Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 45 by ketcom

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Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 45
![Daimond I League Reached Day 194.jpg](

Thank God it’s Friday, although the days doesn’t seem to be looking very different these days because of the restrictions. No socialization, no gathering, no religious activities and other don’t we have to live by these days so having a good time is kind of a thing you have to create yourself and let your mind flow with it so that you keep staying positive and also make others around you stay positive too.  

I fought some battles to try and hit the road running because I didn’t seem to do much of that during the last season or should I say I left it too late so I didn’t reach the max level I had targeted I would hit. Anyways, full speed ahead this time around so wish me good luck.  

![Daily Quest Battle - Day 194.jpg](

I got the Water splinter today and I must say it was a good one, I won six out of the seven battles I fought though they were tough battles but I managed to sail through. By the time I fought my last battle to complete my daily quest I was at 3380 points, I was just 20 points off the Diamond I league so I decided to give it one more shot and do one more battle to hit the next league and boy sure enough I hit it big time, I won and achieved my target.  

![Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 194.jpg](

Rewards day 194

Yeeee haaa! I got a gold card today and that feels really great. I two other common cards and a bunch of  Legendary and Alchemy potions and then some tiny collection of DECs to round up my rewards for today. 

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

![Battle of the day 194.jpg](

If you haven’t joined the splinterlands games you can use my referral link to join and I’ll give you all the support I can offer including one or more free cards. Thanks. There are referral rewards offered by splinterlands when a new member joins using your referral link, so can check that out as well.

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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