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Massage types to relax after Writing an article(Long and boring post) by zivile

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Massage types to relax after Writing an article(Long and boring post)

Human skin is more than five million nerve endings to feel touch. Even more nerve endings, sufferers vibration, pressure and tension, not only the skin but also the underlying tissues. For thousands of years, people have realized that the other person touches - extremely important and special in their form - massage - can give a lot of pleasure, or even heal. Types of massage are many and varied. All different, all of them good. But not all suitable for all people. Everyone should find the most suitable type of massage.

Classic massage

This type of massage is the most practiced in the West (commonly known as Swedish massage). Classic massage performed by a qualified professional. Massage consists of five elements:

Stroking. It soothes, helps to relax.

MIXING. Purposefully compression of certain muscle groups. This causes some muscles tense, others relax. Improve not only muscle but also nervous activity.

Erasures. They carried out the fingers, palms and forearms; It stimulates the blood circulation.

Vibration. It is usually performed in the muscles of tapping the palm side. These movements also improves blood circulation.

Passive movements. Bending massaged person's limbs - as a massage session is completed, the muscles "awakened."

Classic massage most suitable for sports and severe emotional stress exposed persons. This massage helps to relax the muscles. Massage returns forces, invigorating, reduces body dimensions, helps maintain a nice figure. The procedure stimulates blood and lymph circulation. It also improves skin functions, from its surface quickly eliminated dead cells of epidermis, animating the sweat and sebaceous glands.

Thai massage

Thai massage is often called passive yoga, is based in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and is carried out by stimulating active points of the human body. Massage masters believe that the massage is not only relaxing, but also for treatment. This massage - one of the branches of oriental treatments. It is special in that heals the body and soul, helping to achieve harmony, peace and total relaxation. Regular Thai massage, physical ailments disappear, improves blood circulation, metabolism, and vital energy circulation in the human body. Thai massage masseur uses a specific technique, performed with arm large fingers, finger joints, hands, elbows, legs, feet and knees.

Ayurvedic massage

This massage hands, when a combination of techniques. Massaging also stretches used equipment and oils. All this helps to relax deep in the body tissues, accelerate blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system detox function. This massage helps to eliminate long-standing bone of the spine, posture problems. He is also a positive effect on those with overweight. Massaging used medicinal plants acts as an antiseptic and detoxifying action.

Massage with hot stones

Treatment with hot stones striving to ancient times, but became popular a couple of decades. Massage with hot stones - massage therapy is a classical strain, when the authorities approach refleksogenic zones smooth heated stones. Sometimes they massage specialist massage certain areas of the body. Massage is used to perform basalt. This is a rock with a lot of iron, so it retains heat well. Normally used river stones, as they are polished by the water, smooth and delicate. Stones are dipped in water and heated power oven until it reaches a certain temperature. They can be placed on the back, hands and squeezed between the toes. Stones warms and relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Some massage therapists placed the stones on the body's energy centers to improve the body and brain functioning. Many people like the hot stones of the heat, so they prefer this massage to relax and enjoy. Massage with hot stones is particularly suitable for those who are constantly cold or whose endings are often cold as ice. It is useful for people whose muscles are tense, but who prefer a gentler massage.

Therapeutic back massage

This is not only a pleasure, but also health! Therapeutic massage improves impaired local blood flow and functionality so after a massage course obviously decreases or disappears back pain, removes tension headaches do not reappear. Already after a therapeutic massage controlled with muscle fatigue, improves blood circulation, metabolism, promote healing processes. Therapeutic back massage helps to recover after a hard day's work. It is particularly effective after a hard work in the gym, because relaxes muscles, eliminates the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles. Therapeutic massage is especially recommended for people working in sedentary jobs, people with spine and joints, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive organs, the central and peripheral nervous system diseases, after operations, injuries, as well as the prevention of illnesses. Therapeutic massage is often used in aesthetic medicine to eliminate fat - protein accumulation.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

This is problematic zones massage to help women deal with cellulite. Also, it is recommended for those who want to lose weight, correct body lines. This massage is improved metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer. The inner layer of fat massage heats and improved blood circulation stimulates fat fin. Fat decomposition reduces the "orange peel" effect. Anti-cellulite massage recommend and prevention. It improves skin texture, appearance, helps to reduce weight.

Shiatsu, Thai and other exotic massages

Such massages performance system based on activities directed to various human energy points, lines, fields, and so on. Such points are often the same as traditional medicine massaged points, and after a fancy name usually hiding in Western medicine known structure. Culture, from which these massages come, that point has long ago established test method. Unfortunately, these points are different ethnic groups do not always coincide. In areas where these massages are prevalent, people can have other than our dominant connective tissue type or smaller blood vessels and nerves. Not all of these massages specialists adapt their massages to Western needs and anatomy, so one must be careful in choosing an exotic type of massage.


Acupuncture is an ancient method of treatment, said Egyptian papyrus, widely applied in ancient China. Acupuncture points - it's anatomical, biologically active microstructure of the skin, which is rich in nerve endings, white blood cells, capillaries. Points reflex through the central nervous system is connected to the internal organs. They themselves are small up to 5mm in diameter, the size of the dynamic and depends on the general state of the organism (i.e Sleep or during exercise is different). Points are located on the surface of the body in certain lines called meridians, their sequence usually corresponds to the nerve or nerve - vascular fibers course. Acupuncture - is a method where the needle is affected biologically active point (points), thanks to the effects occur and the local (local) and the total of the whole response to a stimulus. Therefore, treatment with this method is very effective. This is the only way to alternative medicine officially recognized by the World Health Organization. Acupuncture has been successfully used in these cases.

Various origin back, joints, ligaments, muscle aches.

The various neuralgia (radiculitis, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia etc.)

Functional gastrointestinal disorders.

Menstrual disorders, painful menstruation.

Heart rhythm disorders (inorganic).



Vegetative crisis.

Overwork, insomnia.


Condition after a stroke - paralysis, paresis.

When trying to quit smoking, drinking, taking drugs.

Acupuncture used are made of stainless steel disposable needles. In order to enhance the effect of the acupuncture point, the needle can be exposed to a weak electric current, heat or hands.
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