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Two-Sided: Chapter VII (b) by lightvision

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Two-Sided: Chapter VII (b)

The manager came over with Matt's beer.
"Ooh. Look at us getting VIP service." I teased.
"Well, your drinks are on the house tonight..."
"I'm texting Adam and telling him he's dd tonight." I interrupted and got on my phone immediately while the manager continued."
"...because the place is packed. And all anyone is talking about are you guys. They just keep saying Tyler James is singing. There are so many girls..." The manager waved his hand around in the air.
"Well, I do have that effect on women." Just not the one I want.
Matt and I looked around. The place was packed. I saw Devin and Duncan head our way. Behind them were Mara and her teammate Shannon.
Shannon was a cute blonde with big green eyes. She played keeper on the university team and with Mara and I on our indoor and intramural team. And Devin had a huge crush on her. I don't know what it is about soccer girls, but they never seemed to notice when a guy liked them. So fucking oblivious. I saw the desire on Devin's face and felt for him, wishing I could help him out. Then Mara walked up with her red hair down like a silky curtain framing her face. She was actually wearing jeans tonight, with a fitted Beatles T-shirt and a flannel shirt over it. She waved, and the beatles shirt rode up showing off her stomach. There was a bruise on her side with a vaguely hexagon shape. I had to turn around and readjust my pants. Sorry Devin, can’t help you out, man. I have my own problems over here.
"I think that's my shirt." I told her.
"There's no way. You can't fit in this shirt. I may be athletic, but I’m not that big.”
No, you’re not big. You’re perfect legs lead to a perfect ass, to a perfect stomach…
"I'm not talking about the Beatles shirt. That’s my flannel." And you look adorable in it.
"Is it?" She cocked her head to the side and smiled while sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth. She knew full well it was my shirt.
I shrugged my shoulder to admit my defeat and took a long swig of my beer. The manager walked over again and let us know that we were on soon. I asked for a round of drinks for everyone and he left to get them.
"Whoa, free drinks?" Mara asked.
"Apparently I'm a hot commodity."
She clicked her tongue at me. "I guess so. I'll concede that point, although I don't see it. Everyone got all worked up after practice when I told them you'd be playing tonight."
"So it’s your fault for all the advertising. There's your answer Matt." He just grumbled into his beer.
The manager motioned to us.
"Get another shot of liquid courage. It's show time."
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