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Upcoming NBA Dunk Contest To Feature Zion, Aaron Gordoni and Zach LaVine by josephace135

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Upcoming NBA Dunk Contest To Feature Zion, Aaron Gordoni and Zach LaVine
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The 2016 NBA Dunk Contest between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine was incredible and very memorable to NBA fans and to the basketball world. Aaron Gordon tweeted that he dreamed of participating in the 2020 Dunk Contest in Chicago. My opinion that time, the judges caught in the moment. Zack LaVine last two dunks were way better. We know, but Aaron Gordon with the mascot was the best. Should of been shut down after the under the legs. He should of saved one of them. Knowing Zach LaVine is in the contest. But that under the legs ny Zack LaVine from almost the freethrow line is the most underrated. I don't know many who can  do that. They should of gave it to both. I'm not for ties or participation trophies. But if there ever was a need for a tie, I think the two of them deserved that NBA Dunk Contest Trophy. 
With Zion joining the Dunk Contest, heโ€™s trying to assert that he indeed deserves the overall number 1 pick. I do hope the dunk contest would be very exciting and memorable.

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