Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 47 by ketcom

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Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 47
![Daily Quest Battle - Day 196.jpg](

I continued with the clearing of the grasses in my compound after watching an online church service to help lift the spirit and soul for the day. The grass cutting really burnt a lot of fat I must say as I was sweating like made after I had completed my target for today, maybe tomorrow I’ll clear more areas if I don’t wake up feeling sore. Lol. 

I got the Earth splinter today but I wasn’t in a mood to do battle what that splinter for loads of reasons so I changed it and got the water splinter which for me was far better. I won majority of my battles to finally complete my daily quest.  

![Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 196.jpg](

Rewards day 196

It wasn’t a very rewarding day for me today as I didn’t get any really high value card today, I got just the cents type cards and that isn’t really cool but what can I do. I got just some common cards and a bunch of  Legendary and Alchemy potions and then some tiny collection of DECs.  

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

![Battle of the day 196.jpg](

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Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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