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Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost050 by arthur.grafo4

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Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost050

<sup><h6>All my wives looked to Dommi.<br>

“Any of you who have visited us over these days knows that we have gone to extraordinary lengths to make her feel love - except for Robert. He has been affectionate, but has been careful not to act in his usual way.” She smiled. “He fears her becoming attached to him as he thinks that means she would want to marry him. I fear that his wives have given him a swollen ego on that subject.</h6></sup>

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<p>As Roberto says, she has seemed amazed at times with what she has seen and felt here, but she also weeps, mostly at night in bed, for her parents. I think, before any of us make any comments, Themi should first advise us of the results of his tests and his evaluation.”</p>

<p>“Dominique, there is no question about her intelligence; it is very low. I do not know whether it is naturally so or whether it stems from lack of stimulation. I understand her parents are not educated, they both work and have not shown much interest in their child. It would seem they are both enthusiastic drinkers, leaving her alone in their apartment.</p>

<p>The school she goes to is in a slum area, an economically disadvantaged area I think they call it now. The classes are overcrowded and most teachers are not interested in helping individual pupils, and as they use the British system of not grading the children, there has been a lack of need to excel.</p>

<p>However the discussion goes here today, I would ask that you keep all this in mind. In my opinion, sending her back is tantamount to condemning her to failure and a miserable life. She will never be able to hold a good job and her apathy means that she is not likely to have a steady job - at least, here in Greece she would not. Roberto, I have brought you my detailed analysis and evaluation in writing, but I have mostly spoken as a Cherinian.”</p>

<p>“Perikli, I’m not that interested in your professional opinion. I want your feelings as a man.”</p>

<p>“Nothing here ever requires my professional opinion,” he  said with a smile. “I first need to know what the alternatives are.”</p>

<p>“Fair enough, and I think I will get the same answer from all of you. Let’s examine the facts and then we can discuss the ethical aspects. Please keep in mind, to me the ethical aspects are even more important than the plus or minus of our actions with regard to the style of life she would have.</p>

<p>Enough of us know or have seen poverty to have an idea what it means. Athens does not have the kind of slums they have in England, even where there is poverty. She would be growing up in a neighbourhood where any fairly pretty girl like her is more than likely to end up being raped or else become a prostitute. What if her soul chose this life for her, needing the experience? I do not believe in karma, but I know a number of you do. After all, if there is karma, it could be our saving of her is part of her karma.</p>

<p>I have kept back information and I think I now have to give you all the details. She was not abducted. The parents were informed that a wealthy paedophile wanted her, that she would be used for sex, but they pretended to themselves that they hoped the buyer would be gentle and give her a good life. They were given to understand that she is likely to end up in America, living as if she has been adopted, cared for - apart from the sex.</p>

<p>Life is harsh in their part of the world. If not most, then many of the girls have lost their virginity by eleven. To their way of thinking, since she is likely to have sex soon anyway, why not benefit from it? Their daughter would.</p>

<p>Marita was not a popular girl at school, she is too much a loner. She did not play in the streets. Dutifully she sat at home all day by herself. Whatever they may have been as parents, they were all she had, so she believed in them. If I am giving the impression that she was unhappy, I am sorry. From her mind I see that she was not. She just did not have any expectations of anything better.”</p>

<p>“How would you handle it if it is decided that she should be returned? Won’t the parents be a problem?”</p>

<p>“No Luigi. I can assume the looks of Mr William and return her the day after. I would tell them they can keep the money, but the buyer decided he does not want her - she is too old.”</p>

<p>Marian said, “Robert? I come from there. I did not live in a slum, but I can tell you what thought first crosses my mind. As Alki loves to say, glykathikan, which means they have been sweetened. Now that they have seen that an adult was willing to pay for her, they will go looking for others. More than likely on a casual basis, by the hour or by the night. If we return her we will be condemning her, forcing her to live as a prostitute from the age of nine.”</p>

<p>“Marian is right. My problem is this; what do we do then about her need for her parents? I think none of us can agree to sending her back. It is not right to keep her against her will either.”</p>

