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Follow me to vote @kaylinart-Drawing The Digimon Patamon!
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

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[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 26 minutes | Current of votes : 47 | Current of SBD: 0.283 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@kaylinart <img src="" /> 

# Title:[Drawing The Digimon Patamon!](  

We recommend giving 26 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

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###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@runridefly <img src="" />|[“Actifitting Rule Breaker”  Meme Challenge #137 Entry #2](|0.03|0.147|79.59%|2019-09-06
|@earthcustodians <img src="" />|[The Ugly Truth About The €uro](|3.869|4.876|20.65%|2019-09-06
|@roxane <img src="" />|[Time flies ! And during this time I am not changing diapers only as you may think ...](|1.78|2.634|32.42%|2019-09-06
|@steeminator3000 <img src="" />|[Fuchs](|1.313|2.49|47.27%|2019-09-06
|@daveks <img src="" />|[Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White ](|3.644|5.1|28.55%|2019-09-06
|@mattclarke <img src="" />|[Entries are closed, race kicks off in one hour and will run for 24. ](|0.711|3.601|80.26%|2019-09-06
|@lichtblick <img src="" />|[Enjoy The Beginning Autumn Season With A Delicious Russian Beer](|1.006|2.233|54.95%|2019-09-06
|@havok777 <img src="" />|[Mushroom Clusters That Look Like Eggs](|0.104|0.275|62.18%|2019-09-06
|@htliao <img src="" />|[幣安推出BUSD](|0.551|2.122|74.03%|2019-09-06
|@aggroed <img src="" />|[HF 21/22 was a heart transplant](|19.011|39.654|52.06%|2019-09-06
|@sunscape <img src="" />|[FeatheredFriday "At the Lake Feeding the Birds" by Sunscape](|0.149|1.597|90.67%|2019-09-06
|@jsantana <img src="" />|[What the Problem With Dlike?](|0.037|0.077|51.95%|2019-09-06
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Anthony Pompliano: Believing in a need for centralized authorities is an arrogant view of the world.](|0.776|3.06|74.64%|2019-09-06
|@jasonrussell <img src="" />|[Portrait Contest Week 98: "Outdoor" Portraits with Amber at The Jacks Fork ](|0.093|0.431|78.42%|2019-09-06
|@mamun123456 <img src="" />|[A man never wants to do bad things, he always wants to do good things](|0.015|1.789|99.16%|2019-09-06
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[이 기분 뭐지...](|0.16|0.986|83.77%|2019-09-06
|@taskmaster4450 <img src="" />|[Technology And Jobs](|8.102|15.478|47.65%|2019-09-06
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Little spider on a roseflower](|0.069|2.082|96.69%|2019-09-06
|@lichtblick <img src="" />|[Bridge To The Isle, Treptower Park #Colorchallenge On Appics](|1.108|3.623|69.42%|2019-09-06
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[The tree looks blue here](|0.606|1.332|54.5%|2019-09-06
|@arcange <img src="" />|[Steem Statistics – 2019.09.05](|0.241|1.121|78.5%|2019-09-06
|@thecastle <img src="" />|[Internal market : Nobody is selling their steem below 1.5..](|0.089|0.1|11%|2019-09-06
|@sigizzang <img src="" />|[다운보팅](|1.945|23.694|91.79%|2019-09-06
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Welcoming in the debt cycle](|15.104|19.221|21.42%|2019-09-06
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[為什麼HF21/22對HoboDAO有好處!](|0.023|0.539|95.73%|2019-09-06
|@honeybee <img src="" />|[Kevin Hart "gaslighting" as Lil Nas X comes out!](|5.004|5.846|14.4%|2019-09-06
|@stevescoins <img src="" />|[Gym Progress 9/4 & 9/6; the too tired to type edition](|1.986|2.364|15.99%|2019-09-06
|@daveks <img src="" />|[Deranged Photography Contest ~ Theme: Portrait](|2.293|4.2|45.4%|2019-09-06
|@jaynie <img src="" />|[Contemplation & Reflection](|0.94|2.12|55.66%|2019-09-06
|@knircky <img src="" />|[Tesla will finally produce Nürburgring times](|0.783|8.971|91.27%|2019-09-06
|@tatianamoroz <img src="" />|[Proof of Love Ep. 27 Coach Valerie Greene](|0.032|0.235|86.38%|2019-09-06
|@runridefly <img src="" />|[Walking Journey on My Actifit Report Card: September 5 2019](|0.569|1.948|70.79%|2019-09-06
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[Favorite NES games - what are yours?](|25.949|30.892|16%|2019-09-06
|@merej99 <img src="" />|[Something fun! #FreakMeOutIn3Words](|0.009|0.172|94.77%|2019-09-06
|@magicmonk <img src="" />|[How to program Flappy Bird in Visual Basic lesson 2 - jumping, drawing obstacles](|2.043|6.355|67.85%|2019-09-06
