Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 48 by ketcom

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Corona Virus Lockdown And Keeping Spirits High With The Splinterlands Game – Day 48
![Daily Quest Battle - Day 197.jpg](

The announcement we had been waiting for the last two weeks finally came today and it was whether the lockdown will be lifted totally or if it was more freedom will be added or if we were going to stay as we were and least I forget, there was talk of going back to total lockdown which to me didn’t sound funny. 

I can’t say I was totally happy with the way things have been going latterly as many group of people have been mounting pressure on the government to totally lift the lockdown so that things will return to normal again. It pained me because a lot of these groups of persons included religious leaders, some of whom are more interested in the tithe they have been missing out on and not that people are dying. Some are business owners who are more interested in making money than the care for human lives.  

For these reasons a lot of controversies, fake news, doubters and no gooders are just making the effort to eliminate the corona virus seem as if it is going to waste. All the efforts of our doctors and other medical practitioners are not praised enough like it has been done in other parts of the world we have been watching on the Telly. Anyways, it was officially announced that the status quo remains for another two weeks and this time enforcement will be stricter than it was before. Education and persuasion will also be pushed further so that people understand what the virus is and what it is all about. So that we not only save our own lives but the lives of others close to us. 

I got the Death splinter today and it was great for me as I started slow but when I picked up it was a straight forward battle and win to the final moment I completed my daily quest. It was tough at the beginning because I kept forgetting I was using the smallest Death surmoner which wasn’t adding any ability to my monsters or removing abilities from the enemy monsters. The good thing though was that I completed my daily quest with more points in the bag.  

![Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 197.jpg](

Rewards day 197

It was another low day at the rewards department as I only got two Rare cards, Some common cards and a bunch of Legendary and Alchemy potions and then some tiny collection of DECs. The DEC I got were not enough to cover the cost of the Quest potion if I had bought it so I wasn’t so disappointed. 

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

![Battle of the day 197.jpg](

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Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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