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Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost049 by arthur.grafo4

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Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost049

<sup><h6>You have the knife, I have this, which is more just a stick than a spear. I have a broken knee and a broken rib, I saw you noticed, that was from the kicking. To the point. Either you decide you want to fight me once we are alone or you keep your word and walk away. After all, as you guys said, this is an island, where can I go. Live to fight me another day when there are three of you.”</h6></sup>

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<p>“I thought you were dead.”</p>

<p>“So what?”</p>

<p>“I told them we had not seen you. I thought you were dead and they would blame us.”</p>

<p>I staggered, my face draining. I must have stared at him as if I had gone crazy. In a way I did, for I forgot about my spear and grabbed at his shirt. I pulled him to me, my voice betraying my agony.</p>

<p>“Who? What do you mean they - who were they?”</p>

<p>“I don’t know. A man and a woman, actually more like a girl of about fifteen or sixteen.”</p>

<p>I described Eddie and Hettie and he agreed it was them.</p>

<p>“You told them you have not seen me? How long ago?”</p>

<p>“About a month. No, maybe three weeks. We don’t have a calendar anymore, I get confused.”</p>

<p>He could have easily killed me, but he just stood there. What he said slowly penetrated and I realised he had made a joke. I looked back at him with eyes filled with tears.</p>

<p>“Why haven’t you killed me Tim? You want your calendar back?”</p>

<p>“No. Shit! Those two, they were like you in London. They have power! They could have killed us without touching us. They said they may come back and if we find you to make sure nothing happens to you.”</p>

<p>“Why did you attack me then?”</p>

<p>“Fuck!” He shook his head. “You stupid or something? We wanted to capture you, so as to negotiate a deal. We’ll keep you alive and you don’t tell them what we did. We give you to them in exchange for our return.”</p>

<p>“Three weeks! If they haven’t come back yet, they probably are not returning. Keep walking Tim, the others are still too close. Soon as we can, I promise to explain everything to you.”</p>

<p>He turned his back to me and walked slowly, pacing himself to suit me. I did not bother pointing the spear. My first hopes had already died. For it to have been Eddie and Hettie it meant my girls were dead. This confirmation was not what I’d wanted and now the tears fell, my eyes hardly able to see where I was going. After about an hour he sat down and looked at me.</p>

<p>“So, tell me.”</p>

<p>“Even if they came back and found me with your knife at my throat they would have to let you kill me. They cannot take you back. I don’t think I want to return anyway. I’ve killed all those that I love, there is nothing for me there. Nothing.”</p>

<p>“You talking about your two kids?”</p>

<p>“Them and all the rest.”</p>

<p>“Jesus.” He muttered in his language. “Why are they looking for you then. Do they want to kill you?”</p>

<p>“No. They think they are saving me.” I threw the spear on the sand. “I can’t do it anymore. Tim, please, I beg you. Stick your knife into me. Kill me and stop this pain.” I closed my eyes and waited.</p>

<p><p>There was a long silence.</p>

<p>“If they are coming to kill you they will not be glad I did it for them. If they are trying to save you, then they will be even more angry if I kill you. I’m leaving now. If they come and take you, do what you can for us.”</p>

<p>He got up and walked away.</p>

<p>Sanity was slow in coming, but it was relentless. </p>

<p>If Eddie comes again and is able to take me back with him, even if my girls have died, even if they do not return to our Earth, how can I leave them on our World alone? I owe it to them that I return. If they still love me, which somehow I knew they do, their sorrow would come to an end and we have time for my heart to be eased and rid of my guilt. I saw now that I owed it to them that I fight to stay alive. To have them back in new bodies would be another pain I’ll have to live with, but it is better than abandoning them. My words to Cherine, my oft repeated demand, ‘Trust in me’, it seemed to ring in my ears, demanding of me that I trust in them this time.</p>

<p>I spent the night thinking, sometimes even crying, and the next morning I walked over towards the men. When I saw them in the distance I walked until they had seen me and then I sat on the sand, waiting. They came and I gestured.</p>

<p>“I would prefer you do not come closer. Please sit and let’s negotiate.”</p>

<p>“What is there to negotiate.”</p>

<p>“Let me talk. You can tell me your point of view afterwards.” They waited, obviously willing.</p>