<p>“Have you thought of blocking her memory of them?”</p>

<p>“I have Perikli. I also think my wives have become skilled enough to even create memories that would break her fixation on them. Is it right though? A sick feeling inside me says no.”</p>

<p>“What kind of memories could you implant?” Themi asked.</p>

<p>“A possible one? That her parents died in an accident and we adopted her?”</p>

<p>The discussion carried on with feelings sometimes running high. We all admitted that for her own good she should not be returned. However, we are all almost fanatical about freedom, that each person has the right to choose their own fate. The fact that she is a child means we have the right to decide for her, but only up to a point, or else we will be abusing her.</p>

<p>Cherine ‘won’ the argument, it being seen as the best compromise.</p>

<p>“The way I see it, Marita does not love her parents as much as she needs them. She even sees their lack of interest as being her fault, because she is not pretty enough or maybe good enough. This has forced her to try and efface her own personality so as to become what she thinks they want. Within a few years she will start to look elsewhere for love. If she is accosted by a man in the right way, it could happen within a year. I’ve listened to you talking about how stupid she is. What about her need to be loved?”</p>

<p>“Why isn’t she responding to the love from Dommi and all of you?”</p>

<p>“She needs time. If she is not loved by her parents, how can you expect her to believe in love?”</p>

<p>“Aganthi did.”</p>

<p>“And Ulya did not. That is why she changed and became Theresa. Have you forgotten how she fought against believing?”</p>

<p>“I’m sorry, you are right.”</p>

<p>“Robert, you suggested we all go on a cruise. Let’s do it now. A long cruise on a ship with lots of fun things to do. You also have to change. Be friendlier, show you are fond of her, just control yourself a little. It is not fair that you treat her like a guest because of your own fears.”</p>

<p>“Dommi, can you arrange the bookings, as we discussed? Perhaps something to the Caribbean?  Cherine, I’ll try, I have been rather distant. Another thought crosses my mind. What if we explained to her, told her the truth?” Before I could finish my thought all the girls reacted, angry.</p>

<p>“If you do that she will not believe us. Why should she, we are strangers who have the cheek to tell her that her parents don’t love her.”</p>

<p>“Does anybody disagree with the cruise idea? If in one month she is still crying or unhappy, we discuss it again and then we have to include within our decision, respect for her own rights.”</p>

<p>“What’s wrong Robert?”</p>

<p>“Wrong? Oh, Marian, I was just thinking that not only am I not doing any work, but here I sit planning an expensive cruise while Alki has to go to work. It feels wrong.”</p>

<p>“Roberto, I’ve got the easier job - I’d much rather handle the business than try to keep over twenty girls happy!” His face turned serious. “You called me patera, if you truly feel that bond between us, then you are a Greek. All sons of wealthy Greeks enjoy their youth while they have a rich father to give them the experience. Would you deprive me of my rights as a Greek father?”</p>

<p>“If I answer yes, I sound ungracious; if I answer no, it sounds as if I want to take advantage of you.”</p>

<p>“You do not lack money Roberto, I know that Eddie and Hettie offered you any amount you want. I’m just doing the little I can.”</p>

<p>“Oh you poor man, wake up girls, he just said that because he wants a hug from all of you and a little bit of reassurance.”</p>

<p>Of course some of them giggled and tried and he pretended to smack a few bottoms.</p>

<p>“This is a weird arrangement Alki. If I am your son and they are all your granddaughters, except for my babies, they must be your great granddaughters, it makes us sound very abnormal.”</p>

<p>That got him laughing. “You are a normal family Roberto? Anyway, you actually are my son; you married my daughters.”</p>

<p>“Oh dear, you mean Jonathan is my father also? Don’t tell him!”</p>

<p>“What about your real father Robert?” Marian asked.</p>

<p>“What about him Marian? The further apart we are the happier we both are.”</p>

<p>She did not answer, but I could feel her pity and it annoyed me. “Just because the father of Rob turned out okay it does not mean mine will.”</p>

<p>“Why are you scared of your daddy?” Irene asked.</p>

<p>“I don’t fear him baby; I fear the words he will say, the look in his eyes.”</p>

