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July 22-26, 2019 Weekly Trading Summary PMs, S&P500, BTC by rollingthunder

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July 22-26, 2019 Weekly Trading Summary PMs, S&P500, BTC
We complete this weekly wrap-up on Sunday morning taking a look at the top news headlines that affected the markets.  Basically the Fed jawboning the markets up, Great Britain is Brexiting, the Trumpster is still pumping the All-time highs......And it is FED week (Will they cut 0.50 or not) and the end of the trading month is coming up next week.


All charts are weekly candlesticks.

Precious metals went into Options expiration on Friday, took everything the mob threw at it and still held in a range, building cause for the next move up.  Silver is up 0.18 for the week, the USD up 0.91 for the week, so a great showing of PMs against the rising tide of the USD dollar.  USD closed above previous short term higns in March.  Euro is headed to pair, currently in the low 1,11 range.

S&P500 and stawks in record territory, can't get enough of the free money given by the FED, more stimulus coming this week, if they don't get it, stawks will have a hissy fit.  Charts saying a top at 3030 in the S&Ps, will Wednesday FED announcement be the trigger....Up or DOwn

Crypto has had a up and down week, being down over the weekend.  The Kongress, looking to tax the crypto traders by getting data from the exchanges, auditing your personal trades, fess up people, we're coming for your profits.  Now 27 more tokens being tracked for the week at 2391, Total marketcap down 262 billion, down 16 billion for the week.  BTC dominance at 64.4%.  BTC chart looking weak, down under $9500 after peaking at 14000 a few weeks ago.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.


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