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Homeless-Anything Help by feryhusaini

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Homeless-Anything Help

### Background
>Homeless is a person who has no permanent residence and based on various reasons must stay under the bridge, public park, roadside, riverbank, railway station, or other public facilities to sleep and run daily life. As a territorial and private barrier, homeless people often use cardboard sheets, zinc or aluminum sheets, plastic sheets, blankets, supermarket chains, or tents according to the geographical and homeless state. To meet the needs of everyday life often live from the mercy of others or work as a scavenger.
>People who have a tradition of living in a tent like in Mongolia can not be said to be homeless. In developed countries, there are people who decide to be homeless not because of poverty or lack of money, but want to be free of family or responsibility. In the United States, industrialist Howard Hughes has temporarily decided to become homeless. During the Vietnam War young people in the United States deliberately wanted to be homeless, because people without a clear address did not receive a letter of mandatory military invitation. Bum is a term with a negative connotation addressed to people who experience homelessness.

### Defenition Homeless
>Homeless is the condition of people and social categories of people who do not have a home or a place of residence usually because they are unable to pay or otherwise, unable to maintain, regular, safe and adequate housing or they lack. "fixed, regular, and sufficient nights of stay" the exact definition of law differs from country to country, or between different entities or institutions in the same country or region.
>Homeless is a person who lives in a state not in accordance with the norms in the local community, and does not have a fixed residence in a certain region and live in public places. based on various reasons to live under bridges, public parks, curbs, riverside, railway stations, or other public facilities for sleep and daily living. As a barrier of territory and private property, often using cardboard sheets, zinc or aluminum sheets, plastic sheets, blankets, strollers supermarket or tent in accordance with geographical circumstances and countries where homeless are.

### Homeless Causes
>**There are several factors that drive a person into a homeless:**
>* poverty
>* natural disasters
>* orphan
>* less affection
>* living in conflict areas

### Characteristic Homeless Traits
>* The homeless have no job
>* The physical condition of the homeless who can be considered unhealthy because of the environmental conditions of concern.
>* Homeless people usually look for goods or food in any place in order to meet the needs of his life.
>* The Homeless live freely does not depend on others or his family

### Homeless Division
>* Unusual homeless, ie they have a job but do not have a permanent residence.
>* Homeless, those who have no job and no permanent residence.
>* Disabled homeless, ie those who have no job and no place to live, also have physical and spiritual deficiencies.

### Homeless Place of Protection
>* On the ground or in sleeping bags, tents, or improvisation sanctuaries, such as large cardboard boxes, trash cans in parks or vacant lots.

>* Improved campsites from shelters and huts, usually near rail yards, interstates and high vein transport.


### Handling at Homeless
>The problem of homelessness to date is an endless problem, as it relates to one another with aspects of life. But the government is also inexhaustible to try to overcome it. By trying to find motivation through persuasion and education of the homeless so that they know the potential that exists in him, so that the desire grows and strives to live better.

In a study of how to deal with homelessness applied in several stages, as follows:
>* Preparation phase
>* Adjustment phase
>* Stages of continuing education

### Health Care For the Homeless
Health care for the homeless is public health which is a major challenge. Homeless people are more likely to suffer injuries and medical problems from their lifestyle on the street, which include:
>* Malnutrition
>* Drug abuse
>* Exposure to severe weather elements
>* Higher exposure by force (robbery, beating, etc.).

### Conclusion
>Homeless people are people who live in a state not in accordance with the norms of decent living in the local community, and do not have a place to stay and work that remain in certain areas and live wandering in public places. Meanwhile, beggars are people who earn income by asking in public in various ways and reasons to expect compassion from others.

### Suggestion
With the increasing number of homeless people on the streets, it is expected that readers and government can better understand the difficulty of living on the streets. Readers are also expected to include themselves in an attempt to minimize the swelling of homelgers.
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