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Follow me to vote @maneco64-Shanghai Physical Gold Market in the Ascendancy. by followy

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Follow me to vote @maneco64-Shanghai Physical Gold Market in the Ascendancy.
Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

After my background calculation and estimation, I think the content of this article is very excellent, It must be a high-yield article. 

Just voting the articles in our leadboard table.

*****The following is a partial screenshot of the article, if you like it, please vote for it***** 

[<img src="" />](  

Best Time to Vote : within 26 minutes | Current of votes : 44 | Current of SBD: 1.265 SBD 

[<img src="" />](  

# Author:@maneco64 <img src="" /> 

# Title:[Shanghai Physical Gold Market in the Ascendancy.](  

We recommend giving 24 Percent of Power 

If you like it,[Just Voting]( 

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return. 

Just follow @followv and try it. Hope to help you, Don't forget to upvote,Thank you! 

###  Vote History  
Author|Title|SBD When Voting|Current SBD|Growth Rate|Time
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Poloniex is beginning the process of delisting Steem (STEEM).](|0.98|6.155|84.08%|2019-10-08
|@kaylinart <img src="" />|[Cute Rabbit Pocket Design (Original Art By Kaylin) ](|0.111|2.535|95.62%|2019-10-08
|@jacobtothe <img src="" />|[Founders Porter: An Amateurish Beer Review](|0.07|1.143|93.88%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[I Might Receive My Vitamin K2 With Vitamin D3 Tomorrow At The Very Least 💊⚕😷😃🙌🏼](|2.15|3.085|30.31%|2019-10-08
|@inertia <img src="" />|[Meeseeker Handling JSON-RPC Batch - 0.0.9](|10.589|9.048|-17.03%|2019-10-08
|@sponge-bob <img src="" />|[Bitten by the Mining Bug](|2.238|8.697|74.27%|2019-10-08
|@ramengirl <img src="" />|[호치민 미국식 바베큐 폭립 맛집 Quan Ut Ut](|6.714|14.456|53.56%|2019-10-08
|@homeartpictures <img src="" />|[It is a cold morning here in Saxony, but the color of the sky makes me happy.  I ...](|0.887|2.442|63.68%|2019-10-08
|@czechglobalhosts <img src="" />|[7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans week #107 - the absolute winner takes 200 Steem!](|1.591|14.153|88.76%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[I Am Not Gonna Eat Much Tonight 🍴🚫🥪🍇](|9.86|9.941|0.81%|2019-10-08
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[📷Monthly Author Challenge #10.08 #TuesdayOrange Dimsum on wheels - 点心轮献 😎 (by @ace108)](|3.644|11.352|67.9%|2019-10-08
|@inber <img src="" />|[Inktober goes on - spooky candle for Halloween](|1.996|7.364|72.9%|2019-10-08
|@ervin-lemark <img src="" />|[Tree Tuesday - Pine on the hill](|5.144|5.233|1.7%|2019-10-08
|@razvanelulmarin <img src="" />|[Point and shoot #25](|0.914|2.698|66.12%|2019-10-08
|@zer0hedge <img src="" />|[Using Other People’s Money](|3.704|0|-Infinity%|2019-10-08
|@susanli3769 <img src="" />|[【魁北克之旅】Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec ](|0.966|7.932|87.82%|2019-10-08
|@allmonitors <img src="" />|[Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #331 - by Allmonitors](|7.025|11.363|38.18%|2019-10-08
|@abit <img src="" />|[Poloniex delisting STEEM?](|2.644|50.674|94.78%|2019-10-08
|@jaynie <img src="" />|[Pleasures & Escapes...](|2.601|4.72|44.89%|2019-10-08
|@ejemai <img src="" />|[Failure on the path to success.](|0.837|1.836|54.41%|2019-10-08
|@edje <img src="" />|[what do WAR PEACE and IT have in common?](|0.807|2.495|67.66%|2019-10-08
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[Official Secrets. Based on true events, when you watch the trailer what event comes to mind?](|0.693|4.295|83.86%|2019-10-08
