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Why They Made It On Steemit by daniella619

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Why They Made It On Steemit
![image]( steemians!
How are you doing?
It's another wonderful day that the Lord has made and we'll be glad in it.
This post is specifically for those that have not been getting upvotes, payout and retarded growth here on Steemit.
My main aim is to show you the secrets behind the massive STEEM/SBD payout of some steemians.
There are three major ways of getting this done.
They are;
* Post promotion
* High voting power (steem power)
* Good or quality post with the right tag(s)

They are the three major ways of getting good payout here on Steemit.
Okay, let me break it down one by one.

**Post promotion**
In post promotion, authors use different Steemit bots to do this. 
This is at times, less profitable and it requires you paying for vests(voting power) or upvotes which most times depend on the voting power of the bot you're using and as such, it returns it back to you with little or not much gain.
Some vote selling platforms don't use a bot instead, they get registered members who have delegated some amount of steem power to them for voting. Example of such is smartsteem.

**High voting power (steem power)**
This is one of the major reputation determinants. This gives you the size of comments, upvotes and posts that you can make per day.
I call this the fuel for steeming. Haha
High voting power (steem power) show how much you can make when you upvote someone (depending on the percentage you give) or your post and comment.
The bigger you VP the greater/larger your payout per vote. If you VP is high, you make money when you vote any post of your choice and if your voting limit is weak, your payout reduces.

**Good or quality post with the right tag(s)**
This also determines what you can get from any of your posts.
The better your post the better your viewers. 
It doesn't matter how many followers you have and how many people that vote your post. They could be minnows or Partiko users looking for Partiko points. LoL 😂😂 😂
Once you write good post, you have chances of getting  the interest of steemians with good reputations and as such, they may follow you and watch out for your posts.
Okay peeps, this is where I'll  end this post.
Also remember to show your support on this post.
Thanks for dropping by.
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