|@steevc <img src="" />|[Follow Friday: New Steem > Old Steem](|2.218|3.961|44%|2019-09-06
|@karenmckersie <img src="" />|[❤🐶 Sweet Pics. In Loving Memory Our Best Friend & Family Member "Brain"](|4.165|21.334|80.48%|2019-09-06
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Slices of life captured](|7.694|11.42|32.63%|2019-09-06
|@pcste <img src="" />|[@pcste witness update 06/09/2019 - server updated and now running HF 22.1](|0.119|6.261|98.1%|2019-09-06
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Bee on a flower](|0.282|0.671|57.97%|2019-09-06
|@silviabeneforti <img src="" />|[A tree village (oil painting on paper)](|1.561|4.097|61.9%|2019-09-06
|@me-tarzan <img src="" />|[WEDNESDAY'S  POWER DOWN IS  BELOW  WEDNESDAY'S AVERAGE LINE >  DAILY STEEM POWER DOWN  <><>](|0.101|1.393|92.75%|2019-09-06
|@dana-edwards <img src="" />|[Regret Minimization - The Economics of Moral Aptitude](|3.599|16.919|78.73%|2019-09-06
|@mcoinz79 <img src="" />|[I Wanna Buy Your Steem!](|0.058|0.316|81.65%|2019-09-06
|@flamingirl <img src="" />|[Artistic space #62 - The satirical Tom Deininger](|8.969|10.969|18.23%|2019-09-06
|@htliao <img src="" />|[My Actifit Report Card: September 6 2019](|0.729|1.428|48.95%|2019-09-06
|@ackza <img src="" />|[San Diego Coin SAND Scot Settings and Nitrous Launched. Say Hello to (And for EOS SAND ) ](|0.863|1.049|17.73%|2019-09-06
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Living life at a Premium ](|6.948|10.987|36.76%|2019-09-06
|@jsantana <img src="" />|[In the Streets of Recife 🇧🇷📷 - De Cima](|0.026|0.045|42.22%|2019-09-06
|@freedompoint <img src="" />|[My Morning As A Heretic....](|0.382|9.839|96.12%|2019-09-06
|@oaldamster <img src="" />|[Autumn, the final harvest.](|0.087|0.4|78.25%|2019-09-06
| <img src="" />|[White mountains in Crete](|0.116|0.293|60.41%|2019-09-06
|@havok777 <img src="" />|[New Electro Out There! Synthesis Underground - Diznifried McDumbolies](|0.015|0.122|87.7%|2019-09-06
|@hilarski <img src="" />|[Join the Epic Cash Community Today.](|0.925|1.82|49.18%|2019-09-06
|@daveks <img src="" />|[Deranged Photography Contest ~ Theme: Sports](|2.562|5.22|50.92%|2019-09-06
|@x22report <img src="" />|[Think Timing, Senate Locked, SC Locked, Locked & Who Is Loaded -  Episode 1963b](|0.066|1.74|96.21%|2019-09-06
|@alexvan <img src="" />|[Some thoughts on the highway](|5.864|7.236|18.96%|2019-09-06
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[Getting Relieved From Toxins And Extra Fluids IS My Happiness](|2.356|5.166|54.39%|2019-09-06
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Tranquility](|0.298|0.771|61.35%|2019-09-06
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Twitter Poll: Brexit is living proof that the U.K. political system is...](|0.544|3.496|84.44%|2019-09-06
|@zer0hedge <img src="" />|[Uh Oh: U.S. Layoffs Rise 38 Percent – Highest Level For August Since 2009 #2](|3.717|0|-Infinity%|2019-09-06
|@fubar-bdhr <img src="" />|[Something from my bar whenever I feel like it episode MXXXII](|0.023|0.347|93.37%|2019-09-06
|@artguru <img src="" />|[Conceiving watercolour demos!](|1.014|2.256|55.05%|2019-09-06
|@htliao <img src="" />|[「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #367」推薦 CN 區博文:假期结束了 + 白t水彩party-週末活動](|2.226|3.251|31.53%|2019-09-06
|@ackza <img src="" />|[Buying 68 and staking 200 CTP tokens from click track profit. This is what all those marketing guys WISH they had,a simple way to guarantee people make some money.](|0.197|0.583|66.21%|2019-09-06
|@ejemai <img src="" />|[When it all doesn't make sense.](|0.633|19.667|96.78%|2019-09-06
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[Getting Tickets for Olympics 2020 at Tokyo](|0.138|0.403|65.76%|2019-09-06
|@karenb54 <img src="" />|[One step closer to getting a bird, 🦜  Nichola has a date with a few tomorrow.](|0.278|8.398|96.69%|2019-09-06
|@in2itiveart <img src="" />|[I Started A New Job](|4.437|5.16|14.01%|2019-09-06
|@denmarkguy <img src="" />|[Memory's Vault, Vol 2: Reflections on Birthdays and Blackberries](|1.508|2.853|47.14%|2019-09-06
|@curie <img src="" />|[Weekly Curie Comment Contest Winners (8/18/2019 - 8/25/2019)](|3.514|4.731|25.72%|2019-09-06
|@alol <img src="" />|[Update Harga Weku Coin di Bitshares](|0.056|0.11|49.09%|2019-09-06
|@yoon <img src="" />|[따릉이 운영 중단이 너무 빨랐네요.](|0.967|2.868|66.28%|2019-09-06

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