<p>“Tim, were you wearing my trousers when they came?” Being a bigger man he had slit them which made it even more obvious they had belonged to a smaller man. I was certain their Cherinian memories meant they would notice them later, if they had not during their visit.</p>


<p>“Then they will return. Let’s start at the beginning. What you did to me when I arrived here, it no longer matters. There will be no punishment. You were sent here because of the type of people you are and you only acted as your nature dictated.</p>

<p>I am faced with two possibilities. The one is that they return and I leave. If that happens I will first come to you. Prepare a list of things you want or need. Within reason please. I will see to it that they are provided for as long as you live. It was not our intention to make you live like animals, we only resorted to this so as to get you away from the children. We are going to be sending more people here. All of them will be people who do not deserve to live in a world with children.</p>

<p>The second possibility is that they do not realise there is any point in returning and never do so. In that case I am stuck here with you. I do not want to live my life on the run, hiding. I do not want to have to kill either. What kind of agreement can we come to so that you leave me alone?”</p>

<p>Because they feared the first possibility they made promises to leave me alone. That if I stayed in one area and they had the rest of the island I would not be attacked. I knew this only gave me a month or so, but I needed it to arrange my life and defences. If they came after me they would pay, for I was now determined to live for as long as possible. During the night I had remembered that the Sparklers are used to thinking in the long term. I felt confident that Solomon will not give up. There will be Sparklers arriving in search of the ‘taste’ of my soul. If it takes them twenty years to come here, I still wanted to be here for them.</p>

<p>Without waiting for their agreement, I stood up and hobbled away from them, back to the area I’d chosen as mine.</p>

<p>I started the very next day on building traps, holes with pointed sticks in them that I covered with fronds and then sand. I collected creepers and plaited them, making nooses so as to catch them. They would not last long, in this climate everything decayed fast. I began to prepare stockpiles of weapons at night, which I cached all over the place - they would not catch me without weapons close by again.</p>

<p>Being busy, having a positive purpose rather than concentrating on my self hatred, my days passed quickly. My nights passed without too many nightmares. I was too tired for them.</p>

<p>I was standing in the water with my spear poised, ready to thrust at a fish when I heard my name. I looked up and saw Eddie with Candy. I looked back down at the fish. “Guess you get to keep your life old chap. Enjoy it."</p>

<p>Then it struck me. Candy!!! She is alive!!</p>

<p>I turned and stared at them as they stood on the beach - well, Eddie did, Candy was jumping about in her excitement. Sobs wracked me so that I could hardly breathe. Finally I managed to call out, my heart in my words. “The rest, are they alive, all of them?”</p>

<p>“Yes Robert. Come out will you, or do you need me to carry you?” He was laughing.</p>

<p>I ran, stubbing toes and cutting my feet on the coral. Candy met me and I swung her up in my arms, hugging so tightly she could not breathe. I buried my face in her hair as I wept and then kissed her face wildly.</p>

<p>“Steady Robert, we don’t want to lose Candy now.”</p>

<p>I gave him a hug and then remembered I was in the nude. Like an idiot I gestured at myself. “You like the new tropical style?”</p>

<p>“Very clever. Is your knee your new erogenous zone? Very stylish, but I don’t think it will catch on.”</p>

<p>We kept on hugging and then I felt Eddie prepare to jump, just his body slightly tensing, and I pulled back.</p>

<p>“No. Wait. I have promises to keep.”</p>

<p>My first job was to use Eddie through his powers to fill up all the holes I had dug. I went around tripping all the nooses. Eddie did not comment and Candy, bless my baby, all she did was chatter gaily, trying to hold my hand all the time. She felt my broken finger and looked at it closely.</p>

<p>“Leave it love. I promise I will only use your healer once we are home. You want to make me better?”</p>

<p>That made her happy. Eddie saw how I was hobbling and lifting us he flew us back to the other three. They were standing on the beach waiting.</p>

<p>“Where I lived, be careful if you go there. I had prepared traps. I’ve come to keep my promise. Tell my little girl, she will remember everything on your list. Do not bother to include medical supplies and clothing, those I will send anyway.”</p>

<p>They told me what they wanted, not believing my little girl would remember better than I.</p>

<p>“I will be placing monitors to check on you periodically. If any of you have an accident or get sick, try to last until we are here to help you. I notice that not one of you asked for books. Tell me what you prefer and in which language. I’ll keep you supplied. With no movies or television you need something to occupy your minds.”</p>