<p>“That means you love him.”</p>

<p>“I needed his love when I was a child and he would not give it, why should I go looking for it now?”</p>

<p>“Maybe he changed Robbie.” My ever good hearted Candy tried to reassure me.</p>

<p>I explained, “People without hearts don’t change love. As they get older they become sentimental, even to the point of weeping and people mistake that for a softening. It is not. That sentimentalism is only the selfishness of old age. They are weaker and need to attract the caring of the young and strong.”</p>

<p>“So, if you become sentimental that will be a sign you are getting senile?”</p>

<p>Before I could dig out Claudia’s claws, Dommi reproved me. “You are wrong Robert. The father of Rob was just as bad. Look at him now, you cannot say that he changed because of old age.”</p>

<p>“That is one of the dangers of having alternate or parallel worlds. He has had different experiences and to use him as a yardstick for …”</p>

<p>“It only shows Robbie that your dad can change.”</p>

<p>“No Cherine. Please drop the subject.”</p>

<p>She turned stubborn. “I won’t Robert. If he dies and his soul is lost, you will blame yourself. You brought my daddy back from the dead,  at least take yours to the void so that we can save him.”</p>

<p>That made me laugh. “I can just imagine it; hi dad, I’m back. I’m taking you to the void! Meek as a lamb he says, yes son, and off we go.”</p>

<p>“If you won’t do it then I will.”</p>

<p>What the hell has got into them, I wondered. I’m not stupid enough to think Cherine is bluffing. “We still have a little time. I’m taking Jade and Cassie for our third honeymoon.”</p>

<p>This time there were no protests and we jumped back to London. “Why did we come here Robbie?”</p>

<p>“It was a choice of either here or back to George. Both places you had a bad experience. Time to give this place some happy memories. What I would like the two of you to do is go into my memories and see how happy it made me to come here.”</p>

<p>While they did so I went for fresh milk. I made a coffee and returned to find them giggling.</p>

<p>“You really thought her hole didn’t go anywhere!”</p>

<p>“If I was so stupid how come the two of you are suddenly feeling so horny?”</p>

<p>Jade giggled, “Daddy, little girls don’t get horny; we only get excited.”</p>

<p>“Well, whatever it is you are getting, it is having an effect on me. I better go have a cold shower.”</p>


<p>It is when they don’t understand something like that, that I recall their true ages. They both clambered onto my lap and made it very difficult for me to drink my coffee. I finally gave up.</p>

<p>“I think you are both in a hurry because you are afraid something will happen to interrupt us.”</p>

<p>To stop them from sobering up I tickled them a bit and, making certain I touched them as often as possible I undressed both of my imps. </p>

<p>Cassie asked, “Do you like the way I look now?”</p>

<p>“Your sitting on it and you still need to ask?”</p>

<p>Jade also giggled, but she continued. “Cassie has got a prettier body.”</p>

<p>“No, you have.”</p>

<p>“Both of you are lovely, each in your own way, thank goodness.”</p>

<p>It was no exaggeration. Though they each have their true appearance, their healer has improved them by idealising their beauty - and I’m not going to try and guess according to whose tastes, I don’t want another argument during this honeymoon. I’ll just give an example or two - there are no crooked teeth, short fingers…and so on. </p>

<p>Their warm bodies were filling my nostrils with their sweet childish scents with a slight musky smell that shows they are both sexually aroused. I wrapped my arms around them and carried them to bed.</p>

<p>Quickly I undressed and lay down with them. Cassie sat up, her legs crossed (giving me a delicious view).</p>

<p>“First Jade. This is her honeymoon.”</p>

<p>“You are not going to help me love her, to make this a special day for her?”</p>

<p>The tip of her finger lightly touched Jade’s body. “That is for you Robbie. Maybe later.”</p>

<p>Jade kept quiet, only her eyes moving to our faces as we talked. I let myself expand, opening to her feelings. I sat staring at her in wonder. She was aroused, her little heart thumping away and yet there were no expectations, just a sweet longing and hope that she will please me.</p>

<p>“I’ll tell you something. If you are what I would look like as a female, damn but I sure would be beautiful!!”</p>

