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Follow me to vote @daveks-Serenity by the Bow river
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

After my background calculation and estimation, I think the content of this article is very excellent, It must be a high-yield article. 

Just voting the articles in our leadboard table.

*****The following is a partial screenshot of the article, if you like it, please vote for it***** 

[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 28 minutes | Current of votes : 72 | Current of SBD: 4.075 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@daveks <img src="" /> 

# Title:[Serenity by the Bow river](  

We recommend giving 24 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

Just follow @followv and try it. Hope to help you, Don't forget to upvote,Thank you! 

###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@runridefly <img src="" />|[8 Years at Starbucks on My Actifit Report Card: August 6 2019](|0.291|0.431|32.48%|2019-08-07
|@nonameslefttouse <img src="" />|[Not Everything is Black and White](|2.247|5.217|56.93%|2019-08-07
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[As the rally in Gold and Silver continues, year end targets set at: Gold = +$2,000oz and Silver = +$27.00oz.](|0.788|1.367|42.36%|2019-08-07
|@mcoinz79 <img src="" />|[Pirates and a Legendary Glitch!](|1.168|2.118|44.85%|2019-08-07
|@ocd <img src="" />|[OCD Daily: Issue #395](|1.875|47.835|96.08%|2019-08-07
|@oldstone <img src="" />|[(올드스톤의 횡설수설) 동경대 명예교수 강상중에 대한 실망, 그리고 끝은 봐야 한다.](|2.547|25.025|89.82%|2019-08-07
|@saramiller <img src="" />|[Victim Mentality](|1.668|4.35|61.66%|2019-08-07
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[📷Monthly Author Challenge #08.07 The Padang ready for National Day Parade - 大草场为国庆庆典准备好 😎 (by @ace108)](|0.428|0.887|51.75%|2019-08-07
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[AFIT Investment for SPORTS fans  - 3X Bonus Rewards](|0.142|0.821|82.7%|2019-08-07
|@stackin <img src="" />|[❇️  ZEVIA: MY NEW SODA REPLACEMENT! ](|4.874|30.206|83.86%|2019-08-07
|@redpalestino <img src="" />|["Snapshot Photo Series" - "The Woman in Black"](|9.646|19.843|51.39%|2019-08-07
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[The media is race-baiting again.](|20.052|20.026|-0.13%|2019-08-07
|@nuoviso <img src="" />|[#Framing - Wie die ARD mit GEZ-Geldern die GEZ-Zahler manipuliert](|0.321|7.749|95.86%|2019-08-07
|@poeticsnake <img src="" />|[Brutally Honest, part 9.](|0.075|0.323|76.78%|2019-08-07
|@louisthomas <img src="" />|[Why India is Extremely Important for Crypto Adoption](|3.5|29.51|88.14%|2019-08-07
|@karenmckersie <img src="" />|[😘 Perfect Picnic: Grilled Jumbo Dogs / Chips / Tossed Salad, DELICIOUS!](|0.1|0.287|65.16%|2019-08-07
|@me-tarzan <img src="" />|[Hold  LONG  POSITION      /   (SBD)  STEEM DOLLAR RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 8 <<>>  August  7 , 2019](|0.027|0.25|89.2%|2019-08-07
|@aggroed <img src="" />|[Let's burn some steem...  I need your help.](|4.485|15.785|71.59%|2019-08-07
|@hilarski <img src="" />|[Oh Man, Oh Man the Goosebumps!](|0.831|1.445|42.49%|2019-08-07
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Cloudy sunset panorama](|0.796|2.103|62.15%|2019-08-07
|@flamingirl <img src="" />|[Amazing nature #61 - Chinese Water Deer](|0.925|8.293|88.85%|2019-08-07
|@alexvan <img src="" />|[@nextcolony - progression](|5.987|8.117|26.24%|2019-08-07
|@stackin <img src="" />|[❇️  PI NETWORK STACKIN UPDATE: MINED OVER 101,407+ PI TOKENS!](|3.102|29.493|89.48%|2019-08-07
|@lightsplasher <img src="" />|[My Actifit Report Card: August 6 2019](|0.19|0.883|78.48%|2019-08-07
|@flauwy <img src="" />|[Whale Power - How I Earned My Stakes In Steem Projects And Communities](|5.236|5.961|12.16%|2019-08-07
|@magicmonk <img src="" />|[Linear transformations with Matrices lesson 12 - Given the image, find the original point](|0.525|2.911|81.96%|2019-08-07
|@homeartpictures <img src="" />|[the last evening in Kroatien 🇭🇷... den Abend gemütlich ausklingen lassen...](|0.081|0.642|87.38%|2019-08-07
|@jerrybanfield <img src="" />|[How to Make a Camera App in Android Studio!](|0.643|0.955|32.67%|2019-08-07
|@darthnava <img src="" />|[Restaurant loses $190m in value after dead rat found in soup - BBC News](|0.05|1.089|95.41%|2019-08-07
|@allmonitors <img src="" />|[Steemit Philippines Street Photography #285 - by Allmonitors](|1.532|5.902|74.04%|2019-08-07
|@knircky <img src="" />|[Watching bitcoin, gold and SPX](|0.149|3.739|96.01%|2019-08-07
