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Dt of the sub 20 vinotinto jose hernandez said: We will see the meaning of being with the national team by arangol18

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Dt of the sub 20 vinotinto jose hernandez said: We will see the meaning of being with the national team
hello to all my friends, let's talk today about some statements of the coach of the soccer team of my vinotinto sub 20 category


The U20 national team meets Friday at the National High Performance Center (Cnar) in Margarita, under the leadership of Professor José Hernández, in what will be the beginning of a first stage in this category.

There will be 13 days that the summoned will have, since the work ends on October 2 as part of an extensive module that will serve to have “an initial contact with the new players”, all members of the teams of the first and second Venezuelan division .

“We are going to a process of knowledge close to the individual with a group in which a good part we met in 2016-2017 and others that have been positioning themselves in Venezuelan football. We want to see them and know their individual and collective level, ”explained José Hernández, a Sub 20 technician at FVF Press.

The meeting is part of a first phase of preparation that Hernández has in his planning from this month until January.


The job

Given this, the coaching staff will work in the physical, but also in the motivational. One of its main missions is to encourage players to stay in this selection process that begins in Margarita.

“We will let them see the meaning of being with the selection and its implications. The reality that they must perform in their clubs so that they can stay with the option of following the path ”, added the coach, who confirmed that most of the summoned were called for the good performance in their teams.

From this Friday, the 28 calls will begin to know the identity and way of playing that Professor Hernández wants to instill, which will be one of the main objectives.

The coach clarifies that the construction of his idea as a team "will be based on the strength of the group and its ability to interact with them."

"From there, we will see what are the strengths they have to place our idea, which has to match the virtues that the group has," said the coach.

The list of calls is made up of 28 players, all from the local circuit, although in the future, players who compete in clubs in other latitudes are not ruled out.

The work plan will be intense with double sessions with options to make some matches with teams from the region.

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