<p>“Jade, he doesn’t love himself much, so that must be the best compliment he could give you.” There was a naughty gleam in her eye, but it faded as Jade ignored her. I turned and gave her a wink.</p>

<p>“Come on Cassie, admit it. You all have a weak spot for my Jade because she is all that is best in me, female and beautiful. What more could anyone ask for?”</p>

<p>“You going to make love to her or you going to talk all night?”</p>

<p>“Maybe talk. Depends on whether you can keep quiet.” I said it with a smile, but she took the hint.</p>

<p>As I turned to Jade, Cassie disappeared. “What now!”</p>

<p>“She is in the sitting room. She said we should be alone for a while.”</p>

<p>“A baby with tact! You girls keep on amazing me. Lie on your tummy my love.”</p>

<p>As she turned over I got a bottle of baby oil and sitting astride her I began to rub it in; first her shoulders and then down her back. She slowly relaxed and when I skipped her bum and went to her legs she made a sort of muffled moan, but I ignored it. I did not oil her feet, but returning up her legs massaged her inner thighs and slowly went up her cheeks, then I moved up to her arms. Using the oil again I massaged them to her wrists. Then instead of the oil I used my tongue.</p>

<p>As I sucked in her fingers and rolled my tongue around them she became even further aroused, squirming. I turned her over and stared down at her lovely face. While I ran my fingers through her long tresses. I deliberately let her feel that I could not wait anymore and leaning over began to kiss her face. Her little hands took hold of my face and she pulled me so that my lips touched hers.</p>

<p>Whatever she lacked in experience she more than made up for with the love her little heart was inundating me with. When I pulled away to catch my breath I whispered, “I don’t deserve so much love. Not from someone so special.”</p>

<p>Jade had left herself at the age of about five, not even reaching my belt when standing. She was so tiny and delicate I feared my passion could, in a moment of carelessness, cause me to grip her or rub too hard and hurt her.  I decided not to tease her this time, she was so happy I was just with her, her body was already close to pushing her over the edge.</p>

<p>I lay down next to her and lifted her so that she now lay upon me. She helped me turn her around and her fingers eagerly reached for me. I ran my tongue down her tummy and I raised her hips so as to get a good look at her, then I brought her down to my lips. She cried out, trying to slam her hips onto my face. I held her so instead she concentrated on giving me all the pleasure she could.</p>

<p>“Slowly love, I’m too close to coming. You’ve really lit my fire.”</p>

<p>My words brought her the happiness I wanted her to feel and feeling what I wanted she slowly passed her lips over me. She just held me while I returned to examining her sweetness. She held me within her, thrusting her hips down on me as her own inner ripples exploded in an orgasm.</p>

<p>I pulled her around and kissed her. I was thoroughly enchanted by my miracle baby and adored her sweet milky breath. We both took longer than usual before coming to rest in the sweet tranquillity that comes from being perfectly satisfied and loved. She was rested with her face on my chest when Cassie came in quietly and lay upon me, next to her dearest friend.</p>

<p>We had felt Cassie with us, sharing and achieving her own lonely orgasm so I rubbed and caressed her, kissing her face until she also relaxed. I lay there quietly, immersed in my wondering about my Jade. She does not become an impossible attraction as Diana does, but yet, there is something very special about the feeling of loving her. Holding and make love to her, feeling her love and mine, it is as if bodies, hearts and minds complement each other, making one perfect composition out of the two of us. It pleased me that she had felt the same way, though she had not marvelled as I had; she does not appreciate how special this magic is, accepting it as a natural extension of her love for me.</p>

<p>My stroking of Cassie gradually turned erotic and as she began to respond, I saw that Jade was giving most of her support to me, her caresses now and then straying to me, but mostly meant for Cassie. Her face was filled with love and that special tenderness she seems to have. Their little fingers were everywhere and it did not take long for us to reach that moment of pleasure that borders on agony.</p>

<p>Making sure that neither girl could hear my thoughts I lay there wondering about Jade. Is she going to be the first of my girls that does enjoy making love to the other girls? I thought back to how she will often tenderly touch one or the other of the girls and, more interesting, how the girls respond to her with love. I buried the thoughts away for another time and decided to play a trick on my babies.</p>