|@havok777 <img src="" />|[Rocksmith 2014 Gameplay - Alice In Chains - Check My Brain](|0.131|0.314|58.28%|2019-08-07
|@suesa <img src="" />|[Protect the Bees ... from Honey?](|5.741|13.388|57.12%|2019-08-07
|@htliao <img src="" />|[「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #343」推薦 CN 區博文:犯規行為 + 一次短暫的生理性迷失](|2.964|3.315|10.59%|2019-08-07
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Bee-like insect on a garlic flower](|0.103|0.772|86.66%|2019-08-07
|@etcmike <img src="" />|[Celebrating My Third Year Anniversary On SteemIT](|1.198|20.561|94.17%|2019-08-07
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Astounding sounding compounding](|3.71|4.299|13.7%|2019-08-07
|@fubar-bdhr <img src="" />|[ and Coinspice article links now being censored on steemit/steem](|0.036|0.24|85%|2019-08-07
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[📷Dinner with the President + contest - 与总统的晚餐 + 有奖游戏 😎 (by @ace108)](|0.106|0.737|85.62%|2019-08-07
|@etcmike <img src="" />|[Greg Hunter Interview: Charles Nenner  - Cheap Money and Civil War](|10.979|49.178|77.67%|2019-08-07
|@czechglobalhosts <img src="" />|[ColorChallenge - Yellow Wednesday - @karma-panorama in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!](|1.028|4.533|77.32%|2019-08-07
|@leylar <img src="" />|[📷 Sea shore](|0.662|0.868|23.73%|2019-08-07
|@taskmaster4450 <img src="" />|[A Change In Steem Power (MVests) Distribution](|2.165|3.54|38.84%|2019-08-07
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Celebrating 3 years on Steem.!!](|1.027|7.598|86.48%|2019-08-07
|@taskmaster4450 <img src="" />|[Hold Onto Those STEEMies (Part 2)](|9.32|12.06|22.72%|2019-08-07
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Don't shoot the messenger..!! Is Steem heading to <$0.08.??](|0.714|1.723|58.56%|2019-08-07
|@jaynie <img src="" />|[Energetically Driven...](|0.975|1.719|43.28%|2019-08-07
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[Today in History:  Babe Ruth sets a record that still stands today](|19.265|19.244|-0.11%|2019-08-07
|@rynow <img src="" />|[Daily Scripture](|0.119|0.284|58.1%|2019-08-07
|@inertia <img src="" />|["Light Account" is a dumb name](|5.579|10.428|46.5%|2019-08-07
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[The Bad Weather In My Life And How I Am Coping With It](|1.543|2.21|30.18%|2019-08-07
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[The People vs. O.J. Simpson (FX / Netflix series) - first reactions](|19.915|19.869|-0.23%|2019-08-07
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[Eggplant Cheese Appetizer](|0.053|0.265|80%|2019-08-07
|@kaylinart <img src="" />|[My Actifit Report Card: August 6 2019](|1.101|1.354|18.69%|2019-08-07
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Attention seekers and creating for a real attention economy](|3.059|5.363|42.96%|2019-08-07
|@mrosenquist <img src="" />|[Insider Threats in the Digital World are Sinister](|0.006|0.158|96.2%|2019-08-07
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[📊🌏中日韩龙虎榜自 20190804 - CJK Top Pending Payout Post since 20190804 (by @ace108)](|0.203|0.518|60.81%|2019-08-07
|@future24 <img src="" />|[Vlog #161 (German): Auf dem Weg zum Ligaria Strand hier auf Kreta!](|0.189|4.705|95.98%|2019-08-07
|@yoon <img src="" />|[프롭테크란 무엇인가](|1.514|1.799|15.84%|2019-08-07
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[露三点-送SBD/Steem 游戏结果和新一期 - Show 3D win SBD/Steem game result & new round - 20190814 (by @ace108)](|0.203|0.484|58.06%|2019-08-07
|@aaronli <img src="" />|[Hong Kong Tasteem (9) - Hong Kong Style Western Cuisine](|2.705|3.052|11.37%|2019-08-07
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[Early Dawn at Cappadocia Turkey -  土耳其](|2.265|2.474|8.45%|2019-08-07
|@daveks <img src="" />|[Saskatchewan Sunset Classics](|0.192|0.809|76.27%|2019-08-07
|@tata1 <img src="" />|[블록체인 LAND-댑(dApp)의 폭풍이 불어온다.](|0.035|2.195|98.41%|2019-08-07
|@artguru <img src="" />|[Flower paradise in the heart of Africa!](|0.559|0.62|9.84%|2019-08-07
|@geetharao <img src="" />|[A Bowl of Icecream on a Rainy Day! 🌧️😂](|5.103|20.991|75.69%|2019-08-07
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[Distributing Steem toward and away from content](|1.974|37.18|94.69%|2019-08-07
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[3시12분](|0.215|2.431|91.16%|2019-08-07
|@schamangerbert <img src="" />|[Announcement: STEEM SuperBlitz Chess Tournament Saturday 10 August 20 GMT/ Ankündigung: STEEM SuperBlitz Schach Turnier Samstag 10. August 22.00 Uhr (3 days to go!)](|1.255|12.086|89.62%|2019-08-07

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