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SOCIAL MEDIA (TRUTH or LIE) by mrnightmare89

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Social media is one of the big influence in our world. Imagine a 5 years old is already into it but not aware what is it. It's true that social media help's many people a lot in many ways. They made people enjoy here, earn here and even about knowledge. Some word's or history you want to know, you will know it right away. Just go to the social media and search for it. You can have an answer about it but is it really correct or true? Lot of disadvantages but also lot of disadvantages here. Even though you already know that disadvantages of it many people are still using it. It's unavoidable because it help's us a lot.


The advantages of this social media are too many to state. Like using a social media to see your love one. You can see them if you miss them through video call by the use of internet connection. 

Don't the word in english or Spanish or even the other languages of different countries. Just go to Google and search for that word and it will give you an answer. Even the grammar will check it for you.

News all over the world, you will know also. Lot of websites are there to provide you knowledge what's happening there. There were some happening's didn't post in television you can see there.

Online games will make sure to fill your sadness. Even you will not go out you can still enjoy there. You can also share your thoughts about what you're feeling like Facebook. Share your thoughts and many will be there to comfort you.

But are we really sure that what you'll be found in social media is the truth?


You might see that person from another country but the feeling of the presence won't be there. You can see them but you can't feel it, if you also did inappropriate someone might recorded it and exposed it in social media.

There might be an answer of your questions in terms of words or grammar. But there's no assurance that it is correct. Google can't translate the words, word for word. It might answer different meaning of it.

News in social media sometimes are fake. You know it's easy to make videos or to write articles in social media. We don't know that author or vlogger, so we are not sure also if it's the truth.

Expressing your sadness in the social media sometimes is bad. People will judge you instead of comforting you. Also other people might understood it in a wrong way. Then if you spent too much in online games you missed your life in the real world. Also it might hurt your body for not moving.

But I'm not saying social media is good or either bad. It depends on people how they affect themselves into it. There should be a disciplinary action into person by using it. You should discipline yourself about this matter. You can enjoy the time in social media and you can enjoy your time in the real world. Don't think that what you've seen in social media were all truth. Some of them were lie's, what important is do not let yourself attach too much in social media. You're not that sure if you're helping or you're hurting someone.

If you rely too much in social media you're avoiding yourself to learn many thing's and you're preventing yourself to become smart. Use the social media just an enjoyment not to use it as if it's being part of your life. Remember your life won't flow like in social media. The hardship in social media is way too different from real life. Instead use social media to learn many thing's and use it to help others.

Just don't forget, truth and lie are in social media.

thank you for reading..
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