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Follow me to vote @leemikyung-선한기업시리즈(한국)-[과일아삭협동조합]
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

After my background calculation and estimation, I think the content of this article is very excellent, It must be a high-yield article. 

Just voting the articles in our leadboard table.

*****The following is a partial screenshot of the article, if you like it, please vote for it***** 

[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 22 minutes | Current of votes : 16 | Current of SBD: 102.148 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@leemikyung <img src="" /> 

# Title:[선한기업시리즈(한국)-[과일아삭협동조합]](  

We recommend giving 28 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

Just follow @followv and try it. Hope to help you, Don't forget to upvote,Thank you! 

###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@fur2002ks <img src="" />|[주사위는 말이야~](|162.91|120.147|-35.59%|2021-04-20
|@progressivechef <img src="" />|[Steemfoods Contest 17 : Promote Your Favorite Streetfood Restaurant - LA FRANGIPANE (Mauritius)](|0|0.035|100%|2021-04-20
|@homeartpictures <img src="" />|[Das erste "Grün" im großen Garten in Dresden......The first "green" in the large garden in Dresden......](|0.865|0.837|-3.35%|2021-04-20
|@maarnio <img src="" />|[Crypto Contest April 20: RAI Finance](|0.082|0.993|91.74%|2021-04-20
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Ranked Number 144 in the Cryptocurrency Market by Market Cap Valuation with a value of approximately $345 million Steem continues to consolidate above $0.82 before it sees a push towards $3.50 later on in the year.](|4.512|35.721|87.37%|2021-04-20
|@jaki01 <img src="" />|[Bumblebees in spring. / Frühlingshummeln.](|1.312|15.996|91.8%|2021-04-20
|@freedompoint <img src="" />|[A Spring Time Surprise!](|0.046|1.742|97.36%|2021-04-20
|@arie.steem <img src="" />|[Day 13 Update - Steemit Campaign On Facebook 2 ( 25,029 Reach - 762 Click - 9 User Response ) 10% to @steem.amal &](|0.014|48.374|99.97%|2021-04-20
|@davedickeyyall <img src="" />|[The Daily Highlight Reel..](|0.449|3.468|87.05%|2021-04-20
|@simonjay <img src="" />|[Daily Steem Price Update 20/4/2021](|1.075|3.157|65.95%|2021-04-20
|@lightsplasher <img src="" />|[My Actifit Report Card: April 19 2021](|0.064|0.1|36%|2021-04-20
|@happyworkingmom <img src="" />|[자연과 더불어 자라는 아이](|36.97|38.564|4.13%|2021-04-20
|@x22report <img src="" />|[How Do You Defeat The [CB], You Give The People A Choice - Ep. 2457a](|5.328|4.097|-30.05%|2021-04-20
|@lyubovbar <img src="" />|[Macro plants](|1.505|2.288|34.22%|2021-04-20
|@homeartpictures <img src="" />|[BlockChainPhoto Community-Every Day a Theme (Sunset&Sunrise).....BlockChainPhoto Community - Jeden Tag ein Thema (Sonnenuntergang & Sonnenaufgang)](|0.068|0.669|89.84%|2021-04-20
|@sardrt <img src="" />|[Architetture in bianco.](|0.784|1.653|52.57%|2021-04-20
|@leemikyung <img src="" />|[삼가고인의명복을빕니다](|1.819|102.951|98.23%|2021-04-20
|@senstless <img src="" />|[Sunrise Series Fog and Clouds Before The Snow- 4/19/21](|22.609|18.289|-23.62%|2021-04-20
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[우려가 기우이기를 바라며...](|947.258|642.107|-47.52%|2021-04-20

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