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SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! TWISTED JESTER by mindblast

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· @mindblast ·

In this challenge,  I'm forming a team that could effectively use Twisted Jester. In which, it can perform its necessary duties on taking down as much as many monsters that is within its target. We all know that this monster help eliminates monsters with both ranged and magic attack types which really help weaken the opponent's firepower, giving you more chances to hit back hard. Now let's see if my strategy works or not.


## Details

In this battle, only even monsters are available to be us to be used. The maximum mana cap cost is 42 which gives us the opportunity to select big casting cost monsters. Checking on the enemy side, he is using usually magic type monsters which might be a little disadvantage for me as I put a Goblin Mech in front which I think is vulnerable to magic. And aside from that his Sea Monster is at level 6 which I consider a lethal and deadly enemy to face.

At the back, a Spirit monster that could deal with a 2 damage attack which is a bit painful to my monsters. Aside from that two magic attack monsters with Blast ability which could deal tremendous damage to my monsters as most of them don't have any armors especially those at the back.

Coral Wraith also a deadly one as it has a Sneak attack and lastly it's Sea Genie who has good magic damage also. Now, I'm confused if my strategy works or not. Before seeing the enemy line up I put my Twisted Jester at the last position in order for it to maximize the targeting of ranged and magic attack type monsters.



## My Line Up

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Twisted%20Jester.png)</center>

I put Twister Jester in the last position as it can be my best hope in winning. It helps eliminate those ranged and magic attack monsters. At the same time, it is the only ranged monster that I use in this battle as I use only 1 ranged monster as much as possible in a battle in order for me to not get disabled in a fight especially when ranged attack monsters are the only one left and are in front and not able to attack.

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Goblin%20Mech.png)</center>

I first position, I put Goblin Mech as this monster is my primary option to be in the frontline. It got a good defense and attack which can really be effective in facing opponents in the frontline areas. I might consider Goblin Mech a sacrificial lamb as survival at the front would be really thin especially if you don't have any allied monsters that are capable of healing fellow monsters.

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Grumpy%20Dwarf.png)</center>

I put Grumpy Dwarf in the second position as it can still attack and it has Enrage skill which can be a good advantage towards him especially when he got damaged from opponent monsters.

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Phantom%20Soldier.png)</center>

I put Phantom Soldier at the third position as it can help on direct damage to enemy monsters ignoring armors if they do have. 

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Parasitic%20Growth.png)</center>

Added Parasitic Growth in the fourth slot as in charge of targeting those enemy monsters that have low in health. 

<center>[Image Source](https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/card_art/Spirit%20Miner.png)</center>

I put Spirit Miner in the second to the last position as he could be good assistance on dealing with magic damage to monsters at front. I consider him as an effective against melee and ranged attack monsters with his Dodge ability.


## The Battle

At Round 1, my Goblin Mech was eliminated almost instantly dealing magic attack damage from every position.  After Goblin Mech was eliminated, my Grumpy Dwarf got hit by the Blasting and could not even more or retaliate.  Aside from taking out two of my monsters, my Twisted Jester got hit badly wherein its life is now down to 1 while my Phantom Soldier becomes frontline and facing Sea Monster.


At Round 2, all of my monsters got killed and were not able to take their chance of attacking. I guess the speed increase of my opponent really been the key of the game, which gives them the opportunity to attack first and deal damage.



## Analysis

According to my planned strategy, it can work whenever facing an opponent of the same level as mine. As I can see my opponent has a good line up compared to what I am using. He got also three legendary magic attack type monsters that really disables my chance to attack.

My Twister Jester is on good position but it seems that he got anti by opponent monsters which I have not effectively use its ability.


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