|@taskmaster4450 <img src="" />|[The Reason Why Cryptocurrency Will Only Expand Going Forward](|16.188|17.339|6.64%|2019-10-08
|@acidyo <img src="" />|[Shitpost](|18.752|20.002|6.25%|2019-10-08
|@opheliafu <img src="" />|[Inky Creature](|3.306|11.204|70.49%|2019-10-08
|@zer0hedge <img src="" />|[America’s Financial Suicide: The Budget Deficit Rises 26% In 1 Year As Federal Spending Spirals Wildly Out Of Control](|2.531|0|-Infinity%|2019-10-08
|@me-tarzan <img src="" />|[NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH      /     NEW and IMPROVED / BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING  SYSTEM  # 7 <<>>    October   8  , 2019](|2.179|2.364|7.83%|2019-10-08
|@rmach <img src="" />|[A 1ª notícia que ouvi hoje foi... (08/10/2019)](|0.019|0.123|84.55%|2019-10-08
|@shaka <img src="" />|[Shaka's Travel Book - Fortaleza, Ponta de Sagres (Portugal)](|7.338|16.355|55.13%|2019-10-08
|@elias15g <img src="" />|[Daily drawing Naruto kyubi rage](|0.012|0.038|68.42%|2019-10-08
|@jsantana <img src="" />|[Meu Cartão de Relatório de Actifit: Outubro 7 2019 - Mais Uma Semana](|0.043|0.141|69.5%|2019-10-08
|@ace108 <img src="" />|[📊🌏中日韩龙虎榜自 20191005 - CJK Top Pending Payout Post since 20191005 (by @ace108)](|0.494|0.691|28.51%|2019-10-08
|@davidpakman <img src="" />|[2nd Ukraine Whistleblower Makes Trump LOSE IT](|5.348|16.368|67.33%|2019-10-08
|@cjsdns <img src="" />|[어느 유명한 분은 바늘부터 유조선까지 판다고 했다.](|16.719|16.002|-4.48%|2019-10-08
|@taskmaster4450 <img src="" />|[The Laws Of Informational Technology And How It Affects Change](|6.09|12.647|51.85%|2019-10-08
|@venti <img src="" />|[다낭 삼겹살 맛집 고굽남](|2.321|2.607|10.97%|2019-10-08
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[Hadrians Gate with Acropolis at the background in  Athens](|0.319|0.987|67.68%|2019-10-08
|@jsantana <img src="" />|[E Aí Pessoal!?](|0.056|0.483|88.41%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[I Am Thankful To Have A Very Good Entertainment Source For My Boring, Painful, and Prodigal Life, The Internet 💻📀💿🖱](|2.327|6.251|62.77%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[I Badly Have To Renovate This House Of Mine 🏡⚒🆕](|3.976|4.103|3.1%|2019-10-08
|@tarazkp <img src="" />|[The Boom, Bust and Replacement of the global economy](|12.319|19.617|37.2%|2019-10-08
|@surpassinggoogle <img src="" />|[Insight Into What '#marlians' And The '' Steem Tribe Is.](|2.782|8.051|65.45%|2019-10-08
|@steemitblog <img src="" />|[Announcing the Steemit Newsletter](|41.549|82.648|49.73%|2019-10-08
|@lichtblick <img src="" />|["Beautiful Autumn Greeting" Meets #Colorchallenge On Appics. In the meantime autumn ...](|1.015|4.196|75.81%|2019-10-08
|@arcange <img src="" />|[Daily hit-parade - 2019.10.07](|0.228|0.918|75.16%|2019-10-08
|@kaylinart <img src="" />|[Coloring Pages I've Colored! ](|2.512|2.769|9.28%|2019-10-08
|@davidpakman <img src="" />|[Total Losers Slam AOC for "Not Denouncing" Baby Eating.mp4](|12.126|25.044|51.58%|2019-10-08
|@virus707 <img src="" />|[자 날이면 날마다 오는 포도즙이 아닙니다! 포도즙은 가평운악산입니다!](|3.787|32.356|88.3%|2019-10-08
|@jerrybanfield <img src="" />|[Kabbage Business Credit Line Application Approved in 5 Minutes for $7700 over 6 Months $770 Fee](|0.236|0|-Infinity%|2019-10-08
|@maarnio <img src="" />|[Crypto Contest October 8: Cocos-BCX](|2.109|4.672|54.86%|2019-10-08
|@knozaki2015 <img src="" />|[I travel the world #853: Sheraton Hongkong Breakfast](|6.104|10.334|40.93%|2019-10-08
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[Olympus has Fallen (film) : Surprised me... pretty decent action film](|38.014|39.002|2.53%|2019-10-08