<p>I told them about the plant with the oil. They also did not know about the potato and onion flowers.</p>

<p>“If not on the first trip, then on the second one, I’ll supply you with a gas oven and plates so that you can also cook your food. Guns I will not supply. If you want to eat meat, learn to use spears and arrows or make traps. I have been eating very well, catching fish. Why haven’t you? By the way Tim, if I were you I would stop looking to him as your leader. You’ve got a brain, use it.”</p>

<p>I nodded to Eddie. “Let’s go.”</p>


<p><h3><center>Chapter One Hundred Eighteen</center></h3></p>

<p>The pandemonium cannot be described. Tina made the sacrifice of running off and brought me my robe. I was inundated by so many bodies, so many faces, all wanting to kiss and hug me. Friends all stood by waiting for my girls to finish before the strong arms of Alki went around me in a bear hug. They all had their turn and I had my fill of being loved, enough to keep me going for six months if I ended up on that damn island again. Even Solomon and Ordinx were there.</p>

<p>Every girl wanted to send me their healer, but I asked them not to. I pleaded with Claudia.</p>

<p>“Can I have a coffee please? Don’t worry about the cigarettes, I’ve been dreaming about a cup for so long! Then I must have a shower, I must stink.” I had just come out of the sea so I knew I didn’t, but I needed the luxurious feeling of a hot shower and clothes again.</p>

<p>Candy sent in her healer and they all watched as my rib moved back and was repaired. When I felt my knee had been fixed I tore at my splint, laughing.</p>

<p>“I think I’ll feel naked without it.”</p>

<p>Their faces watched the scars on my legs and face fade away and I saw tears in their eyes. Cherine gently ran her fingers down my cheek. “Where is your healer Robert? What happened to your powers?”</p>

<p>“I think my cub is afraid of linking me, thinks I’ll jump away again.”</p>

<p>Horrified she realised she had forgotten, or rather, had assumed I am linked automatically, and linked me to her. I felt her, but my brain still felt dead, closed to me. Then I felt the one thing that always gives me my greatest comfort. Rob let go my protector and it returned to me.</p>

<p>Dommi asked what I was certain they all wanted. “Roberto mou, will you share your memories with us?”</p>

<p>“Why? So that you can all laugh at me for being so stupid? Dommi, I went crazy for a while, I do not think it would be good for the children to share that.” I shook my head, as if refusing myself. “No, if I am to remain your leader, just as I share my good times, then I must share this time of craziness and of my being a coward, so that you all have a balanced knowledge of me.”</p>

<p>I can’t find the words to type how good it was to have coffee and a cigarette again, how wonderful it was not to feel pain and be able to stand on both legs. Out of habit I started getting up as if my knee was still broken and laughed with joy as I realised what I was doing. How do I describe the feeling of standing under a hot shower, especially after my darling twins came in to wash me?</p>

<p>If I cannot find words for such paltry pleasures, how do I find the words for the feeling of being linked again, of seeing and touching all my loved ones? Of hearing their voices, the beauty of laughter and even the special joy of their tears. What about the two young bodies, so soft and luxurious in their beauty as my hands softly caressed them. There was no need in me to make love at that moment. It was more like being in a cathedral made out of love and I was there only to worship.</p>

<p>When I returned to the living room, Cherine faced me, her face angry. “Candy says you thought we were all dead!”</p>

<p>“Yes.” Just one tiny word, but it spoke of all my pain. Her eyes filled.</p>

<p>“You said I must trust you. Why didn’t you trust me?”</p>

<p>“There was too much fear in me. You better all sit down if you are going to share my memories. Jade, Cassie, I’m really sorry. I did not do it on purpose.”</p>

<p>I kept my eyes closed long after they had all finished, not wanting to see their faces, the pain I knew they had shared in, nor the accusation in their eyes. Rosie took my jaw in her hands and shook my face.</p>

<p>“Look at us Robbie!”</p>

<p>I did and I began to cry. I managed an apology. “I’m sorry, I seem to have become a real cry-baby.”</p>

<p>I heard the dry voice of Jonathan, which he often uses when he is amused. “To think that our leader is crying in front of visiting leaders of two other species.”</p>

<p>“Three.” I mumbled. “Gilli.”</p>

<p>Socrati shook his head. “It was fate! If you had not met that Tim and you had been found and returned as you were, Roberto, you would have broken many hearts.”</p>