<p>I put them to either side of me and once they had settled I altered myself. They opened their eyes when they felt they were no longer touching me and for a moment did not see me, a small panic starting up in both of them. Since they could sense me though, they looked around for me and squealed with delight.</p>

<p>I had changed myself into a male imp, tail and horns included.</p>

<p>I was sitting up, cross legged, watching them and saw the look of delight they gave each other and then they followed suit and the bed became a huge expanse with three tiny imps. They playfully came close, examining me. As they were about to pounce on me, I leapt up over their heads. They dashed around trying to catch me, their laughter now no longer squeaky (since I was their size). I jumped behind Jade and before she could turn I wrapped my arms about her. I swung my tail around and began to caress her with it. Cassie immediately froze, watching with a fascinated expression. My tail tip caressed Jade’s face, pushed at her lips and entered her mouth. My tail was totally hairless with the texture of soft warm skin. I pushed it in and out and she began to suck on it, flicking her tongue around it. With shock I realised my tail is very sensitive and the pleasurable sensations were just as erotic as they would have been to my penis.</p>

<p>I used it to stroke her tiny nipples and then her tummy; as it went lower she seemed to freeze, not quite believing what it appeared I intended doing. </p>

<p>Cassie was the first to react. My tail was rubbing up and down. Jade bent over to watch and then taking the tip of my tail within her hand she guided it into her. Being set on fire by double the normal sensations, I was not able to think about it coolly and decided that if this is how she wants to give her virginity, at least she will have a novel experience that she will recall for the rest of her life. I stiffened the end of my tail and pushed. I felt how it was making her feel. The sensation was lovely, but I think most of the fire it lit in her was directly being stimulated by her mind which was imagining the whole length of my tail in her.</p>

<p>I was crouched over Cassie as her hand held me; she was also in Jade’s and my mind and saw what we were doing. Without prompting from me, she wrapped Jade’s tail around and inserted the tip within her own vagina.</p>

<p>Cassie also twisted her own tail around and inserted it within me. She kept her tail thin so as not to hurt me and then gradually thickened it, stopping just before it became uncomfortable.</p>

<p>I placed my one hand around Jade so that my fingers could play with her while my other hand reached behind me and did the same for Cassie. </p>

<p>Jade grabbed it in both hands and drove it into herself. She saw in my mind what she had managed and wild with excitement wanted to push it further, imagining it curling in loops until all of it was within her. That scared me and I put a stop to it. I felt Cassie doing the same (she obeyed me and did not push Jade’s tail any further within herself. Both girls were blown into the strongest orgasm they have ever experienced, each of us experiencing a double climax, (myself nearly three) more than quadrupling the intensity for all three of us.</p>

<p>Aware of how intense our explosions would be I had asked the healer to help and at the peak of the girls orgasms I had it use my arms to pull out both tails. I’d had a fear that the tips might thrash around as we were in the throes of our orgasms, tearing through internal organs.</p>

<p>Once my penis and both tails had been removed I increased my size to nearly double and was able to hold my girls against me, letting them fit comfortably against me as we kissed and softly spoke words of love. It was just as well I had done this, for they continued to tremble and being able to press them against me was a comfort to both of them.</p>

<p>“If that wasn’t the weirdest and most fantastic love making ever, then I’d like to know what was!”</p>

<p>“Robbie, I’m still a virgin aren’t I? It only counts if you put your penis in,”</p>

<p>“I think both of you spoilt that for yourselves. My penis can never make you feel like that, it can’t twist and turn inside you. I’m sorry to say it will probably be a bit of a disappointment now.”</p>

<p>“I don’t believe you! Anyway, I’m not your woman yet, I’m still just your daughter aren’t I? Jade too.”</p>

<p>“I think so. Actually you are right. This counts as if I had used my finger, in a way.”</p>

<p>Cassie giggled. “Well, I’m glad. It would have been very strange to have to tell everyone that I am Jade’s woman.”</p>

<p>“I can just imagine what your mother would say!” We all got the giggles. Once we had resumed our normal appearances I lay there thinking about it and then I told the girls of my thoughts.</p>

