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Introducing Wing Chun and How Ip Man movie changed my life! by jefz

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Introducing Wing Chun and How Ip Man movie changed my life!
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Long-time ago, way back in high school, my father was the one who made me watch [Ip Man]( At the time, I don't know who ***Ip Man*** was, and then he said that ***Ip Man*** was the master of [Bruce Lee](

Back then, I have no interest in these kinds of movies because all I ever did back then was play computer games. But as I watch the movie, it drags me into a new world that I have never been before and started watching different kung fu movies.
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Because of that movie, I started browsing the internet about [wing chun]( And later found out that wing Chun was highly used as a self-defense not just for us man but also for women. Because the concept of wing Chun is all about softness, balance, and flexibility, t is kind of like [Tai Chi]( Just before ***Ip Man*** was known, wing Chun was most often used by the women. 

Then one day, I asked my father to make me a wooden dummy so that I can actually practice wing Chun and not just watch on the internet. But since I had no real teacher, it is hard for me to master wing Chun by myself. Watching video tutorials has its limits, no one can correct you if the step you made was right.  

But hey, putting aside negative thoughts. It is still great having a wooden dummy to practice to and slowly the body memorizes the techniques.

After a year, I became a college student and I got an idea on how to better practice wing Chun. Having a sparring partner is better than none, so I asked  my cousin err... forced him to be my sparring partner. Well, having him as my sparring partner will be a good move, since he is sometimes bullied in school, I thought that if he will be my sparring partner then he will gain something and can fight back against the bullies lol.

Having built the wooden dummy outside and cemented in the ground is a bad move, because the rain slowly rotted the wooden dummy. After my wooden dummy broke, I had just been sparring with my cousin and I dont know if we had made any progress at all or not.

But one thing is for sure, my reaction time is better than before, in fact even while sleeping I suddenly reacts dreaming of a punch coming right in my face lol.

Next time I will be posting about self defense using wing chun. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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