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Ant and butterfly, a fable and its moral values by rokhani

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Ant and butterfly, a fable and its moral values

<h1> <center> Ant and butterfly, a fable and its moral values </center> </h1>
Hello lovely Steemian
Today i want to tell you about a fable.
On a sunny day the ants are walking under a mango tree. he walked manly. Although his body is small he is able to lift a weight that weighs more than his body size.
that is known to all animals. Ants are very proud of themselves. possessed strength makes him even more arrogant. he became like teasing other animals that can not be as strong as him.
At that time the ant saw a caterpillar eating mango leaves.
"O caterpillar, how greedy you are. You spend all that much by yourself."
Caterpillars are still silent. he was afraid that if he answered the ants would be offended.
"But no matter how much you eat, you can't be as strong as me," the ant began to make fun of the caterpillar.
"Ants, I ..." the caterpillar stammered
'I what? I only eat to survive? ha ha, see your body is just fatty and not muscular. You are lazy to exercise, so your body becomes fat and weak. Look at me, I'm small but I can lift rocks that weigh more than my weight. How could you do it? "
Caterpillars feel offended but choose silence rather than getting into a fight.
"Never mind, don't you?" Said the ant while, leaving a sad caterpillar.

The next day the ant passed the mango tree. He did not see the caterpillar there. He only saw a cocoon hanging from a branch. Ants wonder if the caterpillar left because it felt ridiculed? But instead there is now a cocoon which instead can only hang on a wooden branch.
"Hey, are you cocooning the caterpillar here?"
The cocoon just wiggles the body.
"This is even worse. What can you do besides shake your body and nod?"
The cocoon just shakes its head.
"Your body's cocoon is weak, so it is not good to hang like that. Later, if you fall, you will know what you feel," the ant said, laughing mockingly at the cocoon.
The cocoon just sways slightly. The ant continues to leave the cocoon again.
in a few days the ants are transporting food on the mango tree. suddenly his foot slipped and fell into the mud. His body fell and could not move freely.
"Help me ..." the ant shouted loudly.
When his body got weaker suddenly there was a butterfly flying near the ants. he watched the ants that used to mock other animals. He felt sorry so he immediately took a twig and held it out to the ants. Finally the ant can get out of the mud.
"Thank you, butterfly."
"You're welcome <" answered the butterfly,
"You are good at flying and are kind. Anyway, where is your house?"
"The ant of my house in this mango tree. I am a caterpillar that you always taunt. I'm also a cocoon that you always taunt."
Ants realize their mistakes. The ant apologizes to the butterfly and promises not to mock other animals.

<h2> Moral value </h2>
  From the story above, we can take lessons to practice in our lives
  1. Do not be arrogant with the advantages possessed.
  2. Do not like to insult and humiliate other people, because it could be the people we ridicule will one day help us.
  3. Stay patient if we are insulted. don't get angry easily.
  4. Keep doing good even to someone who has done something bad to us.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for us all.

<h1><center>Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.</center></h1>
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