing a great job.

<h4>//Everybody Needs to Contribute//</h4>
Suggestions of reducing standard food portions is indeed a possible solution and I feel the helpings that come as standard in the States are indeed generous. If implemented however, does that mean our meals will be cheaper? Will countries make a conscious effort to not only reduce food waste but shift their surplus to where it’s needed elsewhere in the world? Just as manufacturing processes across various industries are looking at improving processes, a wider approach needs to be sought after. Changing the behaviour of consumers is only part of the solution, suppliers and retailers will also need to be accountable to change. Feeding the world is a difficult task but a change in culture and business will help work towards a goal of waste reduction.  

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