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Tips for driving in bad weather by alishi

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Tips for driving in bad weather
<h3>Driving is a big responsibility - you do not only need to think for and about yourself and make sure you obey the rules of the road and stay safe, you also need to watch the other drivers around you and make sure that they are not endangering you.</h3>
<p>Driving when it is raining or snowing can be very dangerous and you need to be extra careful.</p>
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<h3>The best way to stay safe is to not drive in bad weather, but that is not always possible - you may be on your way already when the weather turns. &nbsp;If you find yourself in a situation like that you need to follow a few steps.</h3>
  <li>Make sure you switch on the car's lights - this is not only to help you see better, but it is also to make you more visible for other drivers.</li>
  <li>Do not drive too close to the other cars. &nbsp;If the road is wet or slippery, you will need a bigger distance to be able to stop. &nbsp;In bad weather you will have to slow down, so you can just as well keep a distance between you and the other driver. &nbsp;If somebody want to pass you, that is their own decision, but you make sure you go slow and stay a safe following distance from other cars.</li>
  <li>Before you go on any drive (even if the weather is good) make sure that your wipers and lights work. &nbsp;You do not want to be stuck in rain with none of that working.</li>
  <li>Unfortunately not all people follow the rules of the road and once the weather gets bad, a lot of people starts driving faster to get home quickly (never a good idea). &nbsp;Make sure that if you get to a stop sign or robot you check all the directions, just to make sure that the other cars stop when they are suppose to and not skip over it.</li>
  <li>You are not going to get to your destination faster if you go from one lane to another - you will just increase your chances of getting into an accident. &nbsp;Stay in one lane and go slowly - you will get to your destination later, but at least you will get there in one piece. &nbsp;Your life is worth more than the time it takes.</li>
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<p>For some people it is a natural thing to drive on snowy days and they are good at it because they are use to it. Being new on the 'driving scene' means you still have to learn a few skills.</p>
<p>Do not think because you have a car and a license it automatically makes you a skilled driver - this comes with experience.</p>
<p>If you live in an area where you know it snows a lot you will want to practice. &nbsp;Ask somebody that has experience in this to give you a few pointers or practice in a parking area, so that you will be ready when the snow actually comes.</p>
<p>If it is snowing and you need to use your car, make sure that you first take the snow off the car and make sure the lights are clear and in working condition.</p>
<p>While driving, be on the look out for slow going vehicles like the snowplow cleaning the roads.</p>
<p>Do not try and show off in front of your friends and think that you are 'the man' when you drive fast and make dangerous decisions. &nbsp;Never think that you know it all - have respect for the conditions of the road and act accordingly.</p>
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<p>It is a good idea to put together a 'survival kit' that you keep in your car for the off chance that you get stranded or need to help others. &nbsp;You can read more about what you will need<a href=""> here</a>.</p>
<blockquote>Everyone should carry a Winter Survival Kit in their car. In an emergency, it could save your life and the lives of your passengers&nbsp;</blockquote>
<p>On the roads are always oil and spills of different chemicals and small pieces of rubber - once it starts raining, the road can become very slippery, so immediately slow down once the rain start and switch on the wipers that you can see clearly and be vigilant for all the cars around you.</p>
<p>Once again, unfortunately when the weather turns bad, some people go a bit 'haywire' on the roads, so you will have to be alert and look out for everybody around you as well.</p>
<p>If your car starts gliding, do not panic or slam on the breaks. &nbsp;Take your foot off the petrol pedal and take hold of the steering wheel firmly and steer the car until you can feel it has 'traction' again. &nbsp;If you slam on the breaks, the car will just glide more and you will loose control.</p>
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<blockquote>&nbsp;To prevent hydroplaning:</blockquote>
<blockquote>make sure your tires are properly inflated and have significant tread</blockquote>
<blockquote>look for standing or running water and avoid it (if you can)</blockquote>
<blockquote>go easy around turns</blockquote>
<blockquote>keep your speed down&nbsp;—&nbsp;speed should match conditions</blockquote>
<h3>The most important thing if you get stuck with bad weather and you need to drive is to stay calm and slow down. &nbsp;It is not going to help at all if you become hysterical and start speeding - you will then be even more out of control.</h3>
<p>If it is not important to drive somewhere, rather stay at home if the conditions are not great.</p>
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