<p>There was no feeling of celebration. They all stayed as long as they did only so as to wrap me in their love. When they began leaving and Luigi came to me, I smiled at him. “Since becoming a Cherinian you must be getting a lot of material for inspiring you to write new poems.”</p>

<p>When Manoli came to hug me goodbye, I whispered to him. “I sure wish you had been with me.”</p>

<p>The last to leave were Alki and Marian with their kids. I picked up the little girl, “She is turning into a real little beauty - I think I must spend more time with her.” Marian snatched her from me, but her eyes showed she knew why I had said it and they were filled with love. I hugged Alki. “Patera (father), I’m glad to be back. Thank you for not giving up on me.”</p>

<p>“I’m real proud of you Roberto. You showed courage, even your craziness, that hate, it is only your big heart. Sometimes I think it is too big.”</p>

<p>The girls all sat looking at me, not sure of what to do or say.</p>

<p>“Gilli, your family.”</p>

<p>“Meli told them about what happened to you. They understand.”</p>

<p>“But they must also be afraid that after so long I may not be found and then they’ll never see you again. Meli mou, please tell them I’m back and want to keep their lovely daughter a little while longer.”</p>

<p>I felt Cherine leave for the void and wanted to follow, but I decided to let her do whatever it was she went there for. When she returned her face was beaming. “I told Adam you are back. He has been very worried. Robert, you should have felt him when I gave him your memories. Jo also sends her love.”</p>

<p>“That was thoughtful, thanks Cherine.”</p>

<p>“Do you want to sleep?”</p>

<p>“No. You’re going to laugh. I’m hungry!”</p>

<p>This was not a night for jumping. We walked over to the local taverna, all close together, a warm loving family. I forced myself to eat lightly so as not to upset my stomach and the girls gently teased me about forgetting I am a Cherinian. They kept on making me eat until I felt my belly was round like the moon.</p>

<p>If anybody at that taverna had not guessed yet that we were one family, they must have realised it that night, the love was so strong. I felt many wondering, but envious eyes upon me.</p>

<p>The girls brought me up to date with what else had happened. As in previous times of emergency the house had been full every day and the protector had brought Rob and his family to help the girls. There was a continuous stream of Cherinians shooting off in search of me. When Hettie and Eddie reported I was not on the penal island they accepted it as fact. Only weeks later Hettie woke up with something nagging at her about their visit. As she used her Cherinian memory she remembered Tim wearing my trousers. After that it was obvious and when they clamoured to jump to me, Cherine insisted only Candy jump with Eddie. The other girls showed me how Cherine had been dying to dash around looking for me, but she’d realised she has to stay and be strong for the other girls. I sent her my pleasure at her maturity and she cried a little, only now able to acknowledge to herself what it had cost her to stay at home while others searched for me. I picked her up and sat with her on my lap.</p>

<p>They told me that Britta and Andreas are now married and that they think Anna and Dimitri are drawing closer. I’d noticed that he was looking a lot younger. What did catch me by surprise was the news that Angelos and Smaragda seemed to also be getting very fond of each other. After a bit of thought I realised that both coming from similar social circles helped.</p>

<p>Laura gave a giggle. “I think you better prepare yourself Robbie. Agapi and Klo have decided they want your child.”</p>

<p>“Oh no!!” I hid my face in my hands, but Cherine pulled them down, grinning at me. “Stop pretending, you love their little bodies.”</p>

<p>“You’ve decided that anything female and under twelve is irresistible to me, so your opinion doesn’t count.” I teased back.</p>

<p>“You mean you are becoming more mature? I thought it was anything under ten.” Since even Claudia and Aganthi thought it was funny, I let them have their laugh.</p>

<p>“You all know that I’m going to need to feel all of you around me all the time for a few days until I’ve adjusted?”</p>

<p>Though they teased me about wanting them all for a few days only, I did not need to explain any further. They knew the emptiness and despair that had been in me and clung tightly, trying with their loving hearts and sweet bodies to banish my fears.</p>

<p>The next morning we were all lying in bed, just enjoying each other’s presence when I suddenly sat up and striking my forehead I exclaimed, “Oh no!!”</p>

<p>“What’s wrong?” They all sat up anxiously.</p>

<p>“Jade and Cassie. Now we’ll have to go on a third honeymoon!!”</p>

<p>Dommi shook her head. “You think we trust you to go off with them again? With you three together, god knows what could happen next time.”</p>