|@boddhisattva <img src="" />|[Evening by the lake](|0.358|0.88|59.32%|2019-10-08
|@exyle <img src="" />|[What do you think of 3speak? $50 in upvotes to be earned only today.](|27.16|79.134|65.68%|2019-10-08
|@denmarkguy <img src="" />|[Memory's Vault, Vol. 3: What Color is Your Happy?](|5.241|7.728|32.18%|2019-10-08
|@shortcut <img src="" />|[Inktober Day 8 - Frail](|0.368|2.344|84.3%|2019-10-08
|@arcange <img src="" />|[Steem Statistics – 2019.10.07](|0.716|1.426|49.79%|2019-10-08
|@themarkymark <img src="" />|[Five great short films](|15|29.667|49.44%|2019-10-08
|@mamun123456 <img src="" />|[DualSpace - Create a parallel space in phone to run multi account](|0.006|0.226|97.35%|2019-10-08
|@magicmonk <img src="" />|[Java Programming with Eclipse lesson 6 - Create your own class and object](|1.227|9.357|86.89%|2019-10-08
|@louisthomas <img src="" />|[Am I Still a Fan of Decentraland?](|34.066|35.068|2.86%|2019-10-08
|@htliao <img src="" />|[「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #392」推薦 CN 區博文:国庆假期即将结束,7 days回顾 + 一路·不复](|3.078|10.664|71.14%|2019-10-08
|@acidyo <img src="" />|[Blizzard meme comp](|11.178|13.764|18.79%|2019-10-08
|@jaynie <img src="" />|[The Prompted Mandala - #inktober (Days 1 - 8)](|11.237|13.953|19.47%|2019-10-08
|@czechglobalhosts <img src="" />|[ColorChallenge - Orange Tuesday - @nenio in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!](|5.614|9.353|39.98%|2019-10-08
|@karenb54 <img src="" />|[Its better news for hubby but a crappy day for me...  🤬🚗](|2.087|9.656|78.39%|2019-10-08
|@stephenkendal <img src="" />|[With a heavy heart, I have recently made the tough decision to pull out of Malta.](|1.005|12.198|91.76%|2019-10-08
|@rynow <img src="" />|[Daily Scripture](|0.099|0.373|73.46%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[The Days Are Passing-By So Quickly And I Need To Improve My Bone Issues📅⚡🏃🏼‍♂️💨](|2.368|2.892|18.12%|2019-10-08
|@discernente <img src="" />|[E se engravidar de gêmeos?](|0.056|0.182|69.23%|2019-10-08
|@gooddream <img src="" />|[That time I got scammed in Thailand (true story)](|32.671|32.433|-0.73%|2019-10-08
|@earthcustodians <img src="" />|[Mexcio Wants To Decriminalize All Drugs](|5.957|5.813|-2.48%|2019-10-08
|@oendertuerk <img src="" />|[The Abandoned Corridor](|2.129|2.58|17.48%|2019-10-08
|@denmarkguy <img src="" />|[Sometimes, Technology is Just Plain DUMB!](|2.008|6.11|67.14%|2019-10-08
|@slowwalker <img src="" />|[Beauty of Boseoksa, harmony of nature and artifact.](|39.113|39.479|0.93%|2019-10-08
|@aggroed <img src="" />|[Well, this is escalating quickly.  11% increase in marketcap since Beta Sold Out (yesterday)](|15.893|25.557|37.81%|2019-10-08
|@alexvan <img src="" />|[Steemmonsters Experiment - From Zero to Hero - XLVII](|7.013|7.132|1.67%|2019-10-08
|@fur2002ks <img src="" />|[홍콩 비트코인 거래량  사상 최대치 기록](|5.904|11.022|46.43%|2019-10-08
|@mamun123456 <img src="" />|[My daily steemmonsters quest battling](|0.009|0.187|95.19%|2019-10-08
|@rosatravels <img src="" />|[Athens Iconic Olympics Stadium](|0.169|0.81|79.14%|2019-10-08
|@cryptopie <img src="" />|[I Welcome The Discomfort Of The Hot Weather Lately Here In My Neck Of The Woods 🌞🌤🌻🔥🥵](|9.181|9.164|-0.19%|2019-10-08
|@ackza <img src="" />|[ Wallet says my Account is worth Almost $ Thousand US dollars :D And yet I only have 3000 Steempower? Must be the SNAX and Steem Engine Tokens! + Steempeak needs a Easy Wizard mode for posting FAST](|0.192|0.198|3.03%|2019-10-08
|@abh12345 <img src="" />|[Steem Engine Token Charts by @gerber](|14.826|16.019|7.45%|2019-10-08

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