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Burn Burn Burn... Buy Buy Buy! by jlordc

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Burn Burn Burn... Buy Buy Buy!
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2 days ago I've finally started to level up some of my summoner and monster cards with 'Earth' and 'Water' splinter as priorities. I was able to level up my Earth and Water summoner to level 5 and was also able to level up some water and earth monster cards to level 5-6!

And today as continuation of my 'leveling spree', I've decided to also level up the rest of the elemental summoners. I had to use some of my liquid STEEM and HIVE and some DEC I saved on SE, but finally after years of playing ALL my BETA summoners are now at level 5!


Since I'm poor in liquid STEEM and HIVE, it was obviously not enough (*cause BETA summoners now are much expensive compared to before*) and so I have no choice but to 'burn' my GOLD EPIC cards. T_T

The most heartbreaking part for me was letting go of my golden "Mermaid Healer" since I really love that card.


As for the rest of the monster cards on the Fire, Life, and Death Splinter I was able to level up some of them to level 5-6! Well the cheap ones are now at least on a level that unlocks their 2nd or 3rd ability.

Also, I don't know what came into me but I also leveled up my GOLD 'Prismatic Energy card' and 'Mushroom Seer' to level 5! 


I honestly kinda regretted it now as I spent **$20+** for those 2 gold cards alone. I should have just bought the regular ones. 

For reference, the non-gold Level 5 Prismatic Energy is only $3.20 USD!!! Why did I suddenly took an interest in buying the gold one. LOL I should have used the money to buy the legendary Fire "Elemental Phoenix" which is now my next goal to unlock it's blast ability.

Anyways, what's done is done. I still kinda regret buying the 2 gold monster cards (*I also leveled up my gold Silvershield Assassin btw to level 5 but that at least is not that expensive*) but since I often used those 2 cards I think it will be somewhat worth it in the long run (*with the little bonus percentage for using a gold card in matches*).

And my next powerdown on Steem is in the next 4 days, so let's see what's next on my 'leveling spree'. XD

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