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Rethinking "Normal" Part 4 - Soooo Many Paper Towels! by everlove

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Rethinking "Normal" Part 4 - Soooo Many Paper Towels!
<p><em>This is Part 4 in this Rethinking "Normal" series to highlight a few of the things I am witnessing (and struggling with) while away from the @gardenofeden, which are very standard practice for many. &nbsp;I am in hopes of sharing some perspective and raising some awareness on some of the “normal” &nbsp;things almost everyone is doing as I’m witnessing on this trip away from home. &nbsp;I have been out in society, or the matrix as I and many others sometimes call it, for several days now, more time than I have spent immersed in this “normal” life than I have in many years.</em></p>
<p><em>Even though I have been choosing every day for over a decade to dedicate my time and invest my energy in living the most sustainable life I can imagine at the @gardenofeden (thanks to @quinneaker sharing, enacting and being unwavering in his vision), I am having the opportunity to see and feel even greater depths of the “normal” powerful trance rampant in today’s society. &nbsp;</em></p>
<p><em>I am in Nashville, Tennessee for my daughter’s wedding. &nbsp;(Weddings being a subject I may touch on in this series, but not just yet.) &nbsp;My daughter and I are staying with a couple of her friends in their home during my stay, so not only do I have a place to stay for free, I also have free transportation, free food, free wifi and all the amenities needed for a practical existence--all for which I am extremely grateful!!</em></p>
<p><em>However, just by being a part of what is happening out here in the matrix, I am affected greatly. &nbsp;Though I don’t have to engage it fully, simply being around others who are for the most part not aware of or don’t care about these the subjects I'm going to address, is actually quite difficult, especially in finding balance between what I am aware of, upholding my own values, what I see and how I feel about it, what I want to say and do about it, and what is received from me or resisted in the process of attempting to shine the light on it.</em></p>
<p><strong>#4 PAPER TOWELS&nbsp;</strong></p>
<strong>I’ve been in a lot of homes and other places this week as I’ve made the rounds with many people to do their business . &nbsp;Wow! &nbsp;Have I ever seen a lot of rolls of paper towels! &nbsp;It’s not rare to see people pull several hands full off of the roll at a time, even if a quarter of a single piece would do. &nbsp;Wads of them are thrown in the trash barely even used--not even recycled!! &nbsp;Unfortunately the paper towels don’t even get a second life in a compost pile either, but end up going out to the street bin or dumpster, often inside of a plastic bag which may not deteriorate itself for years.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Paper towels can also be hazardous to health &nbsp;as they are toxic to humans, our pets and our planet due to the chemicals used to produce them. &nbsp;This is one facet of using paper towels that rarely gets addressed, but the facts are worth delving into.</strong></p>
<strong>Paper towels are only one of the disposables that man abuses for convenience, but the one I have tuned into most on this trip along with toilet paper. &nbsp;&nbsp;If people would spend some time studying the resources used in the making, packaging, transporting and disposing of a single paper towel (or even a piece of toilet paper!!), let alone all the other layers of detrimental things happening because of our consumption like use of chemicals, electricity, water, plastics, etc., and if one really had a heart, I feel certain they would &nbsp;reconsider their use of disposables altogether. &nbsp;The trees and the earth would be grateful, as would all of the creatures who make the earth their home.</strong></p>
<strong>Here are a couple of websites for starters, <br>
and a few things they have to share:<br>
<a href=""><ins><strong>Dr. Green 13 Facts About Home Paper Products That May Inspire You to Hug a Tree</strong></ins></a><br>
<strong>This site has some interesting figures (many more than I share here), <br>
though still promotes using recycled or reusable paper products, <br>
instead of using none at all!</strong></p>
  <li><strong>If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100 percent recycled ones, we could save 544,000 trees.</strong></li>
  <li><strong>Every day, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the US alone.</strong></li>
  <li><strong>To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of</strong><a href=""><strong> water are consumed</strong></a><strong>.</strong></li>
  <li><strong>The average person uses 2,400 – 3,000 paper towels at work, in a given year.</strong></li>
<p><a href=""><strong>How Many Trees Does it Take to Produce 1 Ton of Paper Towels</strong></a><strong> says this:</strong></p>
  <li><strong>To produce one ton of paper towels, 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water are used. In the United States, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is generated daily.</strong></li>
