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Elrond - a new phenomenon of the cryptocurrency world
Hi, everybody. Today we will talk once again about the Elrond project, which has the potential to become a new phenomenon of the crypto-currency world. IEO at Binance made a lot of noise. This has attracted the small investor to this innovative and reliable method of financing with growing interest. While Fiat market reserves, where markets stagnated, and especially lower coins, were in pretty bad shape, many ieos had the potential to generate profits for smaller investors. THE strongest and brightest of them was the ERD Elrond token, which undoubtedly attracted attention with its technological application and ico price.


Elrond, the blockchain technology is designed to solve problems of exchange, are found in Ethereum and Ziliqa aimed at solving this problem with "adaptive state exchange" and "secure evidence share" with two different structures.


**On the adaptive state of exchange:**

One of the main goals of blockchain technology is to overcome the problems of scaling and speed. It is the center of processes that are done more efficiently and with less energy to provide more benefits. It focuses on the idea of making more transactions with adaptive state separation by breaking the blockchain into pieces. The blockchain, which is further broken down into pieces, regulates transaction speed and scaling to maximum efficiency, varying depending on the participants and requirements associated with the network.


**About the reliable proof of the bet:**

This is the upgraded and revised edielrek updated model of the POS algorithm used in the present time. Elrond is a POS system that adjusts the block validation algorithm according to the number of tokens held by any node owner.


**About the token:**


**Project team:**


**Project road map:**


Elrond managed to attract the attention of many investors both due to the lack of current market ideas and due to the successful pricing of IEO. Elrond, who has already shown the many improvements that coins and tokens in the alternative coin eco-system have promised and worked for long periods of time, argues that developments in the roadmap are likely to be a pledge of what they will do with underlined bold sentences.

**Thank you for attention!
All useful links can be found below:**

**Website:** https://elrond.com
**Whitepaper:** https://elrond.com/files/Elrond_Whitepaper_EN.pdf
**Telegram:** https://t.me/ElrondNetwork
**FACEBOOK:** https://facebook.com/elrondnetwork
**TWITTER:** https://twitter.com/elrondnetwork
**MEDIUM:** https://medium.com/elrondnetwork
**REDDIT:** https://reddit.com/r/elrondnetwork
**YOUTUBE:** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLKQHcjuWW_-JOZ-DqQTXw
**GITHUB:** https://github.com/elrondnetwork

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