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Splinterlands Update: A Double Dose of Legendaries in my Quest Rewards... and more! by sharkmonsters

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Splinterlands Update: A Double Dose of Legendaries in my Quest Rewards... and more!
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<p style="text-align:justify">Both of those are what we call lesser legendary cards, but I'll take it. It's still exciting to get a legendary card. I sold both of them right away on Peakmonsters and powered up the Steem I got in return. Like I said in my last post, I'm going to focus a bit more on powering up Steem while it's possible to get so much of it for just pennies. </p>
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<h2>My internet went out right as a tournament was starting!</h2>
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<p style="text-align:justify">I tried even connecting to my phone's internet via my laptop, which is what I do when I play on my lunch break and stuff. No dice. I ended up restarting my whole computer. Luckily, I had a bye in the first round. When I finally got my internet back up and running and got back in, I saw that I had about 20 seconds left to start the first battle of the second round. Unfortunately, I also went down in that round. Sucks, but that's the way it (frequently) goes! </p>
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<p class="has-background has-drop-cap has-very-light-gray-background-color">Side note about tournaments: I really wish they could figure out a way to get the "you're still in an active tournament" thing to not pop up if you've been defeated in said tournament and, thus, are not actually in an active tournament. Once I'm out, I don't really care who wins in general, but certainly not until it's over. </p>

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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