  <li><strong>The development of paper towels is believed to have begun in 1907 when a teacher cut sheets of paper into small squares to help reduce the spread of illness in his classroom. The first paper towels were named Sani-Towels because they were used in place of cloth towels. Each person now uses an average of 2,400 to 4,000 paper towels every year, and disposing of paper towels adds millions of pounds of trash to landfills.</strong></li>
<p><a href=";qo=cdpArticles"><strong><br>How Do They Make Paper Towels</strong></a></p>
<p><a href=""><strong>Toxic Effects of Paper Towels: How Paper Towels Are a Health Hazard </strong></a><strong>:</strong></p>
  <li>There are <strong>toxic chemicals in paper towels —</strong> chlorine and formaldehyde are two of the most serious.</li>
  <li><strong>Scientists believe bleached paper towel contains</strong> <em><strong>the most carcinogenic chemical known to science</strong></em> <strong>– DIOXIN,</strong> a bleaching byproduct.</li>
  <li>If you use paper towel, you are coming in contact with these toxic chemicals, and releasing them into your home environment: <br>
<strong>Bisphenol A (BPA):</strong><br>
In&nbsp; <a href="">study</a> on BPA, it was discovered that “the concentrations [of BPA] are very high in paper products.”&nbsp; This <em><strong>includes&nbsp;paper towel made from recycled paper. &nbsp;<br>
According to a <a href="">study,&nbsp;</a> formaldehyde is used “to improve the wet-strength and other “valued” characteristics of paper and paper products”.&nbsp; The National Toxicology Program has classified formaldehyde as a known <em><strong>carcinogen</strong></em> (the word carcinogen refers to substances that are known to cause <em><strong>cance</strong></em>r).</li>
<p><strong>If much of this is just about our paper towel usage in the U.S. alone, imagine the detrimental effects we are creating globally. &nbsp;If everyone would simply look for other solutions and do their part to stop the consumption, we would all benefit by this one simple change.</strong> &nbsp;<br>
<p><em><strong>There are alternatives! &nbsp;At the @gardenofeden we don’t use paper towels. &nbsp;We instead use newspaper that was already destined for the landfill, then often used again to start our rocket stove fires or composted. &nbsp;Fabric rags made from old sheets, towels, t-shirts, etc., that can be rinsed/washed and reused make great alternatives too. &nbsp;Sometimes we even use leaves from the weeds that grow wild in the yard! &nbsp;The leaves often have the perfect texture for scrubbing or wiping something sticky or gooey--and then they can go straight into the compost pile to continue the circle of life! &nbsp;A handful of dirt can also come in handy to help clean up some really dirty jobs, which dirt then just returns back to the earth. &nbsp;Of course we don't use chemicals at the @gardenofeden, so we're not adding additional toxins back into the environment.</strong></em><br>
<strong>There are things we all can do daily, if we simply care enough!</strong></p>
</strong></em><em>Though I’ve been frustrated this week, as what I witness feels like we are moving in the opposite direction from positive and progressive change, I’ve learned that it doesn’t pay for me to be angry with people for what they don’t know, to expect them to live up to my standards, expect them to understand or even care - or feel that they as one person can make a difference, or expect that even in the knowing of these things that they will change. &nbsp;We all have a lot of conditioning to let go of. &nbsp;It starts with awareness and acknowledgement that we are part of the problem, then taking responsibility to be part of the solution.</em></p>
<p><em>@quinneaker has been sharing even greater depths of his enlightened perspectives for over a decade, and has created a life at the @gardenofeden where these “normal” scenarios do not exist, which make them even more apparent for me in contrast . &nbsp;He has unwaveringly held such high standards that he makes it seem easy!&nbsp;</em></p>
<p><em>I’m getting an amazing opportunity on this trip to feel my own awareness, test my own resolve, see where I am weak, rejoice where I am strong, find a way with ease and grace to share perspective without shutting people out so they are unable to hear or get a glimpse, and help change the world for the better, even if I touch only a few people at a time.</em></p>
<h3><strong>I hope you will follow this series and consider your own impact on humanity and our planet, and do what you can do to make this world a better place. &nbsp;</strong></h3>
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<p>Enter the <a href="">@gardenofeden</a> <a href="">website</a> to to see how we're doing our part to change the world.</p>
<p>And check out one of our daily <a href="Sustainable Feast in The Garden of Eden">Sustainable Feasts</a> in the @gardenofeden too.<br>
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@quinneaker ·
Your an amazing writer and an amazing woman.

So grateful for you and so sad that no one seems to care about this PROFOUND post.

Such is the state of the world.....
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