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Follow me to vote @leemikyung-선한기업시리즈(캐나다)-[행운의 물고기(Lucky iron fish)]
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

After my background calculation and estimation, I think the content of this article is very excellent, It must be a high-yield article. 

Just voting the articles in our leadboard table.

*****The following is a partial screenshot of the article, if you like it, please vote for it***** 

[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 20 minutes | Current of votes : 8 | Current of SBD: 110.111 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@leemikyung <img src="" /> 

# Title:[선한기업시리즈(캐나다)-[행운의 물고기(Lucky iron fish)]](  

We recommend giving 25 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

Just follow @followv and try it. Hope to help you, Don't forget to upvote,Thank you! 

###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@alexvan <img src="" />|[Salzburg without people / Salzburg ohne Menschen](|0.106|0.859|87.66%|2021-04-21
|@anomadsoul <img src="" />|[Some Urban Exploration in Mexico City during Covid times](|41.417|34.719|-19.29%|2021-04-21
|@arie.steem <img src="" />|[80% to @steem.amal & 20% to @asiahaiss ( For Her Hardwork In Presentation ) - Steemit Workshop](|3.573|93.335|96.17%|2021-04-21
|@haejin <img src="" />|[DOGE Correction???](|3.041|97.461|96.88%|2021-04-21
|@simonjay <img src="" />|[Daily Steem Price Update 21/4/2021](|0.11|32.677|99.66%|2021-04-21
|@fur2002ks <img src="" />|[오랜만에 Pi 코인...](|10.542|142.107|92.58%|2021-04-21
|@doodleman <img src="" />|[NEW MACROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK XIV - Red Shuriken Flowers](|0.384|1.729|77.79%|2021-04-21
|@halo <img src="" />|[Hanging By A Web](|0.142|20.8|99.32%|2021-04-21
|@davedickeyyall <img src="" />|[365 days till 4/20..](|0.949|1.849|48.67%|2021-04-21
|@happyworkingmom <img src="" />|[언박싱 스케일~♡](|30.553|37.49|18.5%|2021-04-21
|@tata1 <img src="" />|[어둠과 빛의 경계-문자(文字)](|3.213|6.272|48.77%|2021-04-21
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[My Plan Is Still On And May God Wills It For Me: Mein Plan ist noch in Kraft und möge Gott es für mich wollen](|0.192|1.058|81.85%|2021-04-21
|@freedompoint <img src="" />|[Racism Isn't The Problem, Love Is!](|0.017|1.747|99.03%|2021-04-21
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[Bicycle maintenance is easy (and i never knew this until last week)](|2.21|135.324|98.37%|2021-04-21
|@harferri <img src="" />|[Bunga putih tanaman hias](|0.444|1.865|76.19%|2021-04-21
|@leemikyung <img src="" />|[선한기업시리즈(한국)-[에이컴퍼니(A company)]](|1.735|110.798|98.43%|2021-04-21
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[성공이란 착한 성공이란 이런 것이다.](|861.582|711.002|-21.18%|2021-04-21
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Sea sunset](|10.855|9.673|-12.22%|2021-04-21
|@halo <img src="" />|[Snake](|0.112|20.874|99.46%|2021-04-21
|@maarnio <img src="" />|[Crypto Contest April 21: Strike](|0.007|1.249|99.44%|2021-04-21
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[With an overwhelming amount of Promo Steem Activity now going on around the World I am absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of Promotional Work that we are now seeing.](|1.843|108.992|98.31%|2021-04-21

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