<p>“What we did was a form of sex and of loving. Technical details are not important, we are free to interpret them as we wish. Having full intercourse for the first time is not only the breaking of your hymen - that can be torn in many non-sexual ways. I think that what is more important is the symbolism of my penis entering you. It symbolises the wish by both of us to have my seed within you and your willingness to have my baby. I would say you are both definitely still not my women.”</p>

<p>That pleased both of them, though I fear there will be a lot of teasing by the other girls - of them and me. A lot of envy too! </p>

<p>We had a lovely two weeks and though I knew both girls had enjoyed the experience and expected them to ask for a repeat, strangely neither of them did. They both still wanted to be able to think of themselves as my virgin daughters (which they were the second they reverted to their normal shapes) and were not willing to risk trying it again in case it changes their status. However, the memory of it did linger on and make all our subsequent loving more erotic.</p>

<p>When we returned home both were a little subdued, but when the others saw what we had done and the two felt their envy they perked up. After the dust had settled I left them to bring this diary up to date. Dommi came in and sitting on the arm of my chair read all I had typed. She ran her fingers through my hair lovingly.</p>

<p>“You constantly amaze me Robert at how blind you can be.”</p>

<p>“In what way?”</p>

<p>“Your worries about Jade being a lesbian. Don’t you understand what happened?”</p>

<p>“I suppose you better enlighten me.”</p>

<p>“Somebody better, before poor Jade sees those thoughts and gets hurt. Robert, Jade is made out of you. She loves all of us almost as much as you do. Especially Cherine, though she is not comfortable with her, is in awe of her. She is also very protective of us, despite her tiny size and young age. When you are making love to any of us and she links with you, she then feels the need to be loving to us also. That does not make her a lesbian. A lesbian, even a bisexual, feels the need to make love to someone of the same sex. She never has on her own.”</p>

<p>“Guess I was blind after all. Now that you’ve explained it, it is rather obvious. Thanks Dommi.”</p>

<p>“You poor man, you really don’t know what you have started with this tail business do you?”</p>

<p>“Oh - oh! I sense I’m in for some strange experiences again.”</p>

<p>“Stranger than you can imagine. They have come up with the idea that if we all have tails we could all simultaneously make love to each other, linking so that we become one circle of coupling, our orgasms all one orgasm. I’m scared to try it! This might be too powerful for our minds, or bodies, to handle.”</p>

<p>“That can be dampened if necessary. I think the girls have a good idea. I think there would be a particular sweetness in all of us sharing one orgasm, sort of a tutti-frutti with the flavours of all of us mixed in one big bang. Wow!”</p>

<p>She laughed. “I should have known you’d like it.”</p>

<p>“It is only another way for all of us to experience our love for each other.”</p>

<p>“In that case,” she grinned a wicked grin, “you won’t mind suggesting it to all the other Cherinians.”</p>

<p>“I wouldn’t mind,” I called her bluff, “but on the other hand, I am a firm believer in allowing each family to discover their own ways of experiencing their love.”</p>

<p>“Hypocrite!” She kissed me and left me to finish my typing. Sometimes I think to myself, if I were to love any of my girls even a fraction more than I do, I would explode. Then little things happen and I do. It seems there truly is no limit to how much we can love.</p>




<p><h1><center>PART TWENTY SIX</center></h1></p>

<p><h3><center>Chapter One Hundred Nineteen</center></h3></p>

<p>Hi ‘A’,<br>
This is Dommi. I was flattered to read what you said. If she kept on leaving you and yet you loved her for twenty years, she must have been quite an extraordinary woman. I hope that what made me seem to be her were my good points.</p>

<p>We were all sorry to hear about your loss, I feel the same way about my father and I am very grateful that we were able to bring him in, make him a Cherinian. From your note we can now guess that you do not have children. A great pity. If you had, then your life would not have felt so empty now. Is it really too late to make a change?</p>

<p>Thank you for joining us in our arguments with Robert about his father and you made a good point, one we had not thought to use. As for the rest of your comments, I will leave them for Robert to answer.</p>