<p>The three of us came in for some gentle ribbing and my two little sweethearts clung to each other giggling.</p>

<p>The truth is that I was in no condition to go on a honeymoon, or anywhere else for that matter. The girls, and some Cherinians, suffered over the next few days as they ‘digested’ my memories. Sharing someone’s memories is nothing like being told a story. Although there is a feeling that keeps it separate so that you know the memories are not yours, you do end up living them as if you had been there. As I had said at the beginning, this should not have been shared with all. They replied that they had all shared my lessons, been through worse there. I disagreed. First of all, going through a horror once does not immunise you, it makes you more sensitive to the next one. The second point was that, even if none of us understood correctly why I was going through my lessons, they did understand that there was a purpose to them. This last happening had been totally senseless. I felt that all it had done was expose my weaknesses, showing me as being a coward and insane for a long time. </p>

<p>They again disagreed, Themi and Alki siding with them on this one; they insisted that it taught them that I am resourceful (!!!) and that I have a way of surviving the most impossible situations. I felt it proved I am right when I learnt that some of them had nightmares caused by my memories. We ended up with them still holding one opinion and I another. So much for telepaths being able to understand each other. If I had any fears that our minds will end up copies of each other, this was enough to convince me otherwise.</p>

<p>For days I refused to leave the house again and if less than four or five of my girls were within sight I would move nervously from room to room to check on them. The girls told Themi for he came with some tablets and insisted I take enough of them for my healer to learn how to synthesise them organically. I made it clear that my healer is to stop treating me after a week and then had to extend it when Themi insisted on one month. At least he did not try to get me to lie on a couch and tell him my woes.</p>

<p>Gradually our lovemaking returned to normal (I was clutching at them and every sensation too desperately) and when I became a nuisance, teasing them full time again, they decided I have now recovered.</p>

<p>Despite that, when I announced what I was about to do, there were protests from all sides. I was determined to go after the big guy. I even did not care that much about what the three might do to him once he lands on their island. I made certain I had enough money, Claude and Cherine (I called them my double dose of vitamin C) aged themselves and we jumped back into the past, to the date the three had met him and made their deal. We stood watching as the three entered the building and waited until they were gone.</p>

<p>The apartments were in an expensive area in Newcastle. There was a concierge and the door was locked. We watched as a couple left and two of us taking on their appearances, we entered, Cherine using her ability to affect electronic and mechanical appliances. The concierge saw us, was surprised that we returned so quickly, but otherwise ignored us in the snooty way so many of them have.</p>

<p>We took the lift to the fifth floor and knocked on his door. He must have recognised us as tenants of the building for he opened the door, standing in it so as to prevent us seeing inside or entering. I was in no mood to be gentle and using my gift of entering his body and taking control I forced him to step back and walk into his lounge. I made him sit and sent the girls to check out his apartment.</p>

<p>“Mr Williams we know what you do and we have come to put an end to it.”</p>

<p>“What are you talking about! I’m just an accountant.”</p>

<p>“I know. I also know that you actually do have an office and clients. I also know that you are dealing in children. Your men tried to take my daughters in London and I found out about you from them.”</p>

<p>“Whatever anyone told you, they are lies. I do not deal in children, whatever that means. Dealing in adoptions privately is illegal. I am a man of standing in my community and would not risk my reputation for something like that.”</p>

<p>“You are obviously a quick thinker. Unfortunately you are at a disadvantage. I am able to read your mind, that is how I got the information from your men. The ladies who came in with me will find your photos and videos.” I stared at him, a chill going through me. I immobilised him again and went to his bedroom. </p>

<p>“Claudia, come here. He has two kids locked up in a secret room.”</p>

<p>I found the button and the back of his cupboard swung open. There were a couple of mattresses on the floor and a little girl and boy. I checked in their minds and found out their names, where they were from and was relieved to find they had not been abused yet. I mindspoke Claudia, giving her the information and told her to reassure them that they had been brought here by mistake because they were mistaken for somebody else’s kids and they will soon be back with their families.</p>

<p>I returned to the lounge.</p>

<p>“When were you sending them across? I know about the cigarette boats that smuggle in duty-free cigarettes.” I did not need him to tell me, he tried too hard not to think about it. We will have to wait for the next night. “Let me tell you what is going to happen to you.”</p>

