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Follow me to vote @maarnio-Crypto Contest April 22: Internxt
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

After my background calculation and estimation, I think the content of this article is very excellent, It must be a high-yield article. 

Just voting the articles in our leadboard table.

*****The following is a partial screenshot of the article, if you like it, please vote for it***** 

[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 26 minutes | Current of votes : 7 | Current of SBD: 0.085 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@maarnio <img src="" /> 

# Title:[Crypto Contest April 22: Internxt](  

We recommend giving 24 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

Just follow @followv and try it. Hope to help you, Don't forget to upvote,Thank you! 

###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@tata1 <img src="" />|[이런 가수가 있었다? 아니 있다!](|4.027|8.828|54.38%|2021-04-16
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[우리가 언제 이렇게 됐지](|1069.387|840.168|-27.28%|2021-04-16
|@simonjay <img src="" />|[Daily Steem Price Update 16/4/2021](|1.944|15.474|87.44%|2021-04-16
|@irawandedy <img src="" />|[Crypto and Me : Experience in the Blockchain](|6.059|5.368|-12.87%|2021-04-16
|@harferri <img src="" />|[Api dalam fotografi black and white](|0.643|3.815|83.15%|2021-04-16
|@levycore <img src="" />|[Crypto Academy Season 2 Week 1 : Binance Coin, Good Potential Investment](|0.421|1.608|73.82%|2021-04-16
|@oldstone <img src="" />|[미국의 대중봉쇄, 나폴레옹 대륙봉쇄의 재판?](|746.502|590.876|-26.34%|2021-04-16
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[Mass hypnosis fraud revealed](|3.407|11.552|70.51%|2021-04-16
|@nuoviso <img src="" />|[Am Gipfel der Gesetzlosigkeit - Milorad Krstic im Gespräch mit Robert Stein](|7.848|7.232|-8.52%|2021-04-16
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Recruiting Promoters to help Promote Steem](|6.7|103.599|93.53%|2021-04-16
|@leemikyung <img src="" />|[스리랑카의 새해~](|157.088|133.633|-17.55%|2021-04-16
|@haejin <img src="" />|[LUNA Trade Setup](|1.796|111.335|98.39%|2021-04-16
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Ice sunset](|16.151|13.183|-22.51%|2021-04-16
|@wony <img src="" />|[푸념](|0.031|4.26|99.27%|2021-04-16
|@happyworkingmom <img src="" />|[진정한 자기이해란 내가 토끼인지 거북이인지를 아는 것](|40.802|52.586|22.41%|2021-04-16
|@davedickeyyall <img src="" />|[Dave the cyclops..](|2.396|2.539|5.63%|2021-04-16
|@fur2002ks <img src="" />|[(test) 머슴이 주사위를 굴립니다.](|3.336|6.886|51.55%|2021-04-16
|@steemitblog <img src="" />|[Steemit Country Representatives - Applications Invited](|11.85|39.68|70.14%|2021-04-16
|@maarnio <img src="" />|[Crypto Contest April 16: Linkflow Finance](|0.11|0.652|83.13%|2021-04-16
|@progressivechef <img src="" />|[IZMIR KOFTE : One of my all time favorite Turkish Classic!](|0.007|0.438|98.4%|2021-04-16
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[How to use the Steemit logo on Steem Promotional T-Shirts](|96.015|83.098|-15.54%|2021-04-16
|@oldstone <img src="" />|[미국의 셈법이 변하고 있는 걸까?](|729.3|577.843|-26.21%|2021-04-16
|@bigram13 <img src="" />|[Was wrong about HD](|32.352|29.775|-8.65%|2021-04-16

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