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RE: On The Politics Of Down-Voting Trending Posts: When Is It Fair To Knock Down The Top? by knozaki2015

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I think that currently the user base is too small, and i would guess the ration between man and woman would be 90/10 at the moment.

while i don't like using the flag too, the huge payouts are just a result, that we don't have enough users on the steemit platform right now.

So at the moment, the geeks ( guys sitting in their basements staring at their macbooks, while trading crypto on an exchange) respond to pictures of girls, and vote the hell out of a post. 

So Girls + Cute + whatever content = Big Reward.

I am 100% sure, that this will adjust in no-time. The girl taking back that insane amount of Steem $ and Power, will have some votiing power herself now. Not too much, but i am sure she wont vote for steemit or cypto articles.

She will vote for more interesting stuff and the best thing her friends whom must be joing steemit at an incredible rate.

Just think of it, i told my friends i earned over 5k in a week here, i know of at least 30 People signing up and already posting. 

imagine if you told you friends you just earned 30.000 USD with a single posts, which took you 1-5 hours to prepare. 

-> believe me, her friends are telling everybody, and everybody will be trying to get into steemit !  

So kudos to  the 2-3 Whales which made sure that post earned that incredible award, you have proven, that you have the long term vision and have used your super powers to vote up a Story, which was doomed to make users comment about it, tell others about it, crying , being jealous about it.

So that has been the perfect PR Stunt from a whales perspective.

Wait until one totally stupid post earns 100.000 USD !!! it will be all over the media. Millions will try to signup once they hear about that new gold rush.

its like ebay in the beginning, you could sell anything without any governance. these days, ebay is a pain in the ass (KYC etc.) but there was a time, where eBay just grew like crazy and it was a lot of fun.

The one thing i wanted to ask all the whales out here. Please encourage people to comment more, get more involved, by voting up good comments. 

If you havent read my article about this WHALE 
check it out now !!
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