<p>I told him about the other world, about the three men on the island and why he is being sent there. He was terrified and made no secret of it. He is a soft man, overweight and not in good condition, I suspected he will not last long, but felt no pity as I saw how many children he has sold. The only thing in his favour is that he had never molested any of them - to him it was strictly business. That was when I realised he is married, has been for nearly thirty years and still loves his wife. I saw how she treated each lot of children as if they were her own, fussing over them and soothing them when they cried.</p>

<p>What a strange mixture of opposites people are. Both seemed to have the qualities that would have made them good parents, and yet they were able to justify their slave trade by pretending the kids were being sent to people who wanted to love them, even though they knew what the truth was. I saw in his mind that he had sold a little girl to someone from Germany, who he suspected from rumours he’d heard, wanted to make a snuff movie. I made certain I found out all I could about him in particular. I did not find many names in his mind as he tends to deal with one man from Holland. I did not doubt I will get more names from him when I get there.</p>

<p>The front door opened and his wife walked in. She was well past her prime, over-dressed and the type I do not like. I had seen already that she is romantic and loves the style of curtains, furniture and so on that she thinks are romantic. I wondered that her husband had been able to live in such an apartment. Soon as she saw me she smiled.</p>

<p>“You didn’t tell me dear that you were expecting friends. Can I get you a drink?”</p>

<p>“No thank you. I suggest you join us please.”</p>

<p>“One moment, I just want to put the shopping in the kitchen.”</p>

<p>I was in a sour mood and just forced her body to come to us and sit down. I turned to her husband. “You may explain to her, I’m in no mood to repeat myself.”</p>

<p>I left them and went to the bedroom. Claudia and Cherine had washed the kids and had them giggling, excited that they were going home. I nodded to my girls and they came to me, each holding a child.</p>

<p>“Close your eyes and wish that you were home.” They did so and we jumped. As we arrived they opened their eyes and squealed with joy. Their shrieks brought the parents running into the children’s bedroom. We could see they had been distraught, the mother still with tears on her cheeks.</p>

<p>First they hugged the kids to them and then they turned, ready to attack or thank us. I forced them to stay silent.</p>

<p>“You were careless, letting them run off on their own while you did your shopping. We found them in the apartment of a man who was sending them overseas. I leave it to your imagination what was about to happen to them. Please be careful from now on.” I decided a bit of the supernatural might do some good and the three of us jumped back to Newcastle.</p>

<p>“You’re in quite a mood today.”</p>

<p>“I am. You don’t want to know where this couple have sold a child to. If I let you know, I guarantee you they would not make it to the island.” Neither tried to probe, their faces suddenly solemn.</p>

<p>“I have thought about it. You will be placed on a separate island. Not that you deserve the consideration, but I do not like rape, even if you deserve it.”</p>

<p>We touched them and jumped. They lost their balance and fell on the sand.</p>

<p>“We will return with a few necessities. Make yourselves at home.” We jumped back to the apartment a day later. I had not been able to see the spot clearly, since he always went there at night so I found his car keys and drove there, I arrived an hour early and sat in the car. The girls did not say a word, just staring out into the dark. There was a strong wind blowing and it was damp and cold.</p>

<p>At the agreed time I saw a motor boat pulling in to shore. I examined their minds, just to be absolutely sure and forced them off their boat. As they stood on the beach I pulverised their boat, destroying their money and stock also.</p>

<p>Without bothering with explanations I reached out and we jumped. We landed on the same island as the three men. I had been careful to arrive just after I had left and they were still where I had left them.</p>

<p>They looked at the two men as they fell from about two metres on to the sand.</p>

<p>“Tim, you explain to them why they are here. These are the guys from the cigarette smuggling boat. They had a cargo to take back with them, a little boy and a little girl, one five and the other seven. I have found out some things about your Mr William that sickened me and I am in no mood to be nice.”</p>

<p>I told the girls to stay where they were and not to eavesdrop then floated over to Tim. “Do you know what a snuff film is? He sold a child, a little girl of nine I think, for her to star in one. She was to be raped and killed so that the man could have his climax. Her throat I think was slit open. That is what you were part of. If you still cannot understand why I am so angry…”</p>

<p>His face drained of all colour and I sensed the others were also affected. “I did not know.”</p>

