Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 46 by ketcom

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Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 46
![Daily Quest Battle - Day 195.jpg](

I did some gardening today to clear my environment of some of the grasses that are threatening to take over the compound. How fast they grow, I remember just dealing with them before the rain started and we haven’t had much of the rain this year but the grasses seem to be getting all they need to grow as fast as is possible. After that it was rest mode for me and I had a lot of rest today. 

I got the Life splinter today, and I was a straight forward game as I won the battles straight on to hit my target of completing my daily quest. I must say the rule sets were not so favorable for me as I it was distorting the pattern of battles I like fighting. I had two rule sets that wanted us to use just even mana monsters. For the life splinter I like using the sneak monsters a lot with a torn monster in defense, Itry to use a magic reflect monster as tank.  

![Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 195.jpg](

Rewards day 195

No Gold today, I got three Rare cards, some common cards and a bunch of  Legendary and Alchemy potions and then some tiny collection of DECs which didn’t add up to much this time. 

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

![Battle of the day 195.jpg](

If you haven’t joined the splinterlands games you can use my referral link to join and I’ll give you all the support I can offer including one or more free cards. Thanks. There are referral rewards offered by splinterlands when a new member joins using your referral link, so can check that out as well.

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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