A coin for every occasion: 21st July 1403 - A battle to kill a king by welshstacker

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A coin for every occasion: 21st July 1403 - A battle to kill a king
Throughout the month of July, ill be looking back at historical moments from the past. From conflicts to coronations, sporting moments to royal memories, and famous firsts and lasts, with my love of all things shiny and precious, ill be trying to tie these events in with coins that have been created to commemorate these moments.

HENRY IV (1399-1413): Gold NOBLE</center>

The Battle of Shrewsbury, fought on 21 July 1403, was a clash between the army of Lancastrian King Henry IV and a rebel army from Northumberland led by Henry ‘Harry Hotspur’ Percy. Although Henry was killed at the fierce battle, his bravery is remembered, even inspiring the name of the football club Tottenham Hotspur.


>The gold noble coinage (23ct fine, or .995 pure gold) of this reign was officially reduced in weight (from 120 gr. to 108 gr.) early in 1412. The earlier Heavy Coinage varieties, such as the example offered here, all bear one of four initial or mint marks — the crescent, coronet, star or pellet — by which they are most easily distinguished from subsequent issues.


Although the Gold Noble was actually a circulating coin back in the day, very fewservice to this day in any good shape. Coming in at 7.77g, many were melted down for their gold content and sold off. To find a fair quality coin at auction could set you back £17000+

Unfortunately it saddens me to say that I dont actually have one of these in my collection, nor amni ever likely to. But for those lucky enougg to have one, the price of historic coins of importance will only ever go up in value.

<center><img src="https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/thekittygirl/5YzP6pdV-SilverGoldStackers.jpg"></center>

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