<p>“I’ll return later with your things.” I went to my girls and told them we are going home, I’d had enough for one day.</p>

<p>All my girls sensed my mood and were very quiet. I asked Bernie to tell her mother I wanted her to come over and Alki should please wait for me. Soon as Marian arrived she took one look at me and took charge. I jumped over to their house.</p>

<p>I sat there feeling cold, angry and tormented. I told Alki what I had done and what I had learnt.</p>

<p>“What do I do? How far back in time do I go to save children? How many do I save. I can’t do them all.”</p>

<p>“Roberto, you can’t even save all of those being hurt now. Not even if you did this all day and night. Just be grateful you were able to save those two and stop those people from getting anymore.”</p>

<p>“But to have her throat slit!” I shuddered, my empathy forcing me to feel how she must have felt. I broke and sobbed as he held me.</p>

<p>“I think you will have to go back for her Roberto, for your sake.”</p>

<p>I nodded and stood up. I jumped back to the day the boat collected her. I left my body lying hidden in the gorse and went to Solomon.</p>

<p><i>*I need a Sparkler to come watch a soul, when the child dies, to hold her for me. Solomon, this one I hate to do. She is going to be killed just to give one man pleasure that only lasts minutes, but I cannot stop him. We’ll talk later, I feel too sick now.*</i></p>

<p>I helped the Sparkler follow me back in time. I returned to my body and floated over the boat, watching the girl. She was hidden in a compartment. They arrived in Holland and she was taken in a car close to the German border where they met another car. She was put in, money changed hands and the car with the girl crossed over into Germany. They drove for hours and arrived at a farmhouse.</p>

<p>I knew the damn movie existed, had been sold, so I could not alter the past. I had to watch as they took the poor terrified child, stripped her, washed and left her wrapped in a large towel, holding a cup of something hot to drink, shivering and crying. The bastard either wanted to wait so as to build up his own excitement or else was waiting for the camera man. The night and the next day passed, with the man coming in to look at her often.</p>

<p>Soon as the protector realised what was about to happen I had a fight on my hands. I tried to explain why we had to let this happen, but it refused to listen. A battle of our wills and then of power developed; my problem was that I felt the same way as the protector did, but I was equally terrified of changing the past. We ended at a stalemate, which suited me. I made it listen to what I planned and finally it left. I knew it would be back to do my bidding, but that I had damaged it.</p>

<p>I kept my mind on the girl again, keeping her mind numb, forcing her into a sort of dream world.  I also made a full copy of her memories, taking the time to make sure I have everything from when she was a baby. </p>

<p>When the camera arrived they put a plastic sheet over a mattress, fixed the lighting and the man came over to the girl.</p>

<p>“You are going to be a famous film star. You will like that? The first scene has some sex in it. You must look frightened and after I am inside you I want you to smile and show you are enjoying it. It will only hurt a little and then it will feel nice. You will make a lot of money.”</p>

<p>That was all he did to reassure the child. She was dressed again and taken to the mattress. The man went out of camera range, undressed and put on a leather mask hiding most of his face. The camera started and he walked over to the girl. He grabbed at her clothes, tearing them until she stood naked. Even with me in her mind, soothing and making this seem distant, as if happening to someone else, some instinct in her fought back and she was terrified.</p>

<p>He knocked her down onto the mattress and forcing her legs apart opened her labia, forcing his penis in roughly. I blanked off her body so that she could not feel it, but her eyes continued to stare at the man in terror. He began to jerk his hips, violently in and out of her and as he felt his climax approaching he called out to the camera man and picking up the knife stuck it in her throat and cut. Blood shot out onto him and he came. Wildly he sawed through her throat. I quickly made her unconscious, trying to not allow her mind to feel anything more than distantly, not even allowing her eyes to see what was happening. I saw her soul leaving and called to the protector to take a sample of her tissue.</p>

<p>I shot to the void and waited for the protector to let me know the new body is ready. It appeared and left so I took the soul from the Sparkler and returned to Earth. Alki was just putting a sheet over her as we entered. With the protector and my healer helping, we made certain her soul is attached to her new body and I returned to the past for my body. I jumped back.</p>

<p>“She is awakening.”</p>

<p>I called Dommi and she jumped over. She was quick to understand and controlling her sickness she expanded her mother love and went to the child.</p>

<p>“It is better she does not see us yet. To her right now men must be monsters.”</p>