<p>Love from us all,<br>

<p>This is Robert. As I type this out I have asked the protector to try and sense how the information is getting to you. As you may recall from our problems with ‘Doris’, the protector is not capable of sensing thoughts passing through it. I feel though that there must be some other power being used also, otherwise, how do your words appear on our computer? That pre-supposes that the words are entered and then saved!! Since the computer was switched off during our absence, how did your message get through? Did they wait for the computer to be switched on? Where did they wait?</p>

<p>Dommi said it all, our condolences. If we could find you I would be glad to go into your past and collect his soul. If you are in our reality his soul is probably being held by the Sparklers. </p>

<p>You are right, I did slip up!! At the time of writing I had recently returned from my ‘adventure’ on the Penal World and was not thinking clearly. Mostly I am careful about things of that sort for your sake. Have you put your ‘story’ on the internet?</p>

<p>I am confused. If we are living at different time rates then you must be on another world (reality). In that case, how did you send your story to Cyprus? I understand your doubts about our existence, but there are no doubts on our side; we have proof that you exist.</p>

<p>Hmm, so you think you may have sent me to the Penal World, or at least taken away my powers. For me it would be nice if I could blame you; thanks, but I still feel guilty about the way I abandoned my little girls.</p>

<p>It may be best for you that you think of us as creatures born out of your imagination. The wait will be easier for you. As for us; you hold a very strange place in our family. A man we have never met knows all our personal details! We came to terms with that long ago and we are all eager to meet you, the girls wanting to see from your mind (if you let them) what you think of them.</p>

<p>Look after yourself,<br>

<center>*   *   *   *   *</center>

<p>‘A’ was partly right. The trip was wonderful, no mishaps and we have all returned with our horizons expanded. None of us (apart from Dommi) had lived in such luxury before. Those born or created were not as deeply affected as those of us that grew up in relative poverty. Just so that there are no misunderstandings, Candy does not count as a new soul. She was born a normal baby and lived a normal life up to the age of five. Her body was created, but that is true for so many of my loves.</p>

<p>Marita got carried away and ran all over the ship with the others, just as filled with wonder. We were all pleased when she timidly asked why she can’t also make herself into a grownup as the others did when going to a show or dinner and dance. The girls helped her change and dressed her up. She had a miserable evening. She did not like having to wear the clothes an adult woman does, felt out of place and made mistake after mistake. What upset her the most was when a man of about thirty five asked her to dance with him. I had been watching her, sensing her feelings and quickly intervened.</p>

<p>“I’m sorry, Marita is not free tonight, she is with me. I’m certain one of the other ladies would be pleased to dance with you.”</p>

<p>Claudia did not wait to be asked, she got up, took his arm and aggressively led him to the dance floor. That gave us a good laugh. When he tried to hold her tightly she pulled away.</p>

<p>“I came to dance with you, not to make love. You need a fuck, go find someone from another table.”</p>

<p>He was amused, or at least showed that he was. “I think to fuck with you would be a terrifying experience so I will settle for a dance. You are Scandinavian?”</p>

<p>She did dance, she danced for nearly two hours and had unbent a little by the end. He asked her if he could join us at our table, but she steered him to an empty table and sat talking for a while. When she returned she was cocky and full of herself. I got up and kissed her on the lips.</p>

<p>“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Perhaps you should explain to Marita that there is no need to be afraid of men - all she has to do is kick them in the balls, just like you did with that chap.”</p>

<p>Gilli, Aganthi, Maria and Marita had to be taught how to swim. Aganthi was terrified of the water and though she let herself be taught to swim, she spent most of her time running around the pool. Candy pretended she could not swim and when Dommi tried to teach her she acted terrified, clinging to Marita. Marita took her under her wings, her protectiveness aroused and used her own lessons to try and convince Candy to get in the water. When she succeeded and Candy first managed to stay afloat Marita was proud of her and her own role in helping Candy. After that Candy was her ‘baby’ and she watched out for her. If Candy sat alone, Marita would be with her; if Candy was sad, Marita tried to cheer her up.</p>

