Cameroon Steemit Literacy Project | The Cameroon Steemit Program 04 by thegreens

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Cameroon Steemit Literacy Project | The Cameroon Steemit Program 04

## Cameroon Steemit Literacy Project
The Cameron Steemit Literacy program is designed to organize 36 Steemit trainings for new recruits and refresher courses for dormant and active Steemians. Its principal goal is to assist in Steemit accounts creation, introductory post review, mentor, coach, and support steem newbies to rapidly climb the steem ladder. 
Besides the aforementioned, the program also strives to train Steem Brand Ambassadors who will serve in the promotion of Steem in the different regions of Cameroon.
The program will also organize the Cameroon Steem Festival in December 2021, wherein Steemians all over Cameroon will be invited to participate to network with each other as well as share best practices and knowledge.
### Plan of Action
Day/Date |   Activity
-------------- | ----------------|
Weekly (Every Friday) | Steemit Trainings/Refresher courses
May 2021  |  Cameroon Steem Ambassadors Training
December 2021 | Cameroon Steem Festival
### Organize a Steemit Literacy Program in your Community and Earn
“*We are the pioneers of Steem in Cameroon, it’s our responsibility to serve as Steem Ambassadors and get millions of Cameroonians onboard Steemit*”  @mr-greens 2021

The Cameroon Steemit Literacy Program is willing to support advanced Steemians with knowledge and resources for the organization of steemit workshops/seminars in their communities. To reach out to over one million people, we need to get all active Cameroonian Steemians busy says @mr-greens.
This explains why we will steem-economically support Cameroonian Steemians who are organizing workshops/seminars with 1SBD, upvotes from @thegreens, @saxopedia, @njiatanga, @fombae, @steemcurator01/@booming, @stephenkendal, as well as resteems and resource people’s support.
To participate, simply plan a steem workshop/seminar and invite participants to attend. After the training, write a publish a workshop/seminar report which will be evaluated and your prize sent to you. Every steemian who organizes a Steemit education project, will be rewarded.

###### Remember that you can promote Steem and win steem via the Cameroon Steem Promo Contest. You can learn more here:
###### You can also learn more about Steemit Njangi and joing this supportive scheme on Steem:
###### You can participate in the Earth Day contest and win some juicy steem rewards. Learn more about the contest and restore earth here;
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