<p>Alki asked to share my memories, but I refused. He was only asking so as to help me, hoping the sharing would lighten my load. I blocked the memories so that they will never be available to anyone.</p>

<p>Why am I writing of this in the diary then, since the girls read it? They all know some of the truth from Marita. What little they do not know they have guessed. At least they cannot see it from my mind, just this interpretation of the events, sickening as they are. Marita thankfully is not able to show them much either and consciously remembers almost nothing.</p>

<p>I need to stop now and pull myself together. I would rather go through all my lessons and my stay on the island a hundred times than be present at something like this again.  Tomorrow I am going for the German and his camera man. If I can find who bought the movie from them I’m going after them also. By tomorrow night this will be a much better world. I only hope I keep control over my feelings and am able to resist killing that sick bastard.</p>

<p>I think I have killed them anyway. When I arrived at the island with them, I told Tim who they are. I let him and the others see from my mind what they had done. It was the coward’s way out, but I cannot find it in me to feel guilty. By letting others do my dirty work at least I do not blacken my soul and make my girls suffer - well, at least not as much. The ethics of it I leave for others like Manoli, who did not see, to discuss.</p>

<p>The next day I delivered all the items promised. It took eight of us jumping together to carry it all. It is not the weight, but the volume that is a problem. Weights I cannot lift with my arms I can jump with. Only the three were on the beach and I deliberately refused to ask after the others. Next trip was to the Williams. It was perhaps unnecessary, but I did it anyway. I entered their minds and gave them my memories.</p>

<p>“You both recognise the girl. You thought you knew what would happen to her and still you sent her. Do not expect from me, ever, any sympathy for your problems here. I will supply the basics you need and that is all.”</p>

<p>“I did not know, I swear.” She was weeping. I looked in his mind and saw she spoke the truth.</p>

<p>“Then ask your husband what he knew. Whether you knew or not, you must have known that it was possible.”</p>

<p>From here on I will not mention again who I went after, nor how many. Unless it results in us having to rescue a child we cannot return to its parents. Which brings me to Marita.</p>

<p>To her it was only days since she had left home, not three quarters of a year. She was shown an amazing amount of love by all - even if she were fat, ugly, with warts and had an unpleasant temperament she would have still been loved. Just the fact that she was a child, adding to that what she had been through was enough to make her be treated like a little princess. I stayed away from her as much as possible as I would not be able to prevent myself from showering her with my love too and we all know by now where that ends up.</p>

<p>Despite all the attention and love, she still cried for her parents. I could jump back in time, to within minutes of her being taken from her parents. I think I could have also blocked all memories of us and what happened to her. Face it, who would have believed her anyway - though to have too many cases where the reports tally may someday create suspicions. There is always, even amongst the cops, some individual with a spark of imagination, who asks the question, ‘what if.’ We faced an ethical and moral question ourselves. I had Marian take her out for the afternoon with her own kids and then asked Perikli, Themi, Luigi and Alki to join us.</p>

<p>“My loves, for this meeting; I do not want you there as my girls, you must come as my wives. If you feel that assuming an adult age will help you think as adults, then please do so.”</p>

<p>When the guests arrived they all took the time to admire and compliment my wives with their emoting, not least among them my Cherine, who does not rely only on beauty to captivate, but also her strong personality.</p>

<p>“Our problem is Marita. She misses her parents and continues to cry for them. I think my wives can best explain or make comments about the girl herself. I also asked Themi, and he was kind enough to evaluate her psychological condition with also an evaluation of her mental age. This includes an estimate of her I.Q.”</p>

<p>All my wives looked to Dommi.</p>

<p>“Any of you who have visited us over these days knows that we have gone to extraordinary lengths to make her feel love - except for Robert. He has been affectionate, but has been careful not to act in his usual way.” She smiled. “He fears her becoming attached to him as he thinks that means she would want to marry him. I fear that his wives have given him a swollen ego on that subject.</p><br>
<p><center><a href=""> Next [Book 03] - Post 050</a></center></p>

<p><h5><i><b>I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.</b></i></h5></p><br>

<h6>Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου<br></h6>(Alexander Zenon Eustace)<br>
<sup>6th September, 2019</sup>

* posted on Steemit: 6th September, 2019<br>

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<h6>If you wish to have your name added above, I would be honoured.</h6></center>

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