<p>Candy had found the right approach. Being needed changed Marita. Having to sit by as Candy came to me for a hug or to tell me her adventures of the day, slowly Marita started off by correcting Candy when she made herself seem to have been silly and that way Marita became used to my presence and talked to me. My little girl charm or magnet, as the girls called it, does not work with her. She treated me as father to Candy and always spoke to me as a child speaks to an adult. At least she relaxed and no longer feared me.</p>

<p>“Dommi, I want to go into her mind secretly. At her age the brain has already formed all those connections that make a difference in our ability to think. With my healer I think we could stimulate it to start creating them again.”</p>

<p>“I am not the policeman of our family Roberto. Do it if you think you can help her.”</p>

<p>“Does it annoy you that I ask you?”</p>

<p>“Yes. It shows that you have not forgotten the silly way I acted before.”</p>

<p>“You are wrong my love. I know it seems that way to you. The truth is, where I am not certain of myself, feeling dubious about the ethics of what I want to do, I look to you for an answer. Your strong sense of honesty prevents you from becoming confused by all the little points that confuse me. Your talent, the gift of being ‘mother’ also guides you when it is a child that could be harmed. Who else could I turn to for advice love?”</p>

<p>Mollified she kissed me, just a light ‘social’ kiss, but I felt her pride at knowing I rely on her.</p>

<p>I decided to try it when Marita is asleep. What the healer did was to first enter the minds of our babies, watching how the brain creates the links, what chemicals are used. After examining all of them it agreed it is ready to try. All my worry had been for nothing, the healer did not need me along and I would not go with just for the fun of it. I do have a dislike of entering another person’s mind without permission.</p>

<p>The healer took just over a day preparing the brain. It needed to fool the brain, make it more ‘plastic’ so that it can grow. It then began to supervise, keeping a watch on what connections are made. When the girls were told how many connections (links) are created each day they were amazed. I explained to them that we are taking it very slowly with Marita and her brain is only creating about twenty percent of the links their own brains do whenever they have kept their age between three and six. Almost all the time they spent in our cabin thereafter they kept their bodies at the age of three. This confused Marita, but she enjoyed it when Dommi enrolled her to assist in looking after them.</p>

<p>Since Maria’s experiment has ended (by her decision), I told her, “Maria, you are already smarter than me, but it would not hurt for you to do the same. Maybe one day Dommi and I will take our turn. I’ll have to if I want to ever win an argument with any of you.”</p>

<p>We held daily sessions, often on deck. The girls were given the chore of each finding at least one interesting fact which we could discuss. The links being created in Marita were not of much use by themselves, she also needs to be made to think for herself and learn things that will broaden her thinking. Gradually we became a regular magnet to the kids of other families as they also wanted to play.</p>

<p>One afternoon the purser came by as he often did, but this time he asked what we are doing. I explained in detail. From the aspect of a normal human of course. He asked whether I would mind his discussing it with the captain.</p>

<p>“Mr Teller, I’m pleased you accepted my invitation to join me for supper.”</p>

<p>“It is a pleasure. Would it have anything to do with the conversation I had with the purser?” Since he had the ship’s doctor present amongst his guests, I presumed he had questions he wanted to ask me.</p>

<p>“Uhm, yes. You do not mind?”</p>

<p>“I’m flattered. Are you thinking of using the idea?”</p>

<p>He leant over and spoke softly. “It is easy keeping the adults entertained. Children are our biggest problem. Anything we organise for them has a time limit, anywhere between half an hour up to one hour. Any ideas that can use up another hour are welcome.”</p>

<p>“You would have to adapt my methods to suit your needs. The children with me accept it as a way of life and willingly take part. For you to organise this in the right way, you would need to excite them, make it a game. One word of caution, if I may?”</p><br>
<p><center><a href="https://steemit.com/sfandf-fiction/@arthur.grafo4/little-cherine-book-03-bpost051"> Next [Book 03] - Post 051</a></center></p>

<p><h5><i><b>I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.</b></i></h5></p><br>

<h6>Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου<br></h6>(Alexander Zenon Eustace)<br>
<sup>7th September, 2019</sup>

* posted on Steemit: 7th September, 2019<br>


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