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A story like no other Chapter 12 by racemlaadhar

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A story like no other Chapter 12
# <h1>A story like no other 
# <h1>Chapter 12

I don’t trust doctors. nowadays doctors have lost their integrity. People’s obsession to be constantly needy for money has ruined everything.

The morality , the ethics , everything we knew or thought to know is now is fading away and lost.
How to be human? Do they actually teach us that? Is there a subject in school or any other curriculum in the world is found to teach us . human on how we operate ? 

We 	are living in a stressful environment . the city , when everyone is worried about things they think that they are the reason of their existence .

Things such as work and by work I mean money. And not the fact of the word itself the reason of their constant worry to be good at.  For not the sake of perfection but for money .

Money that represent power in their tiny little brains and their limited perception of life.
We need money to live and practice what we love later on. But first we need basic income.

It’s a barrier itself . a barrier that was put in our heads first as an equipment which   is elementary to live , and then in time it becomes the reason. The absolute reason of our existence , where in fact it wasn’t  since the early beginnings.
Our need for money , is set as a fundamental thing for our survival.

God has put it there in our mental psychology. For us to learn how to use it but we believed that we are primitive beings.
We believed the lie .we believed that we have limits , that were set to chain us and prevent from being extremely creative and attain and accomplish the unexpected.

I see that the human reasoning has been corrupted and that due to a specific planning . a huge planning from evil powers which are in control of our environment.

The plan was to target the brain and psychology of modern society. The only two things that without them people will become useless and unable to be productive.
Even the relation and social behaviour between a citizen to the other. The way they interact 
And solve things has been defiled and corrupted.

And it’s all due to stressful environment we are coexisting in .
Together we are mental.
I’ve been examining the reasoning of people through belonging to a 3rd world country , where things ran out of control . and the one , the prior element that construct the society is literally ill  .

He has issues and his family got  other issues and his friends too but in the end it all turns back to the primary cause of perturbation , the wrong usage  of the human brain.

The human brain is the essence and the key. The solver , the core , the home of all calculations , assumptions and demonstrations and the generator of theories.

Therefore if the brain is doing well , the phenomena of thought generation and reasoning will go just fine.
And the outcome will be a healthy  reasoning which leads to true results and the results will be a part of a great discovery of what  matters.

The what are we and how to function as a human , thus leads to the discovery of the human soul.
The human soul is so complicated but the sky is the limit , there is utterly nothing we can’t discover , it’s just that we need patience and holly guidance .


Lightning your brain is the key , is what we need and that could happens only with believing , true clean believing .
It’s odd how we kept hovering around to find answers where we do have the essence in the palms of our hands but we are not  using it , in other words we didn’t got to understand it.
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