I am Finally In Sportstalk Social || Using My Passion For Sports To Promote Young Talented Students In My District || Sekyere Central[Ghana]👏 by oppongk

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I am Finally In Sportstalk Social || Using My Passion For Sports To Promote Young Talented Students In My District || Sekyere Central[Ghana]👏
Hello Steemians, you are welcome to @sportstalk social and @steem-engine, the best life  you can have in Steen with more passion, love and happiness.

<center>**A Brief History About My Passion For Sports**</center>
My passion for sports started when I was in my Basic School and used to take part in athletic and football competition for my School. I did not ended there, but continue in my Secondary School when I used to run 25m race for my School.

Though, I did not use as my career or profession, as used to know now sports has become one of the lucrative jobs in the World. Because of the great feelings and passion I have for sports wherever I go I give best of knowledge and support in may small way that I can for sports. Now I am a teacher in Basic School and I have to instill the the virtue that I have for sports in these young talented students so that they can grow with it and even though who would wish to use as his or her profession to use. So, for the past ten years in teaching service, I have been a sports Master for my School till date; training through kinds of games; football, volleyball, hand ball, netball and athletic. Thank God for being versatile in all these kinds of games.

<center>**The Socio-therapist View On Our Health Benefits On Sports**</center>
The Socio-therapists believe that the spectators or sports fans and sports participants is to reduce their level of pressure which could cause a lot of diseases such as stroke and heart attack when the continuously watch sports. This is really true in the sense that in the cause of play, as you make a lot of jubilations for your team, shouting, laughing and locomoting all parts of the body: hands, legs, upper and lower jaw, head, stomach and eyes which releases sweat, in fact all parts of the body are lubricated well, and one of the best exercise to reduce high blood pressure is exercise. Another health benefit about sports is minimizing stress level for both participants and the spectators. Always the brain refresh is self through a lot of exercise or activities that will make to brain work, and that is exercising the brain. This intend increases our lifespan to live longer.
So, both sports participants and spectators do not die young unless there is there is accident or a critical situation which will cause them to die prematurely.


As a Sports Master in Basic School, I always want best for my School. So, I always put much effort in order for my sports team come out with flying colours. Last term we had inter-schools and inter-circuit game competition under 13 championship, and fortunately our School [Anansu Primary School] carried the day. We continued to play inter-district  which comprises of ten schools, and we well able to place first position. This qualified as to the *"National Under 13 Milo Game Championship which take place every year."* This 2019 Milo Championship took place in Sunyani-Ghana. Unfortunately our football team were defeated which we could not win the trophy. But, a lot of items well received from the *"Nestle Ghana: many footballs and jersey which boost our morale to move forward coming 2020 National under 13 Milo game championship.

There is another inter-circuit sports competition which coming on the 9th week of our academic calendar, so I started my training section yesterday, both boys and girls- under 13 and 14 sports competition. A lot of games are going to take place: football, netball, volley ball, handball, tennis ball with the exception of athletic which will take place next term God willing. We are using one full week for this games, since there are a lot of events the students are going to participate. Everything have been complexed to only two terms to eneble the sports officials to have ample time to organise themselves well and reserve time to carry on their intensive and training and justifiers for the selected students who will represent the District. Sports is also another way way most students build on their career, so one is denied at the training section, but the best are selected from the the lot to represent the School. 

<center>**Finally In Sportstalk Social**</center>
Having all these passions for sports, I decided to deposit some small amount of #Steem in @steem-engine in order to enable me to buy #Sportstalk, because I see the goal in #Steem-engine and #Sportstalk being brighter. So transactions have been successfully done, and I am happy to be in this big family to share my passion and love with @sportstalk powered by @steem-engine. I hope this just the begin of my journey with @sportstalk.social and with time I would be able to deposite more Steem to buy more sportstalk. Many thanks to all stakeholders and fans here in **Sportstalk and Steem-engine.** You are welcome!
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