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Will Steemit be a tool to freedom and prosperity? by eddi

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Will Steemit be a tool to freedom and prosperity?
While we are equipped with the tools to freedom and prosperity for all,  as a species we can't quite see them. 

Much like an ape needs to see and understand how to use a stick to get honey. But a group of orang-utans can't work together to cultivate honey bees.


Compare it with an ecological niche, which defines the ecosystem in which a species can survive.

Of course the human societies are much more volatile then the ecological niches belonging to ape societies.

It's hard to explain how humans managed to break out of their ecological niche but in my mind,  it seems to be an evolutionary process using our tools to develop amazing cognitive abilities that ultimately... Or we could just be aliens from another world.

It's just, sometimes we just don't see the stick in front of us. 

And sometimes we do. Still we can't always understand, what is really going on, the bees will cooperate or die.

Ok well, so what to do?  Well its like a game really (-: 

Which game you ask? 

The one that matters most in the world, the capitalist game. It creates winners and losers.

Globalist Statists of any color generally don't realize how bad unfair markets hurt the rest of the world. They play along because they are winning. But a rigged game will never be fun...

Anarchist-capitalists of any kind generally don't realize that competition is also a form of violence that can be controlled only by consensus.

What really makes my blood boil is - connotation. (-:

This is real Anarchy: 


This is propaganda by the rulers:


You know what is important for any game?! 

1. Rules that everybody can follow to reach the goal.
2. Understanding the given rules.
3. This is often overlooked - everyone needs to have the same rules and EVERYone has to know ALL the rules.

Unless this doesn't occur then unfair behavior will emerge.  Sound familiar? 

Now is there a way to achieve a fair market where people of any kind or color cooperate with each other instead of competing?

We'll see if we ever find the right tools to evolve further. (-: 

Maybe Steemit could serve as a cooperative ecosystem, that is part of a fair sharing economy. That's the dream, but who knows..

I don't know, but maybe you can help?

Comment below and feel free to upvote and resteem if